The Great Haul- August 2013


Woohoo! This marks the one year anniversary of “The Great Haul”! This August was another great month, and a very good way to start off the second year of this article.


The very first bit of loot for this month came from AmiAmi. I still average about 3 figures a year from this shop. Since I absolutely refuse to deal with their crap I have Cb27ded order them for me. I love her, and thank her graciously for helping me out. This Airou was brought home thanks to her.


The second box to show up this month was from HobbyLink, and was my most anticipated loot of the month. I was hoping that it would get here before my vacation. It barely made it in time. This box had some pretty great highlights, and honestly I didn’t want to wait a whole week longer to get it. I was pretty stoked about Ittoki, and Tokiya, while Tekizen was really excited about Kobato, and Raidou. Overall it was a pretty cool bunch of stuff.


Over the next week we got 3 boxes from Big in Japan, since they were all small I put them all together here. I absolutely love the Eevee. He is way bigger than I imagined. The Kobato turned out nice as well.


Dave, the amazing proprietor of the comic shop that I frequent managed to snag me this awesome Lelouch action figure as well as my very first Cupoche. I was pretty excited about her. Kotobukiya being my favourite manufacturer was putting out something comparible to nendos! You’ll just have to wait and see how that turned out.


Colonel Fancy came out to spend some quality time with us in “nowhere”, by quality time I of course mean marooned on a sand bar with Tekizen and myself. While he was vacationing with us he added a bit of fun to our video game pile. He picked up Ninokuni, Drawn to Life, and Tales of Xillia.


This is the collector’s edition of Xillia. Very nice edition at that.


He also let us borrow Zelda: Skyward Sword, Odin Sphere, and Super Mario Bros. Wii. I am already quite addicted to Skyward Sword, and see more Zelda in my future for sure.


Since Colonel Fancy lives halfway across the country we thought it would be fun to drive him home and see the sights. While out there we visited the biggest flea market I have ever seen, don’t get me wrong though, I had been there many times before. We picked up this little figure of Kai as well as this awesome Pokémon game. I had this game as a teenager, and was thrilled to find it again. The little pirate headed dude came from Cedar Point.


Shortly after our return home we got our second HobbyLink box. This one was pretty big, and deceptively so, considering it was full of small items. There were also a couple of model kits involved. The most impressive bits were probably The Dark Magician Girl, Watashi, and the Nintendo figures. I gotta say the Kodama plush with the rattle head is pretty fantastic.

In this box we also got this giant Danboard model kit made entirely of cardboard. I must say I can’t wait to get some glue so I can assemble him. He is so big that he needed his own photo. Ittoko was added to show his box size.


Our very last figure of the month is this really cool looking Shirahoshi. Her figures always look really impressive. Look forward to a review from Tekizen later.


The very last piece of loot we received this month also came from ColonelFancy at some point he pre-ordered Project Diva F for me. I love it, but it is pretty tough!


That’s all for August. Stick around for September, it is already lookin good!


About Topiki

I am a crazy anime fangirl. I love music, movies, and video games. I frequently attend concerts, and conventions. I make all my own cosplay. (Which is a work in progress) My biggest hobby however is collecting solid tangible things. Cds, dvds, figures of all shapes and sizes, cards, and any other random related goods.
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