Sena Kashiwazaki Kotobukiya 1/8

Fan service is one of the strangest things in the world. It can hit anywhere from dead sexy to ….eh? What’s that? I’ve never seen anyone dance that line quite like Sena Kashiwazaki. This figure is in my humble opinion one of her two most questionable, the first being Kotobukiya’s new statue in the cat girl outfit….well enough about that though, let’s get on with it.


Sena’s hair was painted with a soft shine, that almost makes her sparkle a little bit. The sculpt on her hair is really nice, I like the way her bangs sweep to the left it’s very cute. Her blue eyes are wide and quite pretty. There are three different shades of blue that make up her eye color and she has beautiful light refracting off of her eyes. She’s got gorgeous eyes. Pressed between Sena’s lips is a single cherry, if that isn’t sexual innuendo then I don’t know what is. The cherry is a round little thing and completely not cherry shaped at all and the stem dangles down past her lips. I bet she can tie it into a bow.


She has one hand up by her face, her extended finger being the one thing that keeps the cherry from falling down onto her ample bosom. Oh and speaking of her ginormous boobies let’s take a look at them shall we. We’ll start at the collarbone, it’s very well defined and very sexy. Now her boobs are a little bit strange, for starters why wouldn’t she be wearing a bra? I mean she went to the trouble of putting this shirt on and buttoning it, but why? The only excuse is she was trying to be sexy, which leads us to the next thing, if she isn’t wearing a bra how is it even remotely feasible that her boobs are that round and shapely? It doesn’t make sense, given the size and lack of support one would logically assume that her boobs would droop to at least some degree. These simply defy logic. Now that I’ve gotten that rant out of the way look she has buttons lining one side of her shirt, no buttonholes though. Weird.


We’re gonna hop on down to Sena’s legs next. Her hips and thighs are just as meaty as we’ve come to expect from this lovely lady, her creamy skin is done flawlessly. Her stockings dig just a little bit into her leg adding a bit of realism to the figure. Looks great and I love those thighs!


She’s wearing a simple pair of school loafers on her feet, well sculpted but fairly non descript.


The little tendrils making up the hair framing Sena’s face looks great, again the pearlescent look helps by adding a little body and making her look like she just fell out of a shampoo commercial.


Her sleeve has an ample amount of wrinkles in it, appropriate for how her jackets hanging off of her. Also on the note of her jacket I love the way it lays around her Right now we’re looking at what would be the front of said jacket if it were closed and being worn properly. As is though it adds a disheveled look that is very appealing. 8

Sena’s skirt is the epitome of mini skirt. The only way I could insinuate further on that would be to shrink the font size on ‘mini’.  Even if she were standing this skirt would barely not bare everything. The skirt itself however does look good, I have a serious plaid fetish so this is very appealing to me and the pattern on it looks good even up and above the fetish concept.


They detailed her hair to show it’s tied back in a ponytail, a lot of times figures don’t have a lot of lines on the scalp of pulled back hair, but the sculptor did a magnificent job on hers. the butterfly has very minor paint flaws (the black strays a little bit) but otherwise looks really good. I’m kind of glad they didn’t do the transparent route for this one, I don’t think it would have worked with her colour scheme very well.


Now this is nice and I’ve been waiting for a chance to talk about it in detail. Your average figure regardless of what they’re wearing or how their clothes are positioned will still look fundamentally neat. Clothes always look ironed and fresh out of the dryer, I think it’s especially funny when it comes to figures in fighting poses who always look positively perfectly neat. It’s ridiculous really. So I think it’s really nice and kind of sexy in it’s own right that they threw neatness out the window for this figure.


Her long ponytail falls behind her in a strange erratic manner, yes erratic not erotic….tch perverts. Which honestly I think looks kind of like a mass of writhing tentacles….which isn’t very sexy…..


From here we see the rumpled collar of Sena’s fallen jacket, like the rest of the crumpled up cloth it looks very nice.


Sena’s hair does still do it’s trademark little curl at the end though, so tentacle or no she clearly still styles it the same. I didn’t know tentacles could be styled.


Her shirt really is fantastic the folds on her sleeve are well placed and look good, I’m also pretty fond of the folds directly under her ample boobage.


Something really cool that they did is this. The jacket doesn’t actually connect to her back or her skirt. It adds a more realistic feel to the figure and doesn’t make her feel like one giant hunk of plastic. Sadly the only paint flaw on this particular Sena is a scuff on the bottom of her skirt. Pity, but I mean really if that’s the worst of it…….


Okay this is actually the worst of it. Remember how I said the ‘disheveled” look was kind of sexy because it’s kind of rare? That does not apply to the optional tie that’s pressed between her boobs. It looks ridiculous. As if the lack of a bra wasn’t bad enough you add the tie into the equation and it equals trying to hard, especially when you take into account that the two bottom pieces of the tie curve with her boobs, like they’re stuck there or something. Creepy!


Sena does comes with a translucent butterfly. It rests on her knee. It’s quite pretty and does not have the paint flaws of the one in her hair. However it doesn’t actually attach to her knee in any way. You actually have to use a putty that they provide to get it to stay. Or balance it. I don’t like putty, so I went with balancing it for the purpose of these pictures.


She also comes with a bowl of misshapen cherries. The paint on both the cherries and the basket is infinitely better then the sculpt of it. I’ll resist a sexual cherry joke, if you want to insert one here yourself feel free.


Her next optional piece is the panty shot blockade. It fits snugly between her legs and just looks like a bunched up part of her skirt. Nice and tasteful though a little bit odd to sit with it like that.


This is the piece in question. Very simple, just slides right between her legs. It’s a tight fit but don’t worry she can handle it.


Good lord she has a lot of options. If you don’t like the between the legs piece you could also go under her …..with another piece of course. this one makes it so she’s sitting on her skirt. Which is usually the standard way of sitting in a skirt, but I digress……. this piece is awkward because it should be cool but isn’t. The reason is simple it adds an unnecessary seem at the bottom edge of her skirt on either side. It’s visible, annoying, and extremely not needed.


Her base is a white step. She sits on it just fine, there’s nothing extraordinary about it, but nothing to complain about either so no foul.


So this Sena overall is not a complete travesty, but it’s not really that sexy either. It’s just kind of there. I can see where they were trying to be sexy with her, but it doesn’t really work for me personally. Hmmmm……without the tie, piece between her legs, or the under skirt piece though she does get a passing grade from me. She’s not the sexiest I’ve ever seen for Sena but for the love of god she isn’t this thing either……




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