Kagura Demuri G.E.M. 1/8 Megahouse


Character: Kagura Demuri

Series: Aquarion EVOL

Scale: 1/8

Sculptor: Arai Kyousuke

Manufacturer: Megahouse

Release Date: December 2012

Run: Standard

When I first saw this figure’s grey prototype I thought he looked really neat. I hadn’t yet seen Aquarion’s sequel, and wasn’t entirely sure I was going to take that plunge. Once Kagura’s painted draft was revealed I got even more excited. I really loved his colours. Still I hadn’t watched the show, and with Ultimate Madoka on my, already busy December plate I had to pass on this fellow. So why now?


Well let me tell you. I was surfing around his MyFigureCollection.net when I saw that someone had posted he was still available at Amiami. I was surprised to say the least. It seemed like most male figures fall into the clearance bin immediately after release, but then shortly after they disappear. I couldn’t believe my luck, but it was Amiami. I would rather eat a live bee than order from them, but wait, a guy on MFC put him up for sale. It seems his girlfriend wasn’t happy with the final product. He was even still sealed. I do love adopting unloved figures into my home, I even watched a few episodes of the show. So lets see how he fared.


I really dig his hair. It doesn’t really look wind-blown, just unkept. His bangs are long, and haphazardly in his face. Beneath them his golden eyes practically gleam. I love the way they are shifted to his left. He is eyeing somebody, and with that confident smile I am glad it’s not me. His expression looks cocky, as if he is daring that other person to approach.


The detailing on his face is really nice for the most part. His eyebrows are painted very well, and his eyes are perfectly symmetrical. The yellow iris’ are accented by just a bit of orange. They did a fabulous job. His mouth is done really well. The darker shading outlining his teeth is a really nice touch. The thing that I really don’t like is the painted on nostrils. I know this is odd, but seriously anime characters don’t have defined noses, so it looks strange to just randomly paint nostrils on them…Do they typically have them in the shows? Not that I recall. G.E.M. has been doing this a lot lately. I first noticed it on Kotetsu, and then Barnaby. I am suddenly glad that Kakashi wears a face mask. Thanks Megahouse, I can’t unnoticed that.


He has a pretty awesome profile too. I get really happy when the nose doesn’t go right to the top edge of the mouth.  Kagura has a very defined mouth, just as much from the side, as the front.


The back of his hair is just as messy as the front. There are spikes going every direction. There is a bit of darker shading around the tips of his hair. The seamline between his bangs and spiky mane is visible, but decently hidden. Overall Kagura’s head looks really nice neat.


Kagura has a pretty nice body. His neck is shaped well, and we can clearly see his collarbone. They did a good job accentuating his muscles.  He has quite the “sculpted” torso as well. I am honestly glad to see this. He has a very nice physique, and lately the figure forums have been full of people talking about how females don’t get fanservice. Well here ya go. Lately the fandom has been trying to pitch Kotetsu as hot, and this as fanservice. It is refreshing to see a nice body sculpt on a male figure for a change. On a completely unrelated note: Kotetsu in his green shirt can’t be hiding those muscles, did he inflate for that figure??? Regardless Kagura has a nice set of abs.


I can’t make heads or tails of what he is wearing, or why he is wearing it. A shirt probably would have sufficed. Over his right arm and shoulder, Kagura appears to be wearing a chest guard used mostly for archery. I may be wrong, but he doesn’t really seem like the archery sort. The sculpt of this armour piece is done nicely. It clings to his body, so we get a bit more muscle detailing on his arms. The paint looks fantastic. The light purple trim is painted perfectly, and the design around his wrist is really nice. The wrinkles around his shoulder, and elbow offer a bit of realism. Have I ever mentioned my love for sleeves that are just a bit too long? Well in case I haven’t…I do.


Over his left side he appears to be wearing a half of a shirt with a half of a sleeve, and fur trim. What the heck? This side is even more conforming than the other, implying that the fabric is thinner. I would guess this isn’t meant to be armour of any sort. The sculpt of his chest and shoulder is excellent here as well, for that matter I am pretty fond of the muscle definition of this arm especially. This piece has a strap that wraps around his belly. The buckle on it is not only sculpted nicely, but also is painted very well. Like the other sleeve, this has nice wrinkles wear his arms are bent. These all look really nice. Then there is the fur….


The fur starts at his chest and goes over his shoulder to the middle of his back. It is sculpted nicely, but devoid of shading. With just a bit of colour this could have looked great. It does look nice as it is. The back of the shoulder guard goes all the way over to the fur piece, and circles half of his neck. Maybe he is just a half way kind of guy. The purplish grey design is painted clearly here as well. Here we can see where the shoulder guard strap connects on his back.


His right hand looks great. His fingers are splayed, and finely detailed. Each finger has a tiny fingernail at the end. His hand is very well proportioned. I love the positioning of his fingers.


His left hand is wearing a red glove. I thought this looked off putting at first, but I have gotten used to it. The structure of this hand is just as good as the other, although this one seems more tense. There is some really dark shading added to this hand. It almost looks bloody. This hand also has fingernails…wait. What?


Kagura wears a really cool studded belt. This is the one part of his outfit that I personally really like. The front has a very impressive buckle. The silver paint does not stray from its mark on the buckle or the studs.


Tied to one side of his belt, Kagura wears a dream catcher. That is kind of unique, but I think I have a pretty good idea why he would want one. The part where it ties looks kind of funny, as it is significantly thinner than the hanging part. The charm itself is painted gold, and accented by a plain brown feather. There is a tiny blue bead there too. I guess it isn’t so tiny though, because it is scale to me…I really do like this concept though, it really stands out.


I have no idea what happened to his pants. They were weird to begin with. As a seamstress I can honestly say that these are some strange pants. Instead of having seams that run along the outside and inside of the pant legs, his run down the front and back. These pants also have a very low crotch area. Roomy, but awkward. The pant legs are very wide too. Whatever the case, there is obviously a breeze in the air that has caught his torn edges, and little ornament in its gusts. The wrinkles in the fabric look great, as do the ragged pieces.


The back looks good as well. Here you can see the other side of the weird seams. It is also very cool how the seam lines are caught up in the wrinkles. Did I mention his pants are made from a soft pliable plastic? Odd.


The next weird thing about his wardrobe is that he is wearing some type of leggings under his pants. They are black, and conforming. This dude wears some weird clothes. He is also wearing some big black boots. These have no zippers, buckles, or strings so I have no idea how he puts them on. Aesthetically they look cool though. I really like the way they are bunched up around his ankles. The only added detail here would be the grey soles, which are painted crisply.


Kagura’s base is a red hexagon, with a slightly raised lip around the edge. The underside has his name and series logo etched onto it. You can see it in good light. It is pretty cool.


The last thing to really note about Kagura Demuri is his villainous appearance. I definitely can appreciate the deviation from “hero guy” figure. It is very seldom that you can look at a figure, and say “Dude that guy looks wicked”. I think Kagura has it, at least at the beginning of the series anyway. I get the feeling that won’t last, but my shelf could definitely use a bit of mischief.



His expression is great.

His paint job is virtually flawless.

His pose is cool.

He has a unique appearance.

A nice piece of fanservice for the ladies…


There could have been more detailing on his boots, and legs.

He could have used a bit more shading.

Overall Enjoyment: 9/10


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