Sena Kashiwazaki Maid Ver.- Sega


Character: Sena Kashiwazaki

Series: Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukenai

Manufacturer: Sega

Release Date: May 2013

Run: Prize

Given my recent disappointment with Griffon’s Sena , it was only logical that I was going to look for some Sena love elsewhere. It was up in the air whether my decision to look Sega’s way was a mistake or not. Lately their offerings haven’t been much better than Griffon’s work. Today I finally received my Maid Ver. Sena, lets see how she fares.


This figure was based on an art image from what I believe was an advertisement, but I am not to sure. They did a very nice job transferring this image to 3D PVC.


Her face is really cute. Her eyes are applied very nicely, and positioned well. A little bit more nose definition might be good though, it doesn’t really look like a nose. The red outline of her mouth is a little sloppy, but I really do like the fang. Regardless they could have done a better job. Overall her expression is very cute.


Sena’s hair definitely gives the impression that this girl is moving, either that or it is really windy. I am going to go with the theory of her being mid action. What is she doing you may wonder? Well she is clearly delivering your tea with a bit of service on the side. The sculpt of it is really impressive.  Her bangs are long and curl in around her eyes, unfortunately the paint was applied to thick. This makes them look a bit on the chunky side. The long strands that hang loose from her pig tails though are great.


Usually when I review a Sena figure I get to talk about her cute little butterfly, which has either looked very good, or pretty stupid depending on the figure. This one is an anomaly as she is sporting two butterflies instead of the single one. Each pig tail has a pair of dainty blue wings protruding from it.  The outside of them looks really nice. They are solid blue with black detailing. The lines are all crisp, and nice to look at. The inside of the wings lacks detailing all together. There are no black lines whatsoever. There are no ponytail holders either, so the hair is just pulled together by nothing, unless her butterflies are magical.


Her left pigtail looks really neat. Near the center you can see where it has a twist. I think this is kind of pretty. There is a really ugly seam line that runs the length of this piece. The wispy curls at the end are nice, unfortunately the unsightly seam line mars the overall appearance.


Her right pigtail is sculpted nicely as well. It isn’t quite as unique as the one with the twist in it, but it looks very nice. The pigtail is thicker up near her butterfly, but tapers into smaller strands near her elbow. I really wish they had smoothed her out a bit, because the sculpt is really nice.


The back of her hair is pretty cute. I suffer from a ponytail/ pigtail fetish, so I think this is kind of sexy. There is nothing quite like an exposed neck. The sculptor did a fabulous job making her tresses look like they are actually pulled to the sides. The center part, and the sculpted strands make it look very natural.


She has her little frilly maid headdress crowning her head. This is a cute accessory to accentuate her fanservice attire. A seam line runs the top length of it, but at the very least it is painted well.


Sena is wearing a frilled detached collar around her neck. Another cute addition to her ensemble. Tied in front is a very nice black ribbon. The sculpt of the bow itself is very nice. The way the ends hang over her breast is perfect. The black stripe around te collar looks a bit off though..


It is no secret that Sena has a fabulous body. The girl is stacked, and in outfits like this it is hard not to notice. Her breasts are shaped well, and proportioned nicely. The white ruffled fabric looks as if it was made especially for her body. Again we have a wonderful sculpt, but the use of cheap paint makes her clothing appear dirty. The black part of her dress is just as conforming. I absolutely love the folds in the fabric, where it clings to her midsection. They did choose an awkward place to assemble her, as there is a seam right across her stomach. It is slightly hidden in the folds, but it is pretty obvious. The paint at the top of the apron is pretty messy to boot.


Her short pleated skirt is pretty sexy. I think it is cool that they gave it a little white ruffle along the bottom. It is reminiscent of her school uniform. The skirt is sculpted well, and seems to follow the movement of her legs. The apron also looks good. It is clearly separated from her skirt. This is just a bit of extra effort to make it not all one chunky piece connected to the skirt. I think they did a great job.


The back of her dress gives us a nice glimpse of her shoulder blades. It would look much better if the neckline of it was painted better. Here the apron and skirt come together very smoothly. The bow on the back is pretty awesome, like the rest of the figure though, it is flawed by thick awkward paint.


Sena’s left arm is outstretched behind her as she poses for her guest. The puffy sleeve is cute, and the white trim would be a great touch, if it didn’t look sloppy and dingy. I find the ribbons around her wrists to be a bit amusing. They are not tied in bows, so she is wearing ribbons knotted around her wrists…? Her left hand is what really befuddles me. Her fingers looks flat and ill-proportioned. Some people say that splayed fingers are automatically good, but this is deadfast proof that this is not always the case. There is even a terrible seam line along the edge of her hand.


Her right sleeve shares the same characteristics of the left. Nice sculpt, crappy paint.  She also still has her funny knot. This thumb looks a bit stumpy, but her right hand looks infinitely better.  She looks awful shiny. I wonder if she just lotioned up.


One of the biggest issues with this figure is her cute pile of accessories. She comes with a serving tray, a teacup, sugar bowl, and creamer. None of these items are connected to each other. The tray isn’t even connected to her hand, so the entire mess is a balancing act.


Sena’s legs are shapely. I think her legs will always be my favourite physical Sena trait.  Her high stockings are perfect for the Zettai Ryouiki fans out there. The white paint is smoother on her legs, but the black is all over the place. It isn’t evenly painted at all. I like the design of her shoes, as well as the ribbon around the top of her stockings, but the black paint just ruins it.


Sena came attached to her base. There are screws in the bottom that keep her in place. I wish more figures did this. I honestly think there would be less of a problem with foot pegs breaking off. Her base is simple in design, but effective and aesthetically pleasing.


Her box is pleasantly pink. The front window is big, and good for inner box display. Both sides are the same. Not much for diversity, but its pretty cute.


Her overall design is cute.

Her size for price ratio was very nice. It isn’t often that you find a prize figure this tall.

She has a nice sculpt.


Her paint job is pretty bad.

Overall Enjoyment: 6/10


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I am a crazy anime fangirl. I love music, movies, and video games. I frequently attend concerts, and conventions. I make all my own cosplay. (Which is a work in progress) My biggest hobby however is collecting solid tangible things. Cds, dvds, figures of all shapes and sizes, cards, and any other random related goods.
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2 Responses to Sena Kashiwazaki Maid Ver.- Sega

  1. colonelfancy says:

    It looks like they have redeemed themselves in some fashion after the last Sena you’ve reviewed. This one looks neat, but I think the pose just looks ridiculous. Maybe it’s my personal beef with anything maid/waitress-related, but what is it with these toys or artwork that has the girl twirling or twisting in some silly fashion? Is that supposed to be visually appealing, because I think they look like an idiot!! Just gimme ma food, I didn’t ask for a ballet!!! She looks overly glossy as well, it looks like new Toriyama artwork. What’s up with that? A much better toy that captures her spirit and energy more, but the maid/waitress thing just flies over my head.

    • Topiki says:

      I think this figure looks way better than the Monster Hunter one, which I believe is what you are referencing, but I agree on the maid/ waitress bit. It is overdone , and really cheap fanservice. Honestly I picked this one up because she was a mere 15 bucks and I needed a balance for a Shining girl maid that I have. She is cute, but Sega is slipping pretty bad, and I have no clue why she is shiny….I think Alpha Max Sena still wins as far as her statues go…

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