Megaten Monday: Persona 2 Innocent Sin Week 7

I honestly get the impression that I’ve just now hit the half way point of this game. That’s pretty impressive if you take into context that Persona Revelations took me a grand total of seven weeks including the Snow Queen Quest. Without further ado though I guess we will fly right on into this weeks Megaten Monday. The Sky Museum.


So without further adieu, almost immediately after entering the museum the group tries their usual thing. Evacuate first and fid the transmitter afterwards. It’s really not such a horrible stratagem.


Of course as per normal stupidity hinders progress.


Who came up with this next inane scenario? Yeah you guessed it, if  I’m talking about stupidity it could only be Zorro and Catwoman….wait what?!? I mean Tamaki and Tadashi……

So somewhere along the lines Tadashi got it in his thick skullion that the party are in fact terrorists and he needs to stop them. Right….like they wouldn’t just step on his face if they were in fact the ‘Masked Circle’


So someone is out there spreading rumors about the party being fricking evil. What a way to make my day. I guess it’s forgivable though since Tamaki looks dead sexy in a cat suit.


Of course this ludicrous bit is interrupted by King Leo’s voice welcoming us to his barbeque….oops I think that line actually belonged to Kefka, but close enough.


How pleasant. Right now I bet everyone forgot about the horribly painstaking detail here. The evacuation never took place. The building is crawling with small sniveling little children. Heaven help me I bet they want me to rescue them all too.


Can’t I ever play a real bastard and just not rescue people?


Oooooh yeah, I guess Atlus has let me do that…..whoopsie.


So the building is on fire, there are god only knows how many kids lost in here and to make matters even better there’s a time limit. Ten minutes of hallway time. The plus note here is that the timer does not go down during battles or in your menu. The negative is that you have ten minutes to run up four floors of dungeon and find these stupid little kids. Oh god. By the way I think Maya is the only woman in the world who could pull off a line like that.


Hey look it’s Ixquic again…. I seriously wonder how she even got in that thing.  Well here we go heroes to the rescue….again.


So now we have a choice, we need to rescue cosplay girl (we are the heroes after all) so do we send Maya or Zen to do it? Well the obvious choice is Maya. After all we’ve already had solo choices for Eikichi and Lisa right? So it makes sense that this is Mrs Amano’s chance to shine.


Of course Yuki is more then willing to voice to Maya that she’s nuts and that this is in fact a really stupid idea.Untitled-3

So depending on which path you choose you get an animated cutscene depending on which choice you make. It will be either Zen or Maya falling into the fire and the other trying to grab their hand and experiencing Persona resonance again. Through this the life of whichever comrade you sent down the rope is saved. I mean really though, I understand the antagonist that tried to kill us is going to die, but really a rope in a fire? A raging fire? Yeah that was a great idea….


And bam flashback. The shrine on fire, a dead little Zen laying on the ground there, and a ‘mysterious’ girl Cough MAYA Cough who’s caught in the fire.


Of course we all know she’s going to get away, these kids are so awesome that even trapped she’s trying to get Zen to run away. Obviously he can’t get away since he’s bleeding profusely on the ground, but it’s awesome that she’s trying to save him still, and I’d bet he got hurt trying to save her.


And because Maya is absolute awesome sauce she actually consoles the girl that tried to kill the party previously. This really made me smile, I love Maya!


Promise me you won’t die no matter what…..Ummmmmm excuse me but I’ve got so many issues with this that it’s ridiculous. How can you possibly promise not to die. I mean everyone dies eventually, especially in megaten titles. Come on Lisa ask for something else ludicrous. Come on wish for the Nile!


I think we were taking a shot at comic relief here…We have a fat school kid trapped in the elevator doors. I’m guessing porko here probably ditched the other kids to save his fat hide. Idiot. If we couldn’t leave Ixquic behind then we sure aren’t going to leave this stupid little brat here.


Yuki is of course awesome and resonates with her Persona to force the doors open. Eternal Punishment makes an awesome nod to this one later.


So now we have sure proof that King Leo hates me. Yeah, he’s released demons on the fourth floor. It really throws off your groove and makes navigation very difficult.


Finally though we find the last group of small children. Instead of giving some awesome speech like the others did Zen simply glares at the children and scares them into running for the stairs.


Whoot! Two minutes and forty seconds to spare!


Holy cow Tamaki was actually fighting! That’s awesomeness.


And there is the confirmation that we’ve all been waiting for. Maya was the one in the fire and King Leo was the one who set the fire in the first place. I’m kind of glad his face was brutally injured by my team.


I actually read his name wrong at first and had a mild panic attack. They shouldn’t deliberately make names that similar.


And there go all those gloriously lovely buildings that I tried so hard to save.  Mr Tatsuya Sudou here has just made shit personal.


Here he goes again with that witch BS again. I really want this guy to blow up, I’m totally up for stabbing him in his crispy burnt eyeball.


Then the sociopath goes off on a tangent about some prophecy that he won’t give us any concrete details about.


The Joker’s face is as beautiful as a goddess huh? Now is that the ramblings of a mad man or a fact? Cause I’ll be perfectly honest I think it would be really damn funny if the Joker was positively hideous under the mask. You know kind of like Jim Carrey.


Now that I think about it, I do remember some vague reference to the replica blimp at the top of the museum being able to actually fly.  Looks like an escape vehicle to me.


Of course Lisa is entirely off base, but I mean she is blonde. Big sis is Maya. Joker is some other child hood friend.


At least that’s what Urasawa would do.


Comandeering a blimp…. a blimp? Who in this group can possibly pilot a blimp?


I’ve heard rumors about her driving skills. I don’t think this is going to end well at all.


Wow…she actually got it in the air. I’m genuinely a little bit surprised by that. I bet it doesn’t last very long though.


And I’m not joking this is the shot directly after the cinema of the blimp flying. Already crashing. Great piloting Maya you are an inspiration to future blimp pilots everywhere.


Of course it’s because she broke it.


Ummmmm a boss fight? While we’re trying to crash (err… fly)  the blimp? Oh what fun, I haven’t been so excited about a boss fight since Final Fantasy 10’s airship battle.


We are actually entrusting our futures to two people dressed as Zorro and Cat Woman. I thought it was a bad idea to let Maya pilot but this, this is like a tragedy waiting to happen.


Because I’m the one set the building on fire don’t you know.


Needless to say we have to protect everyone on the blimp so here is our boss fight that I’ve been so patiently waiting for!


The party picked up a hell of a lot of exp for thrashing this guy!


Of course rather then trying to land somewhere or something they are back here telling me the ship is going to crash. Thanks a lot guys….Of course we were crashing beforehand but still….


Oh hey look the school kids are back. I’d almost forgotten about them. Well in her usual tactful way Maya tells everyone present to listen to her if they don’t want to die.


So everyone needs to grab to small children and jump off the blimp which is conveniently over the ocean right now. And then they’re going to swim to shore. I don’t think I even need to get started on how completely impossible this is.


And there she blows. This was without a doubt an almost complete failure on the part of our heroes. Also by destroying the companies that we fought so hard to protect it makes the last three sessions of this blog seem almost pointless.


Against all probability the party managed to save everyone, so at the very least we still have zero casualties. Ha! Take that Joker!


Even little Ixquic made it out. She reveals to the group that she to has a dream and now she’s more determined then ever to make it come true.


Hell yeah I’d read that!


So Maya asks the big question that I’m pretty damn sure she already knows the answer to. What did you mean by “Is Joker big Sis?”


As per normal though a convenient interruption this time in the form of Ulala calling interrupts any possible plot progression. It looks like a nasty rumor has been spread that the party is in fact a whole group of Masked Circle terrorists.


Every time we’re close to an explanation I can’t help but starting to feel like this guy….


Oh good lord I hadn’t even thought about that whole mess. If rumors are spreading around that we are in fact Masked Circle members will that rumor become reality too, despite the fact that the party is vehemently against the group in question. Would it fundamentally abolish their freewill?


Maya has a plan. Her last plan involved crashing a blimp into the ocean I can’t wait to see what she has cooking now.


Ah! I see she’s going to have the children spread a rumor about the party saving them from the terrorists. That’s way awesome. Infinitely better then crashing a zeppelin. Well we’ve seen some pretty awesome stuff happen over the course of this Mega Monday. Some of it made me really mad, and some it was epically awesome. I can’t wait to see what next week has in store for us!


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I am a thirty two year old fujoshi. I adore Aniplex and Capcom both to a near criminal degree. I love cosplaying. Some of my favorites to date are Miles Edgeworth and Chrollo Lucifer. I am also currently working on Tatsuya Suou. My absolute favorite genre is mystery. I LOVE a good mystery. I have a varying degree of fandoms. I love a lot of different anime, but I can honestly say I love old school american cartoons just the same. My favorite book is The Bacta War in the Star Wars X Wing novel series. I finally beat the Demi-Fiend! He was freaking hard!. I think that's all for now though.
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2 Responses to Megaten Monday: Persona 2 Innocent Sin Week 7

  1. colonelfancy says:

    As these “escapades” proceed, I’ve noticed a delicate balance in regards to Maya’s actions. They are either headstrong and brilliant or borderline insane and she has a stroke of luck. (seriously, is there some underlying theme here with rope-based rescues in the Persona series?) This might be the wackiest series of events in these Megaten posts so far!! God speed!!

    • Tekizen says:

      Thanks for the reply. I’m going to keep pushing onward. As for Maya, I think I love. Her hair brained schemes are always pretty awesome.

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