Yukio Okumura G.E.M. Megahouse 1/8


When we got Rin in the mail I was honestly really disappointed. I thought really hard about cancelling Yukio. I didn’t really care to much for the character, and if Rin’s quality was going to be questionable, then did I really want to spend the extra cash on a probably below average figure of a character that I only kind of liked. I found though that Yukio was done by a different sculptor and decided to give it a shot anyway. I’m glad I did.


I love Yukio’s face. It looks perfectly accurate to the character. His expression is solemn, he’s not going to hesitate to pull that trigger against whatever it is he’s facing down right now. His eyes look dead serious, and the light blue shade of them stands out nicely against his pale complexion. His hair looks great, it’s slightly tousled which fits his character design quite well. His jacket looks amazing, I’m very fond of the folded over collar. It looks way nice. I especially like that the buttoned piece of fabric on his shoulder partially overlaps the collar. also his hands look very nice the sculpt on each finger shows great definition of the joints, but he is wearing pink nail polish…which is stupid.


Okay here I do have issues, and it makes me mega sad. The wrinkles on his sleeve don’t coincide with the front of his jacket. I know this isn’t his main display view, obviously they want you to look at him face on, But the fact that it doesn’t match up is a mega downer. On it’s own though it looks really great. It conforms nicely to his chest, and the buttoned up trench coat is not a look that you see frequently anymore. Nowadays all these faux anime pretty boys have to wear their coats open so you can see that their clothes underneath are impossibly tight. Yukio doesn’t need to try that hard though. I don’t think he’s really concerned about his level of sex appeal. Okay off the sexy rant, his undershirt is well sculpted, you can tell from the collar that it’s a white button down shirt. His tie looks really nice as well, and aside from his very blue eyes, the red on his tie is the only other bit of color that really stands out significantly on him.


He has a very nice profile. I like the slight tilt to his head, It looks like he’s staring straight down the barrel of the gun at his target. His mouth is set in a very deep frown. It makes the moment look really intense, from the side angle his eyes look almost a little bit sad, he’s going to pull that trigger, but from this angle it almost looks like it’s a decision he doesn’t want to make.


The buttons are just as questionable as Rin’s. They aren’t sculpted to stand out at all. The paint job on them is well done though. The silver paint doesn’t stray at all from where it’s supposed to be. I do adore the way the wrinkles coincide with the buttons on the jacket.  The lapel on his chest looks great. The silver doesn’t stray from where it’s meant to be and the dark red and blue on the inside of it match his coloring very well. The jacket clings nicely to his sides and accentuates his thin frame without making him look like a twig.


I adore Yukio’s belt. It looks freaking awesome, the metal holes look perfect. the belt buckle looks fantastic, and so does the pouch connected to the belt. On the sides you can clearly see extra magazines. This guy is armed for bear. His jacket is buttoned all the way down to the last button. It’s a very snazzy, very professional look.


there are a grand total of four magazines attached to his belt. It looks amazing. His jacket has a great windblown effect the fabric looks like it’s moving in waves. I think this does a great job of adding drama to the feel of the figure. Yukio has really nice hands, I do wish his fingers were on the triggers though.


I love the way it blows around his legs. The bottom the coat shows the most action in the figure itself and it does so beautifully.


You can clearly see the seam line where his hair disconnects to insert the other facial option. Yukio’s hair is nowhere near as defined as Rin’s is, but it looks good in it’s own right. The sculptor did a decent job of layering it and the pieces all fit together right so I don’t see any reason to gripe over it.


Yukio’s back is kind of funny because I think the wrinkles on his sleeves match up with his back way better than they do the front. Your significantly less likely to display him from the back so why put the extra effort there instead of the front?  Well anyway the back looks great, the wrinkles in the fabric look very nice and match up well with his arms, and the definition to his shoulder blades is a very nice touch.


I think over all this is one of my favorite parts of this figure. The holsters. The open restraints show he was in a hurry, Yukio is kind of a finesse character, I don’t get the impression he wouldn’t redo the straps unless he was rushed for time. The straps not only show where they connect, but how they do. Each one has a small snap on the end.  This attention to detail is sickeningly rare on figures.


The bottom of his jacket is blowing outward. I like how it actually looks more affected by the wind the further down you go. Some figures like Izaya and Kaiba look like the wind is hitting every part of there jacket without actually buffeting against the coat itself. Yukio’s trench on the other hand looks completely wind swept. It’s a very dramatic effect.


His pants look freshly pressed. There are an ample amount of wrinkles by both the knees and ankles. It looks pretty freaking good,


His arms both look fantastic. I love that he’s holding his second pistol at the ready. The slight bend of the elbow shows that it’s not a relaxed waiting either, he’s tense and ready for the throwdown.


By comparison Yukio’s extra parts are…..lackluster to say the least. All the drama of the previous pose is washed clean away by this one. The dynamic of his pose, the conflict in his expression, all wiped completely away.


His face isn’t bad, though his glasses are a pain to deal with. Now he kind of looks like Harry Potter. It’s kind of a pity that Wave’s Kureha is too tall to hang out with him (she looks like Hermione to me). His eyes look more pensive now, almost relieved even. Guess he really didn’t want to fire, huh? And his lips are spread in a gentle smile. It’s a nice expression it really is, but by comparison I think it’s kind of weak.


In this pose he’s holding both guns down, which with the bent elbows looks really awkward. What are you doing Yukio? This doesn’t make a lick of sense. especially with how far out he’s still holding them. Either put your arms down, or put them up, not this weird in the middle thing that he’s doing right now. It looks stupid.


Wire frame glasses scare the hell out of me. The plastic ones were hard enough to get to stay on his face, this is virtually trauma. But for the sake of this review I will brave putting them on him just once okay? It’s a good thing they’re giving me two different tries at this.


Whooten! First try! The wire rims look infinitely better than the plastic ones. For starts without any sort of plastics lens you can see his pretty blue eyes so much clearer.  They rest really easy on his face, and with the classic Dick Tracy style design of his jacket the wire frames just add to his appeal. Way classy looking! And they actually weren’t that hard to work with!


The guns both look perfect. The detail on them both is very neat.


his box is pretty cool, it has a very large picture window to view him from both the front and side. The purple smoke creeping up the front of the box loks pretty neat as well.


The back of the box shows very clearly how they expect you to display him. I can’t really blame them I think this pose looks way cooler too.


The other pose is shown on the sides though, just in case you might want a happier version of Yukio on your shelf.


So overall Yukio has his fair share of problems. He has pink fingernails (grumble), his wrinkles don’t coincide with his pose, and his alternate options look kind of lame, but I do think this figure is still a very nice piece of Ao No Exorcist merchandise. He is well worth the price and is overall probably the sexiest guy on my shelf wearing a trench coat. So there. All in all I give Yukio a rating of 8/10. Good job Megahouse!


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