Raidou Kuzunoha XIV D-Arts

Header1I know I know, your all surprised that this review wasn’t posted a month ago. Well I wanted to, I really did, but regrettably everything kept getting in my way. So without further ado, since I’ve delayed long enough already, let’s get down to business. May I present to you Raidou Kuzunoha the XIV,


We’ll start this off with one of Raidou’s most prominent features. The one thing that he is never ever seen without, his hat. It has the symbol for Yumizuki Imperial High School front and center. Sadly the white band that goes around the hat don’t quite reach the emblem.


I really mean “never” without by the way….


Raidou has very pale skin, I really love the pallid look they chose for him, I think it looks great. His eyes are rounded down at the bottom making them an almost almond shape.  His eyes are an unusual greyish purple, it’s very exotic. He also has very prominent eyelashes which is a feature prominently found in Kazuma Kaneko’s artwork. His mouth is set in a grim line. Unlike most D-Arts/Figuarts Raidou doesn’t have any alternate expressions but I think that’s ok. This face is perfect for Raidou’s straight man persona.


Next we move on to what would be a classic school buy uniform if he weren’t a Devil Summoner. The collar looks good, and so do the buttons trailing down his chest. They give good pull against the buttonholes making for a very nice display. Raidou’s …. oh what do we want to call this thing? Vest? Corset? Battle Gear? Well whatever it is it looks pretty freaking spiffy aside from the messed up spot of paint that I’ll show in better detail in the next shot. Each one of the summoning tubes is sculpted in intricate detail. It looks great. The buckle and strap the hold the front of it close in particular looks phenomenal. I love the sculpt of this.


You see it now right? Now that we’re all zoomed in.  They forgot to paint an entire section spot on the vesty thing. That is so sad because the rest of it looks so painfully good.


Raidou wears his holster belt low against his hip.  It looks just as good as the one going across his chest, except for the fact that it does not have a ginormous unpainted spot mucking it up.


Raidou’s legs are pretty standard. He’s wearing a pair of black slacks that have a white cuff down at the bottom. The cuffs themselves are a little strange though, they’re a separate piece. This is so when repositioning his ankles you have wider range of movement. There’s also a joint on each foot for the purpose of a more natural look when doing things like running.


There’s a seam line running down the center of both his hat and neck (sad) . His trademark sideburns look pretty good. they frame his face rather well. Raidou has a very nice profile, everything is defined just how it should be.


His sleeves have a nice amount of wrinkles to them without looking like overkill. To many make it look like the character slept in that outfit which is just plain off-putting.  The vest also looks very good from this angle, I really love the way the tubes are sculpted.


Continuing on with Raidou customizing the hell out of his school uniform he has a white band wrapped around each wrist. Is these a purpose for this? Well not one that I’ve run into yet anyway….


Surprisingly there’s no custom work done on his shoes.


I mentioned up top that the white line doesn’t match up to the emblem on the front of the hat. The ribbon that ties at the back looks very nice. HIs hair isn’t very defined but honestly given Raidou’s design I wouldn’t really expect  it to be.


The vests crosses over Raidou’s back in an X and laces up the back. It looks really nice though I’m not sure about securing your most powerful weapon with a little bow. It’s not my life on the line though so I guess it’s ok….. I really love the coppery tone that they used to shade in the lines and the button holes. It looks way cool.


Sewn into Raidou’s holster belt is an area for ammo. Since the gun is far from Raidou’s main weapon he only carries ten bullets. They’re copper tipped, with gold at the base. Both metals are frequently found in lore relating to spirit suppression. There is a paint flaw on the left side of the picture, if you look under the belt you’ll see a white line that is clearly not supposed to be on the jacket itself.


From the back Raidou’s legs look awkward, specifically right above his knees.


The gun is really well sculpted, the silver is over a layer of black to darken the color of the gun. It looks very nice.


Naturally Raidou comes with a sheath for his katana. the sheath itself doesn’t have a lot of detail to it, but it has enough to look good. It hooks to his belt with a small peg that fits snugly into his belt.


For some strange reason all my pictures are coming out turned now…..Way odd, anyway this picture is too show off that Raidou’s hands can rest on either his gun or his sword.


Here he is with the sword drawn. You know for those wicked cool action poses. Or just for dramatic effect.


The katana has a keen edge, done in a lighter shade of silver to exemplify how sharp the blade is.  The other piece there is an extra hilt, it fits into the sheath so if his sword isn’t drawn you can have it sheathed. If it is drawn then you have an empty sheath. Nice!


Now to continue on with Raidou’s dramatic effect. You get this cool bit of plasmic energy.  It has an indent in it that goes all the way from stem to stern.


The indent is to make it hook to his sword. Which it does remarkably well, I honestly never have had much luck with these kinds of pieces, but this one actually fits right.


And here’s a full size view.


And one showing the gun drawn. I really love this, he looks……so badass.


He has a hand that holds two closed summoning tubes. I don’t think I even need to tell you just how cool that looks. However the sculpt on these two isn’t anywhere near as good as on the ones on his vest.


He also comes with two fists that are holding tightly onto open summoning tubes. Four in each hand for a total of eight. These ones are sculpted very well. This is probably hands down the coolest way to display him. It’s something I’m insanely glad they included with this figure.


His cape looks mega spiffy. I love the way it looks! Especially where you can see his pockets, that’s especially mega awesome.


He also come with two extra open tubes. I’m so scared of losing these things. 😦


Raidou comes with a grand total of twelve hands. That is a lot of hands. Hands for holding a gun, hands for the summoning tubes, fists, for the katana, and numerous other things from holding the brim of his hat to resting a hand on his katana hilt. It’s fairly impressive.


The cat that comes with Raidou is Goto, more then just a talking cat he is a friend an advisor to Raidou. He looks very sleek and refined. A perfect black cat. The pose is good to, like he just got caught sneaking.


The back is much like the front, there are no spots for tufts of fur or anything else of the like. Just a really good looking cat.


The front of the box showcases Raidou and Goto both on the box. There is a full moon set behind the two of them which adds a very mystical feel to the whole look.


The back of the box shows the various different poses that Raidou can take.


The top of the box is really awesome. It has a window in the top that is shaped like Goto. It’s really pretty cool.


Overall, this figure has a few minor paint flaws but otherwise just looks amazing. I am completely in love with it. He does not however come with a base. The one attached to him in the above picture is from the figuarts line. They are sold in three packs for 14.99.


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I am a thirty three year old fujoshi. I adore Aniplex and Capcom both to a near criminal degree. I love cosplaying. Some of my favorites to date are Miles Edgeworth and Chrollo Lucifer. I am also currently working on Varuna. My absolute favorite genre is mystery. I LOVE a good mystery. I have a varying degree of fandoms. I love a lot of different anime, but I can honestly say I love old school american cartoons just the same. My favorite book is The Bacta War in the Star Wars X Wing novel series. I finally beat the Demi-Fiend! He was freaking hard!. I think that's all for now though.
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One Response to Raidou Kuzunoha XIV D-Arts

  1. Lehst says:

    Thank you so much for this in-depth review. I’m considering buying this figure, but wanted to take a look a the real deal. Looks good enough for me~ but being forewarned on the paint-job was nice. : ]

    …and now I just remembered I have the Jack Frost Nendoroid. Well, dang now I really want Raidou! xD

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