Wonderfest Summer 2013

Another round with Wonderfest. Here’s what the girls at Somewhere are eyeballing this time!


Right so with the continued delays I’ll admit I’m not as into the Work of Altair and Alter as much as I used to be. I really want to see them get their act back together and maybe these next few figure announcements will help them start with a whole new slate.masato

Ren and Masato are finally grey scales. Splendid! I’m really glad to see these guys finally getting their little bit of love though it’ll probably this time next year before they see release.


If it’s next year that Masa and Ren get put out then the announcement of Syo and….well I don’t honestly care about Shinomiya (But i’ll buy him for completions sake) will probably see release in 2015 if ever, but at least they got announced!



Alter finally revealed a painted prototype of the lovely Aty from Summon Nights. She’s looking gorgeous!


sailor moon

The announcement of a static Sailor Moon was also kind of inevitable.


A slight surprise came in the form of Charlotte and Cecilia from Infinite Stratos getting Figuart Zeros. I pretty much assumed that Stratos was pretty much done being merchandised, but new toys of these girls is rarely a bad thing.



There wasn’t really a whole lot I was looking forward to from Banpresto this time. Leon Magnus though was definitely at the top of my list. I love him and getting to see his Ichiban Kuji colored really made my night.



One that I saw quite some time ago (and presumed at this point to be cancelled) was Ali Baba from Code of Princess. I think this figure just looks way cool.



Freeing is the winning company so far. The first bit of exciting news from them are the Senbonzakura Vocaloid figures. Miku, Len, Rin, and KAITO. Oh yes KAITO is finally getting his first scale figure. This is a review I’ve been waiting years for a shot to write.


A Nagi figure in 2013 came as a bit of a surprise too, but she looks great so far. I bet she’d make an awesome counterpart to the recently announced Victorique.


Kousaka Tamaki pretty much always looks really sexy. This figure shows that she knows how to wear a kimono all wrong in all the right ways.

shiina mashiro

Shiina is looking pretty hot too!


Then there’s Silica….I’d welcome just about any figure of her into my life. Lizbet too!


So Freeing got the SURPRISE award this year. Kaworu Nagisa, looking great. I would still really appreciate a Shinji…..but you can’t always get what you want….


Freeing just keeps them coming! They’ve also now shown us the concept art behind Sonico and her lovely bandmates yukata figures.



What would a string of figure announcements be without at least one smoking hot Sena? Kind of flat if you ask me….

Good Smile Company


A few nendoroids got updated the most exciting for me personally is Hibiki. I really really want to have the option of having him wear his hood. That would be soooo cute!


And look an update of my second favorite Robo girl of all time! Aegis! She looks so precious.


Link and Luigi both got announced this Wonfest. This is pretty damn exciting! I have an unending love for Link (expect a review) and Topiki’s fave Mario Bros character is Luigi, so you’re probably in for one there too.


There was a new Monster Hunter girl announced. I like her armor a lot more then the last girl.


Also a little bit surprising was this Rozen Maiden announcement. Way awesome!


Speaking of awesome, I’ll probably be squealing over Mayoi for the next month and a half.


I’m heart broken that we only got a sketch of Aoba…. 😦


The last squeal worthy Nendo announcement was Gilgamesh. I’m so happy, since megahouse is never going to release theirs, we can at least get a Gil this way.


Mika from Idolmaster is looking way awesome so far!



Colette’s figure is looking very cute so far, she’ll look awesome with Lloyd and Xellos.


Hmmmm… If GSC isn’t ever going to update their Honoka statue then I guess I’ll just have to go with Koto. I kind of prefer them anyway!


Speaking of preferring Koto to GSC I’ll also be keeping a close eye on their rendition of Shiki from Garden of Sinners.


It comes as no surprise at all that a Cu-Poche Ruri has been announced to go along with the already released Kirino. As long as she’s wearing her black dress I’ll probably be picking her up.


We also got to see a good close up of Marik….wearing a shirt….?


Does this mean he’s going to be Koto’s second cast off guy statue?


Shingeki No Bahumut is something that means next to nothing to me, but the figures are gorgeous. I am so completely in love with Olivia’s hair and wings.

Max Factory


Max Factory damn near shot my eyebrows right off my forehead with the announcement of Zone 00’s trap Benten.


And a truly beautiful follow up to his awesomeness is the Kirino they just announced. Totally adorable.


And the Prince of my heart Marth finally has shown up in figure format. I can’t wait to have him hanging out with Link and Pit.



Then there’s the demon dog Cerberus. I adore her hair and hands, but I’m not too sure about her face…..hmmmm…..guess we’ll see.



Aladdin comes out in four monthes….yeah four monthes and we finally got to see his colored prototype today. I was going to buy him anyway but seriously? Stop being so lazy Megahouse.


I adore my original Vivi P.O.P. she’s one of my favorite statues, but this one is sooo hot that I really want it. The paint job looks fantastic. It might be time for me to dust off the old f5 button again….


Irk they updated Raidou…changed his face, and I’m sad now. I really liked the smirk. Of course I’m going to buy him anyway.

Orchid Seed


Orchid Seed’s Sonico cheerleader finally has a paint job too. I’m going to have to put some serious thought into her though. Hmmmmm…..

Penguin Parade


Penguin Parade’ Kirino is looking way cute. Not quite up to par with Max Factory. But cute nonetheless.



The odds of me buying this one are slim (I think the show sounds really bad), but I really liked the teaser pictures that Plum released of Yoshino back. Hmmm guess we’ll see.

mini petankos

I have no idea how tall they’ll be. These will be mine though.



It’s always nice to see new unexpected Vocaloid merch!

Ques Q

eiyu senki tut

Eiyu Senki’s Tut should totally grace my shelf with Yami no Yugi….no….really it makes sense.


Just when I got done complaining about the lack of seeing her Elizabeth finally made her appearance!



I’ll always have room in my heart for more figures of Rei and Asuka. Well Sega stood and delivered two new race queens. Odds are you’ll be seeing these again soon!


It’s funny cause I already had them on order, but Shinji and Kaworu got colored. I think they look great.

Toy’s Works


Kirino got a lot of my attention at Wonfest this year, hopefully many more figures of her will be coming to my home in 2014.


This came as a beautiful surprise. From Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou, I really liked the busts of the girls from this franchise, seeing a statue is really nice.



Noel Vermillion is looking gorgeous so far. I have one or two small issues with it, but we’ll see once she’s colored.


saber wing

Whereas I’m not a fan of Saber I would be remiss to not say this is adorable.


Speaking of adorable Child Sonico was announced a few days before Wonderfest, but the promo art was just shown to us….she looks sooooo…. I think squealtastic is what I’m looking for.

Unsurprisingly there’s also a long list of things we were hoping to see that didn’t show up. Some companies are just plain holding out on us.


Sailor Moon Chibi Arts

Vivi Nefretari Chibi Art

Nico Robin Chibi Art

Roronoa Zoro Chibi Art

Any of the Persona 4 Figuarts!

Cyborg 009 Figuarts



Oh look and speaking of Magi no DX updates either….

Good Smile Company

Why announce Honoka if you weren’t going to deliver?


Will we ever see Hwoarang? No I don’t think so either.

And then there’s the missing Mara Jade…..

Max Factory

Dramatical Murder much? How can they tease us so ruthlessly?

Tony Taka’s Len and Rin didn’t show up either. 😦 This makes me want to throw puppies off an overpass….

Medicos Entertainment

The Wolf Children statue was supposed to be out this year. Well not much time left and still no updates….


I think my sister Topiki might start threatening people if Ivan doesn’t get colored soon.

I’ll be right beside her yelling about Gilgamesh’s sexy self needing to be on my shelf.

Phat company

These bastards really made me want Black Rock Alpaca. then never delivered….grumble.

Ques Q

Sena’s blacksmith figure was announced last Wonfest with no signs of appearing.


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