Megaten Mondays: Persona 2: Innocent Sin Part 4


So I last left off with some major awesome points for Eikichi. There’s nothing quite like a noble sacrifice for the one you love. So what do the P2 kids have in store for us this week? Let’s take a looksee.

pic 1

So this week we start back off at Kuzonoha Detective Agency, Tadashi’s got a new one for us. It’s something personal for one of ours teens again, it doesn’t seem like it’ll be quite as emotionally jarring as Eikichi’s story was last week, but Atlus is good at surprising me. So here we have Tadashi telling us about a new rumor, a new idol group called ‘Muses’ is about to make their debut. The third member of the group is still a secret though.

pic 2

Speculation is though that it just might be the beautiful blond American persona user Lisa Silverman. She’s not quite as excited about this particular rumor, but it’s easy to tell the two other girls on the poster are indeed her friends from school. Tadashi naturally hassles Lisa for an autograph, and in doing so reveals our next location.

pic 3

So the building Mu, has a recording studio upstairs and rumor has it that ‘Muses’ is going to film their first music video there. They need extras for the video, people who are eye-catching. Well Maya has hearts on her boobs and Eikichi couldn’t stand out much more if he tried so we were shoe ins.

pic 4

It disturbs me a great deal that this is actually being pitched as something that’s supposed to be fun. By a receptionist no less.

pic 5

There is a crap ton of fighting, in this dungeon which I’m sure comes as a mega shocker. When you finally get to the top a highly boring music video is shot. The two members of Muses confront Lisa and reveal that she is in fact the rumored third member. Lisa is pissed, obviously the girls did this because they want to use Lisa’s exotic looks for publicity. Or so Lisa says. So they tell her that if she changes her mind they’ll be at Giga Macho cd store.

pic 6

So to Giga Macho next! Hey we can waste our hard earned money buying soundtrack cds here….better pick one of each. Now who has a boombox?

pic 7

Now there’s a shocking announcement, half of everyone in Sumaru had already figured that much out. Oh well. The decision rests to have Lisa go along with it for now and see how much information she can get on Joker. However after the ‘mirrors are the only reflective surface’ incident. I’m not sure I’d send her on recon.
pic 8

Not the question on my mind. I like Lisa well enough, but I mean seriously? I have to chuckle that he isn’t curious about Mami or Shiho just Lisa.

pic 9

Of course Lisa’s response is predictable beyond all reason.

pic 10

And Eikichi’s even more so.

pic 11

I would not recommend singing that particular song. It sounds like a great way to spread the word of what’s going on further, and that is not a good thing.

pic 12

So after one question and a concert debut announcement the interview is over in it’s entirety. Just like that. So it looks like next we’re heading all the way to Aoba. The run around in this story segment is a little bit ridiculous.

pic 13

Naturally Aoba park is….another dungeon. This one has talking flowers in it though so I guess I’ll forgive it.

pic 14

It takes forever to run through this stupid dungeon. FOREVER! And not in that good challenging way either. In that ‘this is dragging so bad and I was lost so long in the air raid shelter that none of this stuff can hurt me’ kind of way.

pic 15

So we finally make it to the back entrance. Only one problem now, we don’t have tickets or staff badges. So how are we supposed to get in?

pic 16

Oh of course how could I forget the obvious answers of lies and bribery. Your heroes ladies and gentleman.

pic 17

So we bought the staff ID badges and the heroes go sneaking around inside.

pic 18

Wait! Hold up Lisa can’t speak English like at all?!? I feel so lied to. Half of her appeal is being the hot foreigner chick, and part of that is being able to speak a foreign language, now I can’t stop thinking of her:

pic 19

Yeah I love Anna but no megaten character should ever be compared to her. Ever!

pic 20

And speaking of nevers. Lisa’s friends say right here in plain old English that she needs to have Joker make her fluent in English. I can’t even begin to explain how screwed up that actually is. Disgusting!

pic 21

This doesn’t make me feel bad for her at all in case anyone was wondering. If you don’t know what you want to do with your life you should instead spend time trying to pursue finding a dream of your own.

pic 22

At least she remembered her job to gather information.

pic 23

Grant them new dreams? Eikichi’s pals no longer exist on the human plane and your feeding me some bullshit about giving them new dreams. Screw this guy.

pic 24

Fortunately the ever optimistic Maya kept the party from breaking down the door right there.

pic 25

Now last time things were more interesting when I didn’t rush in both guns blazing so let’s see what happens this time if I do the same again.

pic 26

It’s pretty small show, but then again the girls only have one completely unrehearsed song.

pic 27

In a fit of random coolness though Lisa announces to the audience that she can not in fact speak a lick of English. Way to go Lisa, that had to take some major guts.

pic 28

It’s around then that Eikichi finds a bomb under one of the seats…uh oh.

pic 29

So the group discreetly tells Lisa, only to have her shout out “Bombs” into her microphone in shock. Now there’s a mob of people trying to flee.

pic 30

See now we fulfilled part of the prophecy I knew this was a bad idea.

pic 31

So after a fairly easy battle with Taurus, he turns Mami and Shiho into shadowmen. Pardon me while I don’t lament over that loss.

pic 32

So we now have just a few minutes to locate a riddle left behind by King Leo telling of their next target. I don’t think this crew is collectively clever enough to solve a wordsearch but I guess we’ll see.

pic 33

Of course I got out in time, I doubt anyone really doubted that though.

pic 34

Maya experiences some horrible flashback dealing with fire….poor girl.

pic 35

After Zen manage to snap Maya out if her current funk, she reads aloud the riddle. Pleiades again hmmm? Well I guess we’ll find out more about that….next week.


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