Jude Mathis 1/8 Altair


Character: Jude Mathis

Series: Tales of Xillia

Sculptor: Tanaka Sen’u

Scale: 1/8

Manufacturer: Altair

Release Date: April 2013

Run: Standard

My Figure Collection Link: http://myfigurecollection.net/item/110595

I have been a pretty avid fan of the character designs for the “Tales of” series for a long time. It was around the mid nineties that I first played and fell in love with Tales of Destiny 1, and then shortly after it’s “not quite” sequel Tales of Eternia. It would be a couple more years before I realized that Tales of Eternia got Roboteched. My fascination with the franchise was short-lived however, everything that I had loved about it was sucked out of Tales of Symphonia. I hadn’t tried another game in the series since. Vesperia definitely caught my eye, but I don’t have an Xbox. So once again I shelved the idea of playing Tales.


Now here I am with a Playstation 3 that I rarely play, and a reservation for Tales of Xillia. This was kind of a weird turn about. Alter announced a gorgeous figure of lead character Milla Maxwell, which I immediately took a shine too. The problem was that when I looked into the game she sounded like a Lightning clone. That isn’t a good thing. Here I learned that you could choose between Milla, and another character Jude Mathis. He seemed like a very welcome deviation from the lone wolf mercenary jerks that have become so popular as of late. Next month I will try again in hopes that Xillia is half the game that Tales of Destiny was, and that Jude doesn’t turn into the same old cliché. Enough about my gaming background, let’s check him out!


So far I haven’t gotten an Altair figure that I haven’t really liked. Given the rumors of their recent quality control I was a bit worried about Jude. He is the first figure I have gotten from them since their issues started. I think he turned out pretty well.


Jude comes with two faces, both of which are very handsome. This expression is the happier of the two and my favourite. His expression sets the mood of the figure, and I like this look. It makes me think of a friendly sparring match, or a throwing playful punch. His eyes are really nice. The brown gradient they used looks fantastic. The top and outer edge of each eye is outlined with a darker shade. It looks a little bit like eyeliner, but I think it highlights them very well. His mouth is just a thin line sculpted into a smirk. Thankfully they didn’t feel the need to add any red, brown or black paint to emphasize the fact that its there.


The second option looks just as good. This one is more serious. It looks to me like he is going to punch someone and mean it this time around. His eyes are still quite pretty, and still applied perfectly. On this face they are narrowed, and his eyebrows are arched downward. The details all look nice. That dark eyeliner look is still present. His mouth is set in a straight line. It kind of gives me the impression that his jaw may be clenched. Overall this face looks fantastic, and I think it emotes a little better than the happy one, but I don’t like the overall feel of the figure as much.


His hair is amazing. Tekizen and I were just talking, yesterday about the best head of hair on a male figure. Poor Jude didn’t even come up. I feel a little bad about this because I really like his hair a lot. His bangs are long, and cover most of his forehead. This is pretty typical on anime based figures, but I am fond of the way the sculptor added several section, or strands. It looks wispy. and soft. The seam line between his bangs and the back part of his hair is hidden pretty well within the sections.


The right side of Jude’s hair is a bit on the bushier side. Since his body is dipped slightly in that direction it appears that his hair is falling away from his face, as opposed to lying flat against his head. He even has a couple lost messy strands near the top of his head. On his left side the hair looks thinner, and lays flat against his cheek. His ear on this side is also fully exposed. I know it seems silly, but I really think it looks just right paired with this pose.


The back of Jude’s hair is simply adorable. He has all these little parts that curl out over his collar. There is plenty of detail, and body sculpted into his locks. Just enough to look good and believable, but not enough to look silly.


Jude’s outfit looks really nice. He is wearing a long white tunic under his jacket. I am pretty fond of this look. The high collar of the tunic is folded down slightly under his chin, and along his neckline you can see a bit of yet another shirt layered below this one. The purple trim around his neck is done very well. Unfortunately I can not say the same for the lower half of the shirt. For some reason the center stripe looks pretty awful. You can clearly see where it goes (and stays) outside of the lines. The sculpts is pretty good though. There are folds around his waist accentuating the way his torso is bent forward.



The jacket that Jude wears is pretty unique. The design of it alone is pretty different, but what makes it really stand out are it’s colourful patterns. The paint on his jacket is much better than that of his shirt. Even the little purple triangles that grace the blue stripe over his chest look fantastic.


There is a bit more additional detailing on this portion. We have the tiny triangles that don’t appear on the lower half of him. There is also the rope that is pulled across his collar. Each end of it has a decorative gold bauble. Neither of them is lying flat against him, giving in to the figures assumed movement. One of the bigger paint flaws that bothered me was around the tear drop shapes at his shoulders. The blue outline of his right shoulder is significantly thicker than his left. The sculpt of the jacket is really nice. The seam lines are all clean, and appropriate. The wrinkles in the fabric all look natural given his pose.


I really love this jacket. I hope when I finally get to play Xillia next month that I like Jude as a character.I think he would make an awesome cosplay. The purple triangles continue on the back between the tear shapes. The pattern on the rear flaps match the front ones perfectly, and the entire design comes together wonderfully along the center of his back. You can see the back of his tunic between the flaps of his jacket.


As a matter of fact you can even see it on the side where the jacket rests against his hip. I wouldn’t say this was a necessity, but it is a very nice touch. While I have this angle up, take a look at the folds on his side. It really looks like the fabric is being pulled by his raised arm. This sculptor did a fine job.


Jude’s arms both look great. The purple designs are painted very well, and again the folds in his sleeves look very natural. His left fist is thrust forward mid-punch. This hand is guarded by a pretty impressive looking gauntlet. The main body of it is nearly the same colour as his jacket, however it is definitely more glossy. The trim is gold and orange. I am not sure why the designer went with orange here, but I really dig it. The colour is a fantastic contrast to his blue palette. The layers in the weapon are clearly held together with orange rope.


The under side of his hand has orange rope drawn across it, showing exactly how the accessory is attached. I am a super geek for armour and weapons that look functional, and this is no exception. His hand is sculpted well. Each clasped finger is defined nicely. He is clearly wearing brown gloves under the gauntlet, and the fingerless glove it attaches to. From this side you have a much better view of the thumb guard as well. This piece is also held together by tiny orange chords, and accented with gold décor. We can also see a bit of yellow trim on his sleeve, another odd colour choice.


Jude’s other arm is defensively pulled back against his body. The purple pattern on his sleeve doesn’t seem to be interrupted by the folds in his sleeves. Regardless of the uneven surface it is painted perfectly. Jude wears a bracer over this hand instead of another gauntlet. This one has the same colour scheme as the matching weapon. The little orange rope is still present, but appears more decorative this time. The orange and gold still stand out, and look good.


He wears a brown glove under the armour as well. Over his palm you can see purple straps meant to hold the shield in place. Once again Jude’s fist looks great.


Jude is posed in a wide balanced stance. His knees are bent slightly, which is helps keep the fighter’s movements smooth, and less stiff. It also makes it harder to be pushed over. I guess Jude knows what he’s doing, but then again I know that and I’m not much of a fighter. Oh well. His pants fit nicely. They aren’t baggy, but are loose enough to allow movement. I love guys like this throwing around high kicks. I can only believe so much….


The back of Jude’s pants look great. Trust me I am not saying that as a raging fangirl, but instead as a girl who digs a well sculpted, thought out figure. I love the folds in his clothing here as much as those on his sides. The sculptor obviously put some thought into the way Jude’s clothes are being manipulated by his body.


Wow. Jude’s boots are pretty big. I don’t think I would want to be kicked by those, especially considering those pointed toes. Regardless of that, they are mage very well. The sculpt is decent, and the paint is actually done up to previous Altair standard. This is the only place where the colour yellow is easy to see. I suppose it is to match his sleeves, but the trim there is hard to see.


His base is really pretty. It has a flowery design painted in a silvery blue colour. The base itself is transparent blue. The underside of it has some raised circles and water droplets over it, this shows through on the topside. It is quite pretty.


Jude’s box is also very pretty. The windows on the front and back are large enough to get a good view of him inside of his box. The front window is shaped a bit different. the background surrounding it is green with little twinkly white spots. They kind of put me in the mind of faeries, or lightning bugs. This pattern wraps around both sides. The right, and left each show a close-up of Jude rom a different angle, while the back is entirely different. The octagon shaped window is surrounded by a green rendering of a Xillia landscape. This is a very aesthetically pleasing box.



Jude has two really appealing faces.

His hair is very detailed.

He has a pretty cool colour scheme.

I love the bracer + gauntlet combo.

His clothing is sculpted so well.


His trim could have been painted much better.

Overall Enjoyment: 8/10


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I am a crazy anime fangirl. I love music, movies, and video games. I frequently attend concerts, and conventions. I make all my own cosplay. (Which is a work in progress) My biggest hobby however is collecting solid tangible things. Cds, dvds, figures of all shapes and sizes, cards, and any other random related goods.
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2 Responses to Jude Mathis 1/8 Altair

  1. colonelfancy says:

    Altair has really been hitting the nail with pin-point accuracy with these Tales of’ line of statues.

  2. Topiki says:

    Right! I hope they keep making them. If so I will keep picking them up. Kotobukiya has gone back to the Tales series as well. I am really looking forward to seeing what they dish up!

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