Final Fantasy Fridays! (FFI Part 6)


At this point in the game I had given up entirely on figuring out how to increase my class potential on my own, so I seeked help from my trusted advisors at


I was mildly infuriated by how close I actually was. It seems in the southern portion of Onlak there is a red dragon wandering about. If you speak to him he talks about Bahamut’s challenge. Well this is how you upgrade classes. The FAQ said to go to the Citadel of Trials, retrieve the rat’s tail, and then go to Bahamut’s cave.


Upon leaving Onlak I almost immediately happened on a desert with a small patch of trees in the northern corner. Could this be my caravan? I land nearby and travel by foot to the trees, and lo and behold there is a caravan here. The only thing daddy is selling is a really expensive faerie. No joke, he wants 50,000 gil for this thing. I had it though, and I am positive that I would only have to return for it later, so I bought it. I immediately went outside, saved and opened my bottled faerie. Wait? What it flew away! Reset…..


While flying about looking for the Citadel of Trials I stumbled upon a town called Iowa…I mean Gaia, also known as Hawkeye. Here they tell me that there is another town to the south that they call Hawkwing, but there they speak gibberish so no body knows what it is really called. I also found some jerky guy who stole a faerie from the fountain at the edge of town. Woot! I did something in order.


So now the obvious thing to do was replace the little bug in the fountain. I went to the pond’s edge, and opened the bottle. The faerie then told me it would harvest oxyale from the water as thanks for freeing her. Two things in a row in order. Wow! I was elated.


From here I travelled south looking for Hawkwing. I found it, but the bastards really did speak gibberish, and had no shops….Sigh. My guess was that this was Lufenia, and I needed a Rosetta Stone. Onlak, here I come.


Back in Onlak I use the oxyale to ride a barrel to the Sunken Shrine. No joke…A barrel. A barrel given to me by a girl who dematerialized. Down in the Sunken Shrine I explore, and explore, and get hopelessly lost. This goofy dungeon has stairs everywhere. You go up and down so many times that it is hard to retrace your steps. I was supposed to be in Mt. Gulg, when I instead was mercilessly destroyed by the Krakken that I accidentally ran into.


About those upgrades….. This time I didn’t screw around. From my save outside of Onlak I headed off to find the Citadel, for real this time. When you first go in you are told that with the crown in your possession you are able to be tested. So the purpose of that damn crown finally comes to light. There are no exits from this floor, but there is a cool throne in one corner. If you check that out you get teleported into the bowels of the dungeon, from which you can’t exit. I figured that out pretty quick. The puzzle itself is pretty short, and the battles are of medium difficulty. The catch is that the only way to navigate is through teleporters. At the end you find the rat’s tail in a treasure chest, and a throne to exit.


The Dragon Caves are found on the northern edge of the world map. There are a series of holes that you can jump into scattered over a few small islands. In one resides Bahamut, the king of the dragons. This is the first appearance of him in the Final Fantasy series. With my token of bravery, the rat’s tail, in hand he bestows upon me my class upgrades. About damn time. Tobi became a knight, Nagi a White Mage, Mukuro a Red Mage, and Sasuke a Ninja. Go figure. I was finally ready for Mt. Gulg!


About Topiki

I am a crazy anime fangirl. I love music, movies, and video games. I frequently attend concerts, and conventions. I make all my own cosplay. (Which is a work in progress) My biggest hobby however is collecting solid tangible things. Cds, dvds, figures of all shapes and sizes, cards, and any other random related goods.
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