Megaten Mondays: Persona 2 Innocent Sin Part 3

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Another week of fun and interesting gameplay has gone by. This time exploring the inner reaches of an Air Raid shelter and a night club. How exciting! Let’s see how our heroes will fair this time.


Dissolute former star of the track team? Sounds like a future royal pain in the butt to me. Disillusioned athletes never really work for me, but who knows maybe Anna will be the one to turn all that around for me. Hey it could happen right?

pic 2

Of course as a former delinquent Yukino has something to say about Anna’s attitude. It also finally explains what Yukino’s tie into this story is going to be. She’s going to take on the same kind of mentoring role that Mrs Saeko had in the first game. I’m pretty much cool with that concept.

pic 3

Of course Anna stalks off in the typical fashion of an emo teenager who didn’t get her way. She’s a member of the masked circle by the way, we’ll just lay that one out right here. And thus Michel steps up and tries out his gather information skill. He’s the boss of these punks after all right?

pic 4

Or not. Of course having an army of lackeys to lead the way for us would have been way to easy. And who on Earth wants an easy victory.

pic 5

Looks like some punk has been spreading rumors that the new leader is stronger than the boss. With rumors coming true that could end up hurting poor Michel. Fortunately he has Zen. Lisa, Maya, and Yuki all as back up. I’m betting the leader doesn’t have even one lackey who’ll actually fight for him.

pic 6

See check that out, already betraying the ‘leader’s’ location to us. How quaint. Makes me glad they aren’t my lackeys honestly.

pic 7

Oh and look Miyabi is here too, this must be where Eikichi finds out his grade school love is also chubby little Kozy. With how vain he is this could turn into an interesting little development hmmm……


pic 8

It’s also here in this happy little demon infested night club that we get reacquainted yet again with Trish, the money loving stripperrific healing fairy from Persona 1. She’ll heal you all the way up, just don’t expect to be able to buy any new equipment afterwards.

pic 9

By death spirit he does mean Persona right? Anyway what kind of creep not only weakens me with a rumor but needs a hostage on top of that? How much lamer can you possibly get…..wait oh god I just noticed the horrendous goatee….this guy is bottom of the barrel loser. I mean that.

pic 10

Offputtingly admirable for our little Michel. I might have to give him a little more credit than I had previously. Under the massive layers of makeup, foppish clothing, and resonating ego he’s actually a halfway decent guy.

pic 11

And then the other shoe drops…..

pic 12

I’ll admit as serious as the situation was, I was grinning like an idiot through this whole scene. I mean how could you not? Kozy and Michel would be totally awesome together. It’s a real pity Atlus hates me too much to ever let it actually happen though huh?

pic 13

Of course the payback from me will be a thousand times worse than what they do to him…..

pic 14

Oh my god. I……I love this guy. That smile is so awesomely vindictive. I’d be afraid right now that he was going to bite someone.

pic 15

And with that we’re finally getting somewhere with this whole charade. Seems like this whole elaborate scheme was set up by someone at Cuss high named Yasuo. Eikichi yurned him down so he just went with the next ‘tough’ looking guy in the school. If the pseudo goth musician and mr goatee are the best your school has to offer just hire some punks from another school to beat people up. I mean seriously…..

pic 17

Honestly I don’t really have anything else to say about this guy, but I really wanted to show a picture of him all beat to hell.

pic 18

So the next stop is to go have a pleasant ‘chat’ with Cuss High’s student council president. as I’m sure surprises a lot of people he’s not in the student council room, but allegedly down in the basement.

pic 19

Looks like he got himself locked down there and is whining like a baby to get let out. Sounds like a trap to me, but faint hearts never won, right so let’s open up the door annnnddddddd…..


Oh look a trap.

pic 20

Rumor has it no one knows where the exit is, but the wording on that rumor is all wrong. No one knows where it is means that it does exist, it’s just difficult to find. So let’s do this.

pic 21

So he wanted to get rid  of Eikichi because he’s a brute. Well yeah that kind of makes sense from a braniac stand point, I mean this guys probably been shoved in every locker in the school at some point or another.

pic 22

Does he realize that if he opened the door to let the girls out we’d just bum rush him?

pic 23

Thank you Lisa that was a truly inspired line.

pic 24

After wandering around for hours (literally) they finally reconvene over this whole rumor thing. Turns out the person who found the exit initially found it in the reflection of a mirror. So we need a mirror to get out, of course Mr Vanity himself has one, but he and Lisa break it in a struggle. Idiots….

pic 25

Since they’ve been in this dungeon for approximately eight levels now the group decides to rest. Maya takes this time to talk to Zen about her plush rabbit Mr. Bunbun…..

pic 26

She’ll also ask about the lighter that he’s always playing with. Personally I think we should light bunbun on fire, but that’s just my slightly disturbed personality kicking in again.

pic 27

Now in a blatant attempt by Atlus to prove that there is no possibility of a gay relationship in this game we have chibi Jun and chibi Tatsuya standing outside of what looks suspiciously like a bridal store exchanging gifts of eternal friendship……. I think after this I’d prefer it if Tatsuya never fell asleep again.  Still they were adorable children, especially since there was no god forsaken Junes song involved…..

pic 28

When you wake up Maya feeds you a string of questions about the rumor and why no one knows where the exit is.

pic 29

Logic really dictates how easy it is to pick the right answers….Even when it’s tempting not too.

pic 30

Sadly enough Lisa believes there is only one type of reflective surface in the world. Try watching Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, it’ll dispel that belief pretty fast. Anyway with the use of Yuki’s digital camera the group then escapes the air raid shelter quite easily.

pic 31

Right good job Yasuo, now half the student population are shadowmen and it’s all your fault. What a freaking idiot it’s way too late for regrets now. I really hate it when pawns start whining because they weren’t smart enough to ask enough questions from the get go.

pic 32

So you chase Yasuo to the school roof, and lo and behold another freaking walkie talkie. This time he reveals his whole grand scheme. Which isn’t really all that grand. I wanted to improve our schools reputation because people looked down on me for going to such a bad school.

pic 33

Or they might have looked down on you because your a megalomaniac who looks like an idiot. I love the fact that Zen is staring right at him over there blabbering on that thing.

pic 34

And he’s impressed that they spotted him, oh for shame Yasuo for shame.

pic 35

This boss fight was so easy it’s almost sick. What’s worse is it’s entirely his own fault. He locked me in a dungeon for three hours and didn’t expect me to beat him into a bloody pulp when I found him again? He deliberately let me train! $%$@$#$ give me a break.pic 36


Well after we got all the information out of the pile of ashes formally known as Yasuo Lady Scorpio (Anna) and King Leo appear thus making Yasuo into the aforementioned ash pile. Shockingly Yuki recognizes Anna even with the mask. I expected that reveal to take longer honestly.

pic 39

Then there’s this guy who’s freaking nuts, regardless though I’m not going to let him lay a hand on Maya and he’d damn well best stop calling her a witch.

pic 40

Five bucks says that Zen is the cursed star!

pic 41

Of course we were too late to save anyone, we chatted on the roof with Yasuo for like five minutes. How long can it possibly take to extract ideal energy from your targets? Run to the roof, talk, fight, take skull… least 15 minutes there if not longer.

pic 42

I’m just going to lay this out here right now, before it bites the party in the ass in the end that rumors are coming true. Why are we going on reconnaissance to look for more rumors? That’ll just make them spread more! Ah well it’s their universe to get eaten by some ancient creepy Lovecraftian diety. Not mine. See you guys next week!


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