Aichi Sendou Nendoroid


I’ll come clean. I’ve only watched a handful of episodes of Cardfight. During these few episodes though I maintained one solid truth Aichi was one of the cutest things I’d ever seen. Even my number one moe blob Chrome Dokuro looked like nothing more then another anime girl by comparison of the cute emanating off of this kid. I really need to watch more one of these years…..


He sure is a vibrantly colored little guy for starters. He’s wearing an aquamarine jacket, dark red shirt, and what appear to be blue jeans. On a real person this would come off as a fashion disaster, fortunately he’s animated so it’s perfectly acceptable.


This face is so precious. It kind of reminds me of a small furry animal….like a hamster or something….don’t ask. Anyway his hair is done with a blue gradient, the effect is very nice, from the tip of his ahoge and about halfway down his bangs his hair is a nice cornflower blue eventually darkening into a navy blue at the tips. I love the streaks that are supposed to be shading too, they do a great job of bringing to life the art style of Akira Ito. His eyes are beautifully done in the same hue that his jacket is. Since our hero is pretty shy the tiny smile and slight blush suit him extremely well.


I really love how this face looks in conjunction with holding his cards. It makes it look like he has a really bad poker face.


His jacket is really well painted, the white trim looks really nice as do the details on his shoulders.


His profile is adorable. I love how sad he looks. There’s a slight bulge at the back of his collar which I don’t really get. It’s not a hood, just a bulge.


The back of his head has the same awesome gradient as his bangs. I really love the effect. However his head has a strange rough feeling to it. Like they didn’t spray it after painting it. It’s….strange.


His jeans have slight wrinkles at the hip, I was a little surprised by this, I can’t think of too many nendos with wrinkles in their clothes. He’s wearing a simple pair of blue shoes. Each shoe has two white stripes on them, one on each side.


Aichi has the inevitable yelling out my (cards) special moves face. I really like how even though he’s shouting he doesn’t really look angry. Oh and look he’s drawn one of his cards. Included in the box were stickers to place on the front and back of the single cards.


It’s Blaster Blade the card gifted to him by Kai. It’s also this card that propelled Aichi forward in the beginning of the show. The stickers are really easy to apply and the pictures are good and clear.


His third face is the standard simple smile face that accompanies most nendoroids. As usual it looks good but generic.


As he’s adorably shy Aichi also has the option of holding his deck box down at his side as he tries to decide if he wants to tell people he wants to play too. Mega cute very in character.


His last option is to hold the card of his trusted ally Wingal. As an added bonus he comes with a little non articulated version of the card monster.


Wingal has some pretty good detail to it. It has a mane of long fluffy pink fur that it well defined for something so small. His red eyes are nicely painted to. I also like that he doesn’t look static, you can see just what his next movement would be.


He has a knife in his mouth, gripped tight to deal a fatal blow to enemies in defense of his master. The paint on the knife looks great too!


His scarf is blowing in the same direction as his mane. His front leg has a small sheath on it for the dagger. He does not have the yellow lightning bolts in his mane though which does make me a little bit sad.

17His back isn’t super impressive but there’s nothing wrong with it either.


His box is covered with bright light blue lines that look like light, it’s a very nice effect.


The back of the box shows the various different poses Aichi can take. As an added bit of comedy it also shows him destroying Sherlock Shellingford at cards. Poor girl never stood a chance.


Overall Aichi is an adorable little guy with great detail, however he doesn’t really have a whole lot of options. He can’t jump or run, or do anything else of that general sort. Not that I really expected him too. He is insanely cute though….


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I am a thirty three year old fujoshi. I adore Aniplex and Capcom both to a near criminal degree. I love cosplaying. Some of my favorites to date are Miles Edgeworth and Chrollo Lucifer. I am also currently working on Varuna. My absolute favorite genre is mystery. I LOVE a good mystery. I have a varying degree of fandoms. I love a lot of different anime, but I can honestly say I love old school american cartoons just the same. My favorite book is The Bacta War in the Star Wars X Wing novel series. I finally beat the Demi-Fiend! He was freaking hard!. I think that's all for now though.
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