Megaten Monday Persona 2 Eternal Punishment Part 5


So here we are back at my absolute least favorite part of Innocent Sin. The Sky Museum, I hate the Sky Museum. I probably always will, worse yet is the fact that I am already mentally aware of what goes on in there. Well let’s get this over with.


I know I shouldn’t start off talking this way…but I really wish Katsuya had a mute button. What are children doing a museum? The little bastards……


More so then the kids I’m curious about why Jun is here. He wasn’t present for the Sky Museum the first go round so why call him for it this time?


It doesn’t matter which option you pick here the result will be the same.


The only difference is this line of dialogue.


The tall guy in question is of course Tatsuya Suou, the incident in question was the opening cinema where Maya dropped Mr BunBun. Maya, Tatsuya, Eikichi, Jun, and Lisa were all present for this incident.


Ah! Just like with Anna, Sudou is trying to find people that were his allies in ‘The Other World’. Problem is thus far he’s deliberately gone specifically after the two people that went traitor from the villains. Odd choice, buddy.


Ulala says that none of this matters though and Jun needs to get moving now.


She does a great job however of delaying everyone’s actions by going into a rant about Maya being a cougar.


Before the party can get the kids or Jun out of the building (thanks to Ulala’s ranting and Maya’s reminiscing) the fires on the first floor start. Uh oh.


Thus you have 30 minutes to find all the school kids an get to the roof. This timer includes menu time and monster battles this go round. So let’s get running.


And there he goes announcing what we need to do. Run, run fast, and kick his ass.


Find the teacher, ignore any small children you see on the way…..


So a room by room search commences and same as last time each character says something inspiring to the kids as they rescue them. Katsuya is an idiot, so his rhymes. Mute button…..


And some of them are less child friendly but get their point across well all the same.


On the roof we find Tatsuya facing off with Sudou. there’s a sharp pointy object being held against Jun’s throat. Everyone should be really curious about the ‘anymore’ in Tatsuya’s statement, but it will probably never be mentioned again.


Sudou is in fact trying to reawaken Jun to being the Joker. This worlds Jun has o reason for that same anger though, the world they recreated saw to that. Both Jun’s parents are still alive, the shrine fire never happened, he and Tatsuya were never friends, and so on and so forth.  SO Joker Jun won’t awaken, there’s no reason to.


That is the ugliest name for a flower I’ve ever heard. Nice to know that even in this world Jun’s still  a sissy who likes flowers a little too much.


The party finally arrives (which makes me wonder just how long Tatsuya had been hanging out waiting up here) to see the epic face off between the two Tatsuyas.


Katsuya after all this time finally finds out that the ‘Deja Vu Boy’ as described by Maya on multiple different occasions in detail is his little brother. Just to clarify I have been all over Sevens like eight million times and I didn’t see another character that was really tall, had shoulder length brown hair, reddish brown eyes, and was conveniently there to save Tatsuya’s friend Anna. Come on Katsuya this is so fricking obvious you dipwad!


This scene was really different last time though. There’s no Zorro or Cat woman here this time just Jun. That’s a major difference.


A countdown? To the next bomb….back up, or….?


Ooooooh I do remember this, and so does Tacchan it looks like. The roof is about to start it’s collapse.


The others manage to jump out of the way, but not Tatsuya, poor kid, he does grab the ledge though and in turn Maya grabs his hand. Now in IS the characters would have strengthened themselves with their personas so Maya could pull him up by herself, not in EP though, they don’t have the exp needed for that kind of move yet. In his need not to accept help Tatsuya even tries to get Maya to let go of him.


Sudou has hated both Maya (the witch) and Tatsuya (the cursed star) from the get go so he throws Jun to the side, how could he resist the chance to kill two birdies with one stone?


However in an uncharacteristic fit of being awesome Jun pushes Sudou into the hole on the roof. I guess I’ll forgive him for like .00002 seconds…..


Jun starts having a mental breakdown at that point, he does think he just killed someone after all, which could trigger well a lot. Tatsuya with that same sad look on his face though insists that Jun is not to blame for anything. (Even though the end of the ‘Other World’ was kinda instigated by him.)


Rather then worry about his brothers latest near death experience Katsuya would rather throw out a stream of questions that he isn’t going to get any answers to anyway.


Baofu is of course there to drag him back down to the fact that they are standing on top of a burning building with thirty school kids and no way down. What to do what to do.


It seems ‘Deja Vu Boy’ was as well prepared for this as he’s been with everything else thus far. He has a way off the roof.


On top of the Sky Museum is a replica blimp, if I remember correctly from the last game it’s a restaurant…and rumor has it, it can actually fly. Guess who spread that rumor around this time? Hint: his initials are TS.


So here we get some familiar imagery. It’s the blimp pulling away from the museum. It’s really moving. How awesome.


This time though it’s not Maya holding the wheel, it’s Tatsuya flying the blimp this time. (I wouldn’t let Maya drive anything either.)


Katsuya ever the one with all the questions can’t manage a ‘Thank You for saving all of us” he immediately jumps to ‘How can you fly this thing?’


As is appropriate of his situation Tacchan goes with being amazingly vague. I don’t think I could fly anything other then a kite after seeing someone do it once, especially if that someone was as bad at everything as Maya.


Suddenly though there’s a crash in the back and Jun is ordered to take the controls.


……..oooh Jun actually noticed this time. Nice.


In the back of the blimp is this guy….again.


All I could think was “By all accounts it doesn’t make any sense.”


Regardless though of whether or not his presence makes any sense, Tatsuya immediately rebuffs that there’s no such thing as destiny so shut up.


Tatsuya tries his best to keep the people around him as innocent as he possibly can, but of course they won’t let him. It’s a really good thing he was here too, there is no way this party could have even dreamed of handling Sudou.


And there’s what we were all expecting, a beautiful crash.


Remember that ‘using the persona to enhance one’s strength’ thing? Yeah Tatsuya learned that from Yuki in IS, now he’s using it to force the blimps doors open.


He then promptly kicks Katsuya out of the blimp and makes my day just a little bit better.


And god help us let’s hope they can all swim.


Jun then presents Tatsuya with a present for saving them. It’s a lighter that bears the inscription “The most important things can’t be seen with the eyes” Sound familiar, it should. It’s the same lighter Jun gave Tatsuya as a small child in ‘The Other World”


How cute……


And there’s pouty Tatsuya again, I’m sure that he’s wishing that he had his father’s old watch to give to Jun. I wonder if he’ll start playing with the lighter again out of habit.


So after pushing Jun out of the blimp Maya takes her turn next. Tatsuya gives her a few choice words of advice, things she’s sure to ignore. With that though Maya is pushed from the blimp and we see it go down. Did Tatsuya jump too? We didn’t see it if he did. Will Sudou be back? What rumors will we hear when we wash up on the beach this time? Find out next Megaten Monday!

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I am a thirty five year old fujoshi. I adore Aniplex and Capcom both to a near criminal degree. I love cosplaying. Some of my favorites to date are Miles Edgeworth and Chrollo Lucifer. I am also currently working on Varuna. My absolute favorite genre is mystery. I LOVE a good mystery. I have a varying degree of fandoms. I love a lot of different anime, but I can honestly say I love old school american cartoons just the same. My favorite book is The Bacta War in the Star Wars X Wing novel series. I finally beat the Demi-Fiend! He was freaking hard!. I think that's all for now though.
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