Rin Okumura 1/8 G.E.M. Megahouse


Characters: Rin Okumura and Kuro

Series: Blue Exorcist

Scale: 1/8

Sculptor: Inada Masaki

Manufacturer: Megahouse

Release Date: December 2012

Run: Standard

My Figure Collection Link: http://myfigurecollection.net/item/93818

Summer Wonderfest 2012 was the first time I saw Rin Okumura coloured! I remember it distinctly. I was attending Anime Iowa that weekend. The Tekizen and I stayed up almost all night watching for updates. I can’t wait for Summer Wonderfest this year! When Rin popped up I remember getting really excited. It was shortly after this that I started watching the show with Cb27ded. I wanted to spread the excitement. Now I am here to spread that love to the entire interweb.


I have loved Blue Exorcist for a while now. It is a pretty dynamic show, with a very loveable cast. Rin is no exception. He is one of my absolute favourite shonen leads, which speaks volumes since usually I find the lead characters generally unlikable. He even comes with his cat companion Kuro. The only thing that could have made this concept better for me, would have been the inclusion of Ukobach. I loved that little guy so much in this show, when he popped up in Persona 4 I kept him in my party for a ridiculously long time.


This particular Rin has the option of looking “mostly” normal, or showing off his demon form. Since I have already shown you the latter we will start there. Rin’s demon head has to little blue flames sprouting from his forehead. These flames are pretty cool. They are made from a transparent blue plastic, and unevenly coated with a shimmery light blue. It looks fantastic. They make me think of foxfire. His bangs are sculpted very nicely. It looks like the sides are thicker, and a bit layered.


Rin’s head is not removable. His face and bangs pull away from the back half of his head. I found this a bit odd. It seems like usually the whole bit comes off. I was also a bit sad that both expressions are connected to the hair accompanying them. Thus you cannot have smirking demon Rin, or grinning normal Rin. I suppose this is because his ears are different, but if they had made the entire head changeable they could have done more options. Not a big deal. While I have this shot here. Check out those ears. Long, and pointed, almost elvish in appearance. They are fabulous.


His expression looks very snarky. It kind of looks to me like he just said something nasty to someone to get their attention in a very negative manner. I like it. His eyes are perfect. They are bright blue, and slightly narrowed.  I swear he is just daring that guy to come back for a butt kicking. His nose is not very prominent. I think that it should be just a little less subtle. Everyone has a nose, so why hide it? His mouth is great! This snarly, toothy grin is perfect for Rin. If you look very close, you can see his fangs. The thick outline of his mouth gives it a very realistic look on a very cartoony feature. I know that sounds weird, but it looks really cool! I am a pretty big fan of this figure’s attitude.


Turning him around you can see that the back of his head looks pretty neat as well. I love the random spiky hair all over the place. It puts me in the mind of my sister’s Mukuro statue. They look pretty great on the shelf together. Every now and then I had Izaya into the mix as well. I wonder if I add enough slimy guys to one shelf, if I may be able to spawn an ooze. His hair is very detailed, and looks quite good.


Rin is wearing his school uniform. The blue blazer looks very good. The bottom of his shirt, tie, and jacket are all blowing to one side. I hadn’t noticed prior to this, but the flames are leaning the same direction. What nice attention to detail. The white stripe looks kind of spotty. The stripe near his school insignia looks crisp, and thick, but the one on the opposite side looks thin, and more blue instead of white. It seems they spread the paint to thin here. The insignia was applied nicely however. Applying decals is kind of fun, but not so very easy, so I get a bit happy when they are done really well. His white shirt is entirely devoid of buttons. If you aren’t looking at it that close though it looks great. The wrinkles are sculpted well, and there is light grey shading in the creases.


I did have to laugh a bit at the buttons on his blazer. They are just barely raised circles that had been painted silver. When I say barely raised I mean it. You can not tell that they are sculpted on there, if you don’t run your hand over them. At least they are there though, which is more than I can say for his shirt. The little emblem on his jacket collar is sculpted to look like a capital I, but it is painted to look like a box. I am pretty sure it isn’t supposed to look that way.


The back of his jacket has some crisp wrinkles below his shoulder blades and around his waist. There are more flat buttons on his sleeve cuffs, but again at least they are there. I like the way the untucked undershirt hangs out in the back. It looks tacky, but good. Does that make sense?


I am particularly fond of this set of arms. With these Rin can hold his flaming sword, and its matching sheath. The seems around the shoulders are pretty bad. These pieces are removable, so a rough seem can be expected. The wrinkles in the fabric around his elbow and shoulder are very nice. His hand is clenched around the sword. There is no space between his thumb and forefinger, so making him hold the sword is interesting.


The colour they chose to paint his fingernails is a bit awkward. I think they were going for a natural look, but they look awfully pink. Why are his nails pink? I will come back to that soon, like on the next set of hands. It is much easier to photograph on them. His fingers are sculpted decently. Each finger has its appropriate knuckles, and fingernail, albeit pinkish ones. This hand holds the sword very well. There is little chance of it falling from his hand, this is only reinforced by the little green tassel.


His other hand holds his sheath with a slightly looser grip. This hand also has very nice detail. Unlike his sword arm, this hand is open so it is very easy to slide the sheath in.


Rin’s slacks match his blazer perfectly. They fit his legs really well. I am getting a little bit tired of looking at overly tight clothing, especially pants. Depending on the character and the particular article of clothing it can be titillating, but it is refreshing to see a character wearing clothes that fit him. It even looks good, so I am happy. There are a few wrinkles in the fabric near his groin, and around his ankles. There is also a crease on the front and back of each pant leg. This gives the impression that his pants were properly pressed. I am betting Yukio did that. I have a hard time picturing Rin ironing.


The rear side of his pants look nice too. There are wrinkles near his tail, and the back of his knees.  There are also a few near his ankles. Overall I am pretty pleased with his clothing. If I could fix the silly button issues of the shirt and jacket I would dare say he is quite well dressed.


Rin’s pants have a couple unique hidden features as well. We all can see that he is wearing a wallet chain, but did you know he actually has a wallet? He is also wearing a fairly detailed belt. Bet you didn’t know that either. His tail fits into a hole near the top of his butt. It is high enough up that you cannot see the hole when he is tailless and assembled. The real metal chain is pretty cool, but I find it distracting considering the rest of the toy is plastic. It looks a bit out of place.


His tail looks really awesome at first glance, but upon further inspection his flame is pretty awful. No really, I mean it. It doesn’t really look like flame, it seems more claw shaped. The seam line where the two pieces connect is absolutely awful. If you are having trouble seeing it in the photo look at where his tail crosses the sheath. I love the shimmery paint. It is very iridescent looking.


Rin is wearing nice black dress shoes. They are simple, stylish, and go very well with his overall look.


The accessories for this form are pretty neat. I am quite fond of his sword. The way the flames flow up the blade and off the tip is really cool. I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but I think the way his flames, tie, and jacket are all blowing one direction looks really cool…and consistent. To put the sword in his hand you have to remove the green tassel, and slide the hilt it. I honestly thought I broke the tassel at first. Oops.


The sheath is quite as snazzy, but it looks good. The paint is all done really well. The green wrap looks a little chunky, but that is the way it is sculpted, not really in the paint job.


The other option is for plain Jane human looking Rin. I think his hair looks great with, or without the flames. In this form his ears still have a slight bit of a point. Almost half elven. This face though, looks generic to me. It doesn’t look bad quality wise. His eyes look really good, but his mouth is just a black line that looks too thick. It also looks way too wide. He almost looks like a Canadian character from South Park.


The face isn’t the only thing that I don’t like about this version. They did a very poor job on his sword arm. It looks good. The paint is all nicely done. He has adequate wrinkles in his sleeves. The problem is that his sword doesn’t rest against his shoulder, so what the heck is he doing?


This hand looks alright. Again he has all of his digits, and they are all defined. Here you can see his cotton candy coloured fingernails.


His other arm is in a relaxed position at his side. It looks good. I really like the way the fabric folds around his bent limb. This arm even goes where it is supposed too.


That would be here. His hand reaches his pocket, just as in the promo images. I know that is a silly thing to be excited about, but after the other arm you can’t be surprised. Not quite Alter quality, but good. The reason I say that is because Rin’s thumb is just a little nub that fits into the groove of his pocket where as Shizuo’s hand actually had a full thumb that fit into a pocket designed to hold it. His hand looks good, just a difference in quality is all.


Rin also comes with his demon cat companion Kuro. I love this guy. A lot! He turned out really nice. His paint is almost perfect. The white stripe on his front forepaw could be a little cleaner. His excited face is represents him very well. Overall Kuro is my favourite part of this set. He is sculpted very well, and he is well-balanced. He can stand on his own without any problems.


Rin’s base is a transparent octagon, with his name and the school logo etched onto the surface. I love the G.E.M. line for the ability to make almost the same base over and over, but still keep it fresh. Nice job!


Just as a brief recap, here is a picture of all of his pieces laid out. So in short you get two options….one that looks really cool, and another that looks generic and cheap.



His demon face is awesome.

Pointed ears are always cool.

He has great clothes.

The sword looks really nice.

Kuro is awesome.

This was before G.E.M. discovered nostrils.


Generic second face.

Alternate arm doesn’t lay right.

Small paint flaws.

Pink fingernails?

Overall Enjoyment: 7/10


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  1. Tekizen says:

    Those buttons seriously drive me completely nuts….

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