Megaten Monday: Persona 2 Innocent Sin Part 10


Well I hope everyone’s geared up and ready to meet Hitler this week!


1So here we are in Carcoal finally trying to rescue Jun. Here we find more Longinus units harassing some poor unfortunate soul. Of course I doubt they’re an innocent, why would someone uninvolved be in the Masked Circle’s headquarters?


Oh it’s Anna. Looks like we have to wrap up Yuki’s story with a nice neat little bow.


So Anna hasn’t completely given up on herself. That’s cool, honestly though she’s caused a whole lot of trouble for a lot of people, should we actually bother saving her? I’m a horrible person, I’ld probably use her as a distraction.


….She wasn’t your pawn anyway. As far as I know the masked circle and the fuhrer weren’t working exactly together.


Of course with Eikichi (who offputtingly is the closest to a heroic character I’ve run into in a very long time) there’s no way to get off without a fight. Not when someone is in danger. Even if that someone is a villain.


The Longinus pilots are unimpressed, even though we’ve proved (last week) that Zen could take them out by himself…..Ah well….


Of course making things personal by insulting Shunsuke is probably not the best way to open a fight…..


I don’t actually.


I’m kind of sad that we only got to know Yuki after Mrs Saeko’s influence and not before. It could have been really neat to see her progression as a character from punk to protector.


Well of course everyone wonders if they made the right decisions in there life, it’s part of being human….oh and Hi shadow Yuki welcome to the party.


We all know Yukino isn’t confidant in her photography. Honestly I think she’s a little too rough to be a teacher too. It would be like GTO 2.0……


Said like the ability to improve one’s self does not exist at all.


The key there is ‘like you used to’, if it’s in the past and you learned from it, then it needs to be let go. Simple as that.


And unlike any other Persona character I can think of Yuki just accepted both sides of her personality rather easily. Perhaps it’s because she’s been in touch with her Persona for so long.


And that’s why we all love Yuki she’s got a great head on her shoulders.


And with that the party leaves this fight to Yuki and Anna, after all they need to go find Jun (nobody cares) before it’s too late!


Our next encounter came about so randomly that I stopped and stared for a minute. Bham one minute I’m fighting demons in an unending hallway, the next chibis outside a shrine. Weird.


I do love the transparent ghostly images of the party off to the side. It’s always interesting when people watch their memories from a completely different POV.


Strangely I don’t recall Maya screaming for Jun. So I think we can guess who’s memories these are.


And there is the verification, these are definitely Jun’s twisted memories of what happened.


And then wee little Zen used Vulcanus to set the shrine on fire killing Maya. That is one whacked out series of memories, and I dare say it doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense. Zen didn’t even awaken to his persona until he was stabbed by Sudou.


Would a box of Kleenex help?


Yeah so says you. Why would he believe the person whose idea it was to kill Big Sis in the first place? I think the party should drag him to Araya and throw him into the mirror springs.


Yeah Zen and Maya didn’t really have a whole lot to do with this. If you want to kill anyone take it out on Lisa…..nobody would really miss her…..


Sigh. This is why you don’t argue with a segment of someone’s psyche. Good try, but push a little harder at ‘Joker’ instead.


So if he knows all this, then why the hell the farce?!?!?!?!? I really can’t stand this kid.


Oooh are we finally going to get an end to “that night in the park you two looked like…”


This girl’s ability to not be freaked out by the creepy factor of these children honestly continues to impress me.


It’s kind of a pity I hate Jun so much. He was an adorable little kid. What time did they show up at her house throwing pebbles at the window anyway?


Ah back to this again. So that night in the park they looked like doppelgangers. Interesting.


The night is quiet, the streets are calm, In this house my beloved once lived: She has long since left the town, But the house still stands, here in the same place.

A man stands there also and looks to the sky, And wrings his hands overwhelmed by pain: Upon seeing his face, I am terrified– The moon shows me my own form!

O you Doppelgänger! you pale comrade! Why do you ape the pain of my love Which tormented me upon this spot So many a night, so long ago?

Franz Schubert’s Doppelganger.


Opposites attract? I’m not sure how that really leads us to doppelgangers though.


Well you have to admit that if you were going to break that promise, that is a hell of a way of going about it. I find it really funny though that now Jun is trying doggedly to kill Maya. Kind of screams of hypocrisy….


Just stop with the flowers already.


Now probably isn’t the time to point out that Jun tried to strangle Zen in the first fifteen minutes of gameplay. You know they never point out things like that.


The masked circle of old, and new, as well as the fuhrer. All with the willpower to make their dreams come true.


…..You were one of the three factions…..oh crap…. it’s Hitler…in sunglasses!


Probably the same thing he wished for when he was alive the first go round.


Yeah that’s about what I figured.


I really just want to go over there and snatch the glasses off. It’s seriously bothering me.


Trash? Ok rescue cancelled. Let’s just kill him.


Look more Longinus guys trying to hinder me. Like they really could. Hitler might want to try Gundams next time. These mechs are made of fail.


Then man must evolve of his own power…..we know Maya. We know.


No but wouldn’t the world be a better place if they did….just imagine a whole world full of Mayas…ok so heart boobs and bad driving would skyrocket, but so would morals!


I’ll care about what you have to say when you take off the sunglasses you wannabe.


Pretty good turn around from Jun though. It’s like saying “Yes Hitler I will make an awesome leader. Glad you agree” When of course we all know who the Fuhrer was in fact referring to.


Well looks like the party was too late….again.


And the entirety of the city is now part of this ship. Xibalba. Things aren’t going well.


Really did anyone take this guy seriously when they played it? I just can’t take this as anything but a joke.


So that’s how the manipulation occurred. With Jun’s father being the key factoid to Jun being a puppet.


Also they waited until now to introduce us to Queen Aquarius. She’s way late dontcha think?


Is he breaking?


Is that a warning? From Hitler? Seriously?


But I need those skulls dammit.


Have you ever seen such a hideous goon squad? Well at least having subservient shadow versions of them could explain why Jun wouldn’t feel bad about killing his former friends?


Ummmm maybe you shouldn’t call the voices in your head ‘Papa’ that’s kinda creepy.


Somehow I doubt it’ll be that easy.


So people who hear voices in their own heads have problems, what about people who hear the voices in other people’s heads? That has to qualify under the realms of serious issues.


All you had to do was wake up. Seriously just let me kill him.


Oh Maya dear I think at this point they have plenty of reasons to fight. I would love to see Zen put the sword down and just punch him in his head a few times though.


Holy crap Yukino actually came back. I honestly guessed that we abandoned her to death back with her shadow.


Or we could just call an end to this retarded farce…..


Cue powered up boss fight…


Oh good lord and gravy because angels in Megaten are ever easy to deal with. And worse yet NYarley’s back to screw with me some more.


He probably was the hardest boss fight I’ve had in this game in quite a long time. I’ll give him that much. Oh and I don’t think it would be of judgement, it would be more like The Judgemental Archangel….in a stupid mask.


We could always put him out of his misery!


Well that ruthless beating shocked him right out of that uber gay costume at least.


So now Yuki’s gonna leave my party permanently and the real masked circle is going to rise again.


Well he has to have something to play with when you leave him idle, or any other time that he doesn’t want o talk to people…..which is most of the time.


I have a personal grudge against this particular trope. You can ask a little girl named Cal Evans about it. Yes Jun, now your life is starting once again. Go out and make it worth living!


And I… I… I am a horrible person and a hypocrite.


On the eve of the world’s destruction however, the party is just as forgiving as ever.


This gut looks really familiar. It must be daddy…I’m sure I’ve seen him somewhere before.


Wanted to lead everyone to their dreams while sacrificing millions of others. That’s beautiful Jun, just beautiful.


Well because Maya’s alive, which means we don’t have to kill off all of humanity to kill Zen (harder to kill than a cockroach). Of course this could just be me.




I like how he still doesn’t give a damn about the rest of the party though. Just Maya.


And thus we shall leave off for another week. This game is finally nearing it’s climax and I can’t wait to see where it goes!


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