Megaten Mondays Snow Queen Quest Finale, Final Thoughts, and Confessions


Alright here we are at the very  end of the Snow Queen Quest. the last hurrah of Persona 1 before I bury my nose in P2. I can’t wait to play that one! So let’s start in on that end dungeon shall we?

2013-04-17_01-42-24_53 So let’s take that mirror and go thaw Saeko! So in retrospect I probably should have had more than one person who absorbed ice damage….Ah well after an admittedly difficult fight An-chan came out on top and beat the stuffing out of the Snow Queen mask mostly by himself. 2013-04-17_08-56-56_345 So Saeko is thawed now! Banzai! And she deems it appropriate to give us a long boring backstory about how things came to be how they are now. Something about how she gave the Snow Queen role and the mask turned her best friend into two-face from Batman. p1twoface So that’s that. Now her spirit has been released from the mask, so it’s game over right? Wait….oh crud the school still hasn’t thawed, so that means it’s time to do….something else! 2013-04-17_09-00-21_915 So now we find that the school has gotten colder. That’s right colder than icicles hanging off the ceiling and Jack Frosts living in the school. Great. So what does fate have in store for us this time? Oh the previously locked room is now unthawed so we can enter. Well alrighty let’s get cracking and see what’s in there…. 2013-04-17_09-20-48_412 Ah, of course a giant glowing vortex of death. Let’s touch it! 2013-04-17_09-35-11_182 So the glowing vortex shockingly leads us to the end dungeon. I just want to take a moment to stop and say, I really freaking hate this place. Alright you see those arrows there, those automatically make you head in the direction the arrow is pointed. They are unmarked evils that seriously do their absolute best to prevent you from actually progressing anywhere in the dungeon. And there aren’t just one or two, oh no, they are all over the map, like infectious monsters. 2013-04-17_12-11-14_589 So we finally get past the arrows far hell and find…wait what?  So…..isn’t that Mai? Like from the main storyline? So is this actually going to tie in somewhere? Hrmmm. Curiouser and curiouser. Oh and Brown you are an idiot. 2013-04-17_12-18-14_245 Right moving on, here we have….oh goodness gracious, I NEVER wanted to see this little girl ever again. Ever! And that solidifies it. Maki has to be here somewhere too, and theoretically Kandori is as well. If that’s the case than maybe I’ll run into Mark too! That’d be cool! 2013-04-17_12-58-09_235 Okay… Maki is officially scaring the unholy crap out of me. The mask is creepy, and she says she’s painting my future, but the canvas is entirely black. That in and of itself does not bode well at all. 2013-04-17_20-07-01_122 So by some fortunate good luck I missed running into Kandori before I found the end boss. Yay! Of course I’m not lucky enough to not have to deal with him at all, he’s here in the end boss room with creepy masked Maki and together the two of them form the end boss. How….squicky. Suddenly I don’t want to date Maki anymore. I wonder if Yukino would be up for a date? Ah well I get to kill Kandori again, that’s always nice. 2013-04-17_20-08-12_384 Here’s how the boy/girl….thing looked during the fight. This thing is an absolute prick shooting of massively large spells like they don’t have any SP cost. Grrrrr….. So I did the funnest thing I could think of. While Andou, Brown, and Yukino Spammed the poor hermaphrodite with nuclear magic, Ayase kept us healed and well defended, and Elly tossed out magic barriers like they were candy. It was awesome. 2013-04-17_22-19-30_42 But the fight kept going and going and going, well I had to work in the morning so I set the battle to auto. When I woke up I saw this looking at me. I love it when villains have to insult their betters after a battle.


So I’ll admit after the Finally beating this I totally felt this! It was a great feeling!



Kandori….Is that a lead in? Like you are honestly telling me that since summoning the night that never ends, you’re going to bring about the actual plot now? Hmmm doesn’t really fit in sync with the over all story, but it’s an interesting take on the whole thing. tirek By the way the last villain who tried to summon ‘everlasting night’ that I ran into was this guy. He got owned by rainbow colored ponies with butt tattoos, and you are lame enough to have stolen his scheme. Chew on that for a minute. 2013-04-17_22-21-15_147 So the cast saves the day! Which isn’t too surprising when you take in the massive amount of hours I spent grinding. And than in a purely selfless series of events they go off to go stop the zombie apocalypse. Are these awesome kids or what? 2013-04-17_22-23-47_628 As the credits roll, and you watch the characters that you’ve spent the last thirty hours struggling as, step out into the sunlight for the first time in what feel like ages, you can’t help but feel an awesome sense of accomplishment. 2013-04-17_22-27-56_83 Of course nothing is ever over that easy right? So I guess that makes this a To Be Continued…. instead of an end huh? Of course this just picks back up in the main storyline of Persona 1.


So Persona 1 turned out a lot better than I’d expected after reading a few reviews. The hallways did really hurt my eyes though and the grid battle map was horrible. (How is mark supposed to hit anything ever?)


Naoya Toudou (Andou)


They did something interesting here that both Persona 3 and 4 lacked (I don’t know about Tatsuya yet though, I haven’t played all the way through 2.)  in the Alaya shrine you meet up with another facet of his personality. So instead of being  just a silent protagonist you get a nice glimpse into the character’s mind set. Overall he’s not the best, but a decent enough lead.

Masao Inaba (Mark)


Mark is a joker and a bit of a trouble maker. He’s also completely unafraid to speak his mind. If he’s mad, upset, or even if he’s happy he’s going to make sure the whole world knows it. I’m pretty fond of Mark outside of combat.

Kei Nanjo


The number one man in Japan, that rhymes, Kei Nanjo was the first character in this game that I thought I would like. You see I have a strange habit of liking characters in cravats. Nanjo was no exception, I like the fact that he always cut to the chase when talking to people. It might not be what you wanted to hear, but he always said what NEEDED to be said.

Hidehiko Uesugi (Brown)


 Brown is the obligatory one man comedy routine and hands down my favorite character from P1. There are points where he contradicts himself, points where he stands firm, and even a point where he admits that he is not the coolest thing since ice cubes.

Yuka Ayase


 This is a character who is completely full of herself, and she will not take negativity from other people. She knows her strengths and her weaknesses, and isn’t afraid to point them out either.

Eriko Kirishima (Elly)


 Eriko is the obligatory brains of the outfit character. She’s well versed in the occult, Greek, and anything else you could have any reason to need to know. I’ve never really been too hot with this character archetype.

Yukino Mayuzmi (Yuki)


 I was kind of lackluster with Yukino for the first half of the game. She was alright but a little to gung-ho for me. She really started to grow on me around Nemesis tower though. I’m really looking forward to meeting her again in Persona 2 Innocent Sin next week.

Maki Sonomara


 I’m not really sure what to say about Maki. I liked ideal Maki, Mai was okay, I hate Aki, and real Maki can go burn in a fire. So I guess I was kinda halfsies with her by the end of it. I was sad to see ideal Maki leave. She was pretty cool, but at least I did get a kiss on the cheek before she left.

Reiji Kido


 I never recruited Reiji but I thought I should include him in here just to point out he’s recruitable character.


The story was interesting, a little bit to similar to Digital Devil Saga crossed with Resident Evil which would both come out many years later. The end boss was Pandora which was a nice step away from fighting some god from one mythos or another. I like the way all the characters came together and that you saw some them form friendships as the story progressed. Each one grew more comfortable with who they were and how to deal with the people around them. It was nice.

Battle System

I really liked the demon negotiation system introduced in this game, but the grid system was almost enough to seriously piss me off. With his starting equipment and Persona Mark can’t hit anything. It’s horrible. Unless you are in a long tedious fight there is little to no point in using the auto option, because the grid will screw you up. Trust me on that. So my overall score for this game is a 7/10. I think the only points there really are to detract from it are for the aneurism inducing hallways and the grid battle screen being a royal pain in the bum.


A few things that I’m ashamed to admit, but I’ll start anyway….

Hidehiko Crush

Somewhere along the lines, between here and there, I started to think Brown was really cute. Stupid yes, but….well I love this guy.


I also may be harboring a small crush on Yuka Ayase.

Eriko impressed

There was never a point where I was impressed with Eriko, she bored me and she died a lot in combat. I don’t hate her but I’m not a fan.


I thought Naoya was the cutest thing ever…in the manga. He didn’t really do it for me in the game.


For those of you who’ve been reading this from the get go you might remember this one. Maki never tricked me. Not with ideal, Mai, or Aki. Good try though.

Nanjo family

I cried a little in the beginning when he died. I’m man enough to admit it….wait I’m a girl….ah well.

Lilim made it

Lilim is the most amazing Persona I’ve ever had. I don’t know what exactly happened but she repelled everything. And I do mean everything.

Persona guns

I’m not very fond of guns, don’t get me started on that particular can of worms, but this game kind of made me want one. There I said it.

I hope you all enjoyed this run through of Persona 1 Revelations, next week we’ll start in on Persona 2 Innocent Sin!


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