Megaten Monday: Persona 2: Innocent Sin Week 8


So after it really hit the fan last week, the party is wanted as a group of terrorists. Maya had the idea of starting up a counter rumor of being heroes trying to save the day though instead. The party meets back up with their allies at Kuzonoha detective agency and that is where our story begins this week.


Ah here she is Ms Ideal, the one who started the rumor that we were in fact terrorists. What a jerk. It was all a misunderstanding of course. Anyone would be suspicious of us. Well you sure aren’t my ideal lady!


I love those kids, remind me to buy them some cookies later. Except for the fat kid that got stuck in the elevator….he gets a diet shake.


With rumors coming true? Probably both. The whole party is going to gain split personalities, evil clones, doppelgangers, or all three.


Congratulations good sir, you singlehandedly just brought Hitler back to life. Rumors are coming true…. really let’s talk about excessively bad one on the news for thousands to hear……well actually yeah that’s pretty accurate to how the news actually works.


Preferably without divine interruptions this time thank you very much.


Whelp there’s our verification that Hitler’s dumb self is back. That is going to be the strangest boss fight I’ve ever fought… on principle alone.


So is it the chalice (see Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade) or the spear of Longinus (see Evangelion). My money is on the spear, I have horrible luck and a personal grudge against that weapon soooo…..


I…wait….what…? Can we please get that in English?


That’s what she said….What I read was “not that guy, the sumaru genie, and Kashihara…..” Any dream of Sudou’s I dub stupid by default!


I love Yukino for totally voicing my thoughts here. Ms Ideal wants Hitler versus the Aliens!!!!!


Mankinds ultimate dream? I don’t even know what that would be. Endless pork rinds? Your football team always winning? Not gaining weight regardless of your indulgence? A never ending supply of bacon? What?


So mankinds ultimate dream has to deal with meeting the ancient Maians? Hmmmm Maians…Maya…I wonder…


Oh so humanities ultimate goal is too evolve into Maians…..Am I missing something here? To anyone reading this post, is it your ultimate wish to be a Maian? I’d rather have endless bacon personally…..


A secret that you’ve been hinting at for the last 58 hours of gameplay?


Wham bam thank you ma’am I knew that whatever it was they were both hiding it from me. Tch Bastards.


No Eikichi, his name is not Lisa. However if you’re asking if Zen’s guardian force stole his memories of the three of you playing together as kids then yes him too.


Clearly and to be perfectly honest you probably could have saved everyone a whole lot of hassle by telling the group all this forever ago. “Wow it’s kind of strange that this group of childhood friends are trying to save the world together.” But no instead she was busy with “Zen, I love you, I love you, hey over here, I love you!”


How many people do you know with that name? By our previous flashbacks he hasn’t changed much in the looks department either? Even more then how many people do you know with that name, how many people do you know that actually have pageboy hair cuts?


I’d be even more pissed off at her if I wasn’t eighty seven percent certain that she’s wrong about Joker’s identity.


Of course you don’t understand Yukino, you aren’t in the games opening therefore you are in fact irrelevant to the plot.


I don’t want that crappy book. But yes we the members of the Masked Circle are fighting against the Last Battalion.


So here we are at Araya shrine. I don’t have very fond memories of this place. Cheerfully though I’m not the only one, no one in my party does either. This dungeon really sucked in Revelations by the way.


Isn’t that what we’re here for, an explanation/ confession. Also if we’ve been dancing around the subject for so many hours it’s obviously a sensitive subject.


Oh god not this place again…..


Oh god, reflecting pools that show the past. We’re going to have like eight hours of flashbacks….this post just got a lot longer then I’d anticipated.


Worst brother ever. So I’m just going to leave you here.


Don’t get abducted or molested by any number of people in the area for the festival while I’m gone.


And another little boy immediately darts out from behind a tree as soon as Katsuya is gone. That’s weird. This guy is in the opening if you pay close attention.


So you ran away from home and came to the festival by yourself? That’s kind of cool. I must say though having the series villain wear the black mask is kind of cliche.


Oh and there’s Eikichi getting drug along by his daddy.


How cute instead of their real names they chose to go by their super hero personas. I think it would be borderline epic if their ultimate personas were based off this concept.


My sister would love this, she adores owls. So the next question is what bird is the pink mask that Lisa will have?


Eighteenth rank? The highest you can go is Black Belt which is 10th rank….Ah well I guess chubby little Kichi is just a little kid.


And there’s Lisa with the only figure in any of these children’s lives that seems halfway decent. I think I hate adults.


And look there’s pinkie pie herself. I really like child hers hairstyle. Way cute. apparently people picked on her a lot as a child for her blonde hair and blue eyes. Jerks.


Interesting line coming from Joker don’t cha think?

Thus the birth of the “Masked Circle” and who would know about it other then these four children + big sis? Well there’s no way that Maya is the Black-Masked boy, so she is definitely Big Sis.


And coincidentally the villain came up with the name that Joker is spreading around. He wants the group to remember their sin, so of course he’d use things from that time period. He should of dressed like Black Falcon though, that would have been epic.


Is Maya seriously disappointed over the actions of a group of kids? How uncharacteristic of her.


Lisa hinted at all this like eight and a half billion times Eikichi, just pay attention!


They should totally let me equi those as accessories.


A nice reference to the optional Snow Queen quest. Although for me the saddest thing about the SQQ was the villains lame stories.

44Of course being the only girl in the group Lisa made the boys play girlie games every chance she got. Much to Eikichi’s dismay.45

The fact that they decide the group leader via rock paper scissors is pretty funny, but if that’s how we beat Joker in the end I swear I’ll break the game in half.


Well it looks like some things never actually change.


Except god help us she might have gotten a little less forward….


Because she didn’t already make that painfully obvious.


So this is where Eikichi hid his mask, at what eight years old, he and Lisa traversed down here, apparently lugging treasure chests to hide them in? I’m two floors down right now and have fought so many demons it’s ridiculous and they did this as kids? Bull!


So you guys are to blame for Zen being anti social? I thought it had to do with the whole daddy issue combined with how Katsuya treated him. I guess though if you want to take the blame it’s yours.


Honestly I think the sight of four small children standing behind me wearing creepy masks would qualify as terrifying not cute, but Maya has always been kind of off beat.


The girl “Maya” says that she’s praying to the shrine about her future. Little Lisa insists that with the Masked Circle you can be whatever you want right now. Gotta love the power of make believe.


Seriously these kids haven’t changed at all. Eikichi’s only use is art, Lisa is still a pervert, and Maya is still dragging all three kids into endless trouble.


Thank you Maya. Everything is in fact your fault.


I have officially decided this is not Maya. It’s clearly an evil clone/ doppelganger/ split personality created by the terrorist rumor. Maya would have openly accepted her part in this whole fiasco. I’m positive of it.


Of course the inevitable catastrophe hits when Big Sis announces that she’s moving away…


Of course we could just become pen pals or something but nooooo….


It is cruel, she should have just said so from the get go. This is however how kids are.


I love the childish impression that this would actually work. Zen however just shakes his head sadly knowing that they have to let Big Sis go.


Now you remember thinking those lil kids in the mask were creepy, this right here probably would have sealed the deal for me. Run away Maya, and run fast. Of course we all know she doesn’t from the flashback in the museum last session.


And Lisa buys into the whole guilt trip of this place. I think Maya’s being unnaturally quiet though all things considered.


I just can’t get over how 20th century boys this whole thing is.


Which explains why they were both there when the shrine caught fire. It also explains Maya’s pyrophobia. Surviving an incident like that at such a young age would probably mentally scar you for a really long time.


Of course after all that build up Lisa tells us that she knew Big Sis was in fact alive. This honestly really pisses me off because she’s made Eikichi feel like crap for the last three hours for no reason.


That’s exactly what I was thinking.


So good news neither Zen or Big Sis died in the fire that Sudou started. Right so Sudou, if Big Sis were the Joker theoretically why would she join up with the person who had started the fire In the first place?


And bam red herring!


No reaction from Maya really?


Ah there’s the reaction. I’m really looking forward to the Maya’s freaking evil explanation coming up here in a minute. Also if Maya were the one at fault here she’d know Zen had been in the shrine with her, he’d make a better accomplice then someone to seek revenge on.


Still calling BS on this one. She is posing as one of my team but she sure isn’t Maya. Regardless it looks like a boss fight is inevitable.


Aha there she is Maya number two takes the scene once again and proves that I am not in fact crazy.


I’ve always been a fan of lines like this. There’s always something so cool about I had to make an entrance lines.


Of course the rest of the party is still processing that this is indeed because of the Masked Circle terrorist rumors about the party. This means there are evil clones of Zen, Lisa, Eikichi, and Yukino running around somewhere.


Told ya so!


Oh look Maya isn’t the Joker, neither is imposter Maya. So much for Lisa’s theory.


Maya tells us the Joker’s identity for the first time. Jun.


Everyone reacts badly to this. Even Yukino who has zero connection to the story. I do love Zen and Eikichi’s reaction faces though, they’re both so comical.


I kind of get the impression that this is directed at just about everyone in the room. Please stop suffering. Now that is the Maya that we all now and love.


If by killed you mean got stabbed trying to save…. by your cohort for that matter.


They haven’t told me about that night at the park yet, but it hopefully wasn’t as bad as outside the store. That was practically a wedding proposal. And that sentence, you really should finish that thought. Were what? Lovers, friends,  brothers, monkeys? What? Come on Maya inquiring minds want to know!


And the boss fight that we all knew was coming. Shadow Maya, the very first shadow that you have to fight in the Persona franchise. She’s a hard one too.


Wait…why are we trying to protect Jun? Isn’t he trying to kill us? Are we going to protect him from us? I am so confused.


Well everyone here that didn’t forget you accused you of trying to kill us all so I think we’re pretty much square.


That does explain the resonance that they all experienced way back in Principal Hanya’s office… you know in the first dungeon of the game.


Maya is not mentally capable of holding a grudge you know.


At this point Philemon the king of interruptions, abducts the party to upgrade their Personas and inform them that Jun is just being used by the Crawling Chaos Nyarlathotep. I really don’t care about this guy enough to fight a Lovecraftian diety but….


I really want to take this line out of context so bad.


Well the group is confidant in their ability to kill a GOD to rescue Jun who is still trying to KILL the party.  Ah well that’s where we are going to cut off for this week. It’s been a blast….this post seriously took close to six hours to finish. Hopefully next week won’t be so flashback oriented….


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