Len Kagamine, Miku Hatsune, and Rin Kagamine Senbonzakura- Taito


Characters: Len Kagamine, Miku Hatsune, and Rin Kagamine

Series: Vocaloid

Manufacturer: Taito

Run: Standard

My Figure Collection: http://myfigurecollection.net/item/148635, http://myfigurecollection.net/item/148633, http://myfigurecollection.net/item/148634

I can honestly say that I am pleased to see an array of different Vocaloid merchandise bouncing around out there currently. I am a Vocaloid fan, but I would like to see more characters, and more costumes made into figures. I love Len and would buy almost any figure of him, but it seems like most of them are his standard outfit. Do you have any idea how many outfits he has? Me either. There are two many to count. Same with Miku and Rin, but now we have Senbonzakura chibis available, and statues on the way. Miku’s figures get more diverse all the time. we are getting Gumi statues, and even a KAITO! The Mikumo line was just the start of tapping into the song potential. I am sure there will be much more to come!


This time around though I am excited to throw a mini review out there for Taito’s Senbonzakura chibi figures. There is another set of three out there somewhere including KAITO, MEIKO, and an alternate Miku. I decided not to hunt them due to the repeat of Miku, change to MEIKO’s outfit, and lack of Luka. So this time around we will get to see the Kagamine twins, and Miku- crying version.


We are going to start with Miku since she is the face of Vocaloid. Her tiny head has very little shape to it, just enough to be a super deformed head. No indentions for her eyes, nose, or mouth. Her features are painted on nicely though. Her eyes are solid black with tiny white pupils, and red eyeliner. I really like the way the eyeliner looks. This is Miku’s crying version so her eyebrows are turned upward, her mouth looks sad, and there is a tear drop under her left eye.


For this song the characters are wearing what looks like throwback German military uniforms (or peasant clothing if you are looking at the twins) with kimono style sleeves. Miku’s outfit is a light purple colour with little pink cherry blossoms adorning her right sleeve. There is a tiny pink flower under her chin as well. She has gold chords over one side of her chest and medals on the other. Apparently Miku has some rank. Her decoration is all painted very clearly. Her boots have zero detail. They just look like little pink socks.


Miku’s hair is a bit darker than usual. I think the muted shade suits her really well. The sculpt of it is pretty simple, but good-looking at the same time. Her bangs look fantastic. Her cap has gold and black ribbon circling it. there is a pink flower that matches her collar above the brim.


Her twin tails looks fantastic! They are long and straight. The part in her hair is done nicely. The hair lines where it is pulled into the twin tails is a good touch. There is kanji on her the back of her jacket. I have no idea what it means.


Len is pretty cute as well. He shares the same expression as Miku without the tear drop, and without the eyeliner. Like Miku, his face is painted very well.


Len’s outfit is a bit simpler. Due to the lack of adornments his clothing looks less militaristic. He has more of a schoolboy look about him. Len has gold buttons down the front of his jacket, and Japanese fans on his right sleeve. His legs have a bib more detail than Miku’s. Len is clearly wearing shorts, black socks, and little brown shoes.


His hair is perfect. I really love the sculpt. His bangs  frame his face well. Again the muted colours are great. His hat looks almost exactly like Miku’s. The design on the front of his being a striped circle, and his ribbon being black and gold.


Len’s little ponytail is awesome. He also has a bit of kanji on his back.


Lastly we have Rin Kagamine, but certainly not least. Rin is a little bit different from the two earlier figures. She only has one visible eye, which is stylized completely different. Her other eye is covered by a pink eyepatch. In the center of her patch there is a little heart. Several lines meet in the center. Her face is painted nice, and precise. Her hair looks really nice. The swoopy bangs are perfect for Rin. She is missing her hairclips though.


Rin’s outfit looks a bit on the peasant side. Like the other two, her colours are muted. This is an interesting turn for the normally bright Vocaloid characters. I find it not only unique, but an interesting turn as well. Rin’s right kimono sleeve is decorated with little butterfly designs. Her sleeves also have a tiny pink trim along the edge. Rin is wearing a necktie with a little yellow v painted at the bottom. Her paint all looks very good.


Rin is wearing light brown knee high socks, and itty bitty dark brown shoes. She is also wearing a cute pleated skirt. These figures may have the best paint jobs I have seen come out of Taito yet.


She also has a cute bonnet that matches her kimono top. The strap ties under her chin, The paint work done on her trim, and ribbon look good.


Each of these figures has little tiny hands poking out of their sleeves. This is pretty adorable. Man, they look funny from the side.


Also each one comes with a sturdy, circular, black base. I like these bases because they don’t feel very likely to break. Each base has two thick round pegs sticking up from either side. The pegs fit into the bottom of their sleeves, as opposed to their feet. Pretty nifty way to keep them stable.



The outfits are pretty original.

Their paint looks great.

The sculpts look nice.

These figures are quite cute.

Their bases are sturdy.


The rest of the characters in their proper garb would have been nice.

Overall Enjoyment: 8/10


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