Sena Kashiwazaki 1/8 -Griffon


Character: Sena Kashiwazaki

Series: Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai NEXT

Scale: 1/8

Sculptor: I-Con

Manufacturer: Griffon

Release Date: May 2013

Run: Standard

After the horrible experiences with Griffon’s Monster Hunter I am genuinely surprised with myself for not cancelling this figure. Before she was even released people were saying she turned out terrible. This was all based off of one websites stock photos. Then a trickle of MFC users started posting that they had gotten her, and she was awful. I found it funny though that not a single one of them posted user pics. After all the complaining you would think someone would post a picture of the actual product. I didn’t get my Sena until July 3rd, and I was the first person to post any user images. The really funny thing about that is that mine wasn’t even that bad…….


Now I am not going to say she is without flaws. That would be a bold-faced lie, but is she a total disaster? I don’t think so, though you can be the judge as we take a look at some pictures of her.


I have a couple of pretty big issues with this figure, one of them we will see right out of the gate. The sculpt of Sena’s hair is fantastic! Her bangs are spaced nicely, and they frame her face very well. The long pieces of hair that hang loose from her ponytail are thin and detailed. I love the curls in them. She doesn’t look like she is moving around too much so I am guessing that she is standing in a nice breeze. I definitely like the way this sculptor does hair. It doesn’t look chunky, flat, or awkward. Instead it appears to flow nicely. The paint however is another story. It has no shading, and the paint looks as if it were applied too thick.


The main body of Sena’s hair is pulled back into a bun/ ponytail combo. It looks really neat, but I don’t think Sena’s hair is really long enough to pull this look off. I bet the ponytail is an extension. ( And yes for those of you that are wondering if I bothered to watch this ova, the answer is yes, and I do understand why her hair is this long…) The bun looks like a ball of yellow yarn. I think with a bit of shading it would have looked much nicer. I just decided that since Sena looks like she is posing for a pin up, the random blowing hair must be caused by a fan. Anyway regardless of her setting, Sena’s ponytail is in motion to match the front portions of her hair. The long thin strands are long and curled. The sculpt still looks fantastic.


Sena’s signature butterfly clip is made from a transparent blue plastic. The black outline looks good, but they left the veins unpainted. The butterfly is pliable which makes it a little bit sturdier.


Her face looks happy, and her expression is lively. Her blue eyes are applied well, and her mouth is great. She has a clear row of tiny white teeth, including a fang. they also added a slight blush to her cheeks. That is a really nice touch. She has pretty decent jewelry . She wears a hoop earring in each ear, as well as an ear cuff. I love her necklace. It is a nice piece of slave looking embellishment. The paint here looks pretty good.


It looks like I-Con has a pretty good eye for the female body. She has a nice defined collar bone, as well as a pair of large symmetrical breasts. Her body structure is looks great. I think though that the sculptor may want to study physics a bit. I mean there is pretty much no way those straps are holding those things in. I can only suspend logic so far. The straps should be pulled taut given the mass pulling at them. Other than that oddity the straps look good they are painted in crisp, solid lines.


It is unfortunate that the gold trim on the top itself is sloppy. From a slightly lower vantage point you can see some of the errors in her paint. It looks ok but really they could have done better.


Sena’s arms look very nice, although I think her upper arm may be too thin. The gold bands on her arms are a great touch. The paint on them doesn’t look to bad. Her left arm is bent back as if she is reaching for her butterfly. Her hand looks good. The fingers are proportioned nicely. There is a tiny dab of pink nail polish on each fingertip.


The fingers on her right hand are positioned slightly different. Her hands looks so dainty, the polish here looks good too. I think it is funny that her fingernails look good, but they couldn’t get the larger paint spots right. I would be really impressed by the sculpt of this hand, if it wasn’t an exact copy of Monster Hunter Sena’s hand. Seriously, Look at their poses. I-con try some variation.


Sena has a fantastic torso. Her stomach muscles are well-defined, and quite sexy. She has quite a lovely navel , and I am a fan of that hip line. This is one smoking hot babe. She could hang out in my harem any day!


So speaking of Sena’s sexy hip line, as any slave girl worth her salt would, she is wearing a tantalizing skirt. I use the word skirt loosely, this is closer to a loin cloth than a skirt. The front triangular decoration kind of hints at her feminine goods behind it. The shape is fairly obvious. The design is simple, but sexy. The gold trim here is still a little bit funky. I wish Griffon sold garage kits. Their sculpts are great, but their jobs suck. The two gold straps don’t quite meet up with the front smoothly, which makes for awful seem lines. Her right hip also has a shiny spot, where it looks like the matte finish was sanded off. Weird…


The front piece of fabric flows out in front of her just a bit. There are sartorial folds supporting this appearance. There are a couple of things about the colouring that really piss me off. First the light pink doesn’t match her top at all, not even a little bit. The second is that it isn’t transparent!?!


Now I know you were think “Topiki you perv”. That isn’t the case I don’t want it to be see through, “butt” then again I didn’t want the back to be transparent either. I DO however want my figure to be aesthetically pleasing, and not 50 shades of pink…Again the sculpt looks good, but Griffon this is another strike. The folds look great. The gold trim even looks ok here, but that seam over her right cheek is awful.


The pieces DON”T EVEN TOUCH!!! You can also tell here that the back of her top looks funny. The dark pink painted on her back doesn’t look like it belongs there. It has no raised edge, and no trim giving it the appearance of paint on her back as opposed to part of a top…


Her legs are decent. They are very nice feminine looking legs, but they are definitely lacking in meat for Sena. She should have amazing thighs. This Sena isn’t quite amazing, but more like good-looking. Her knees are defined well, the open sides of her wardrobe give us quite the opportunistic view! The strap over her hip looks pretty good, it would be great if it connected properly.


Her sandals are a great touch. The straps around her ankles are way sexy. I think personally in my harem, she would be barefoot and wearing ankle jewelry…..but this is nice too. Maybe her employer doesn’t allow bare feet…no shoes, no shirt, no service? Anyway her footwear is non descript. No buckles, or shading, just pearly white sandals.


Another big flaw with this figure is her supposed scale. Usually scale is not an issue for me. I honestly prefer a large variety of sizes for my shelf. I feel this looks better for layering displays. I do have a problem however when the same company releases two figures of the same character that are supposedly the same scale, but one is a full inch taller than the other. Not a big deal right? Well it is for the same price. I like this figure, I think she turned out decent (for Griffon)  but she is a total ripoff at the same price as the Monster Hunter version.


Her base is also a bit of a cluster. It is Griffon’s typical black beveled circle., with a metal name plate. Thank god they scaled it down this time. Maybe this is their standard 1/10 scale base. I really like the name plate, it looks really classy. Just like Mon Hun Sena this base has its failings too, it’s very hard to keep her upright. The pegs on the base fit her feet okay, but they don’t go in deep enough to really do any good. I have read numerous people having this problem. I can honestly say mine hasn’t fallen over on the shelf yet, but I had to figure out the trick. You cannot push her rear foot flat on the base, this tilts her too much. Firmly push the front foot on the peg and she stands fine. The problem here is that there should not need to be a trick to get your figure to stand.


She is very pretty.

Her sculpt is done very well.

Her hair looks quite elegant.

I am a big fan of the slave costume, and jewelry.

Her base is in proportion to her.


Her nose looks more like a little pointy pimple than a nose.

Her costume doesn’t fit together right.

The back of her top looks ridiculous.

The skirt would look better if it wasn’t cut from to separate types of fabric…

She doesn’t stay on her base very well.

Her scale is clearly 1/10 despite what the box says.

Her MSRP is way overpriced.

Overall Enjoyment: 6/10


About Topiki

I am a crazy anime fangirl. I love music, movies, and video games. I frequently attend concerts, and conventions. I make all my own cosplay. (Which is a work in progress) My biggest hobby however is collecting solid tangible things. Cds, dvds, figures of all shapes and sizes, cards, and any other random related goods.
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