Caymy and Pappug – FiguartsZERO Bandai


Characters: Caymy and Pappug

Series: One Piece

Manufacturer: Bandai

Release Date: March 2012

Run: Standard

My Figure Collection:

I must start by saying I know little to nothing about this character. I started watching One Piece quite some time ago because Tekizen is a pretty big fan of the characters, but honestly it wasn’t my cup of tea. I did like some of the personalities that showed up, but it just wasn’t for me. What I did like was the over the top colourful world they resided in. One Piece really has some creative designs. Anyway I never made it to Caymy and Pappug, but I thought that she was really cute, and definitely a figure that I wanted in my family. So without further ado, here they are!


I love Caymy’s face. Her expression is full of life. Her large red eyes are full of excitement. It isn’t very often that a figure’s emotion reaches their eyes, but with Caymy I really feel like she is having a good time. She has a wonderful wide smile, which looks really great. She even has a nice row of teeth. This beats the hell out of a big pink featureless mouth.


She even has a decent profile. Her nose, and lips are clearly defined. From this side you can also see an awful injection mark right above her ear.


Caymy doesn’t really have bangs per se, as they are almost as long as the rest of her hair. She does wear her locks in a swoopy fashion with a center part, which curtains her face well. The little ahoge that crowns her head is really cute.


The back of her hair swoops out into little spike. It is sculpted quite well, and shaded with a slightly darker green. It has a lot of detail, and looks very nice. The seam between her bangs, and the main body of hair is really bad. There is another injection mark near this ear as well.


Caymy’s pose is pretty cute, but I am not exactly sure what it is she is doing. It kind of puts me in the mind of this. Which is amusing because Ariel doesn’t know what is going on either. She says so in the song…..


Her neckline looks nice. She has a very pronounced collar-bone, and quite the eye-catching bosom. What is not good is her choice of jewelry.  I like the necklace itself. It is even sculpted nicely, but the paint on it is everywhere. There is also an awful seam line on the front of her left shoulder. It runs all the way down to her thumb, but it is most clear near the top. It almost looks like a scar.


Her right arm is nowhere near as bad. As a matter of fact this one looks pretty good. It is not, however without problems. The white frilly bracelet is painted unevenly all the way around the top. It looks pretty bad.


Her hands are shaped a little bit weird. Her fingers are really long, thin, and lacking in knuckles. Maybe mermaids don’t have bones in their fingers. They are ill-proportioned for normal hands, but the fingers are proportioned well to each other. This figure has really odd hands. Her fingertips rest nicely on Pappug’s head.


Her tank top is great! This totally has a punk look to it, and I like it. Apparently this shirt was designed by her master Pappug. It seems he is apprenticing her in  fashion design. Interesting. The star on the front is Pappug’s logo for his brand, Criminal. The logo’s details are all painted clearly. The cropped tank is cut just high enough to show off a nice belly. She even has a navel. How come figures never have outties? Not that I am complaining, that would be odd….


The back of her tank top has some decent wrinkles around her waist, where it clings rather tightly. Just before the top of her tail you can see a very nicely sculpted lower back. There is a little tie on her necklace too!


Caymy’s tail is one of my favourite parts of this figure. There is a unsanded seam running down each side, which kind of sucks. I really like the shape of her tail, and the way it curls near the end. I also really like the scaly surface. This seems more appealing than the smooth tailed look in my opinion. The little white frill around the top of her tail in a nice transition. It looks much better than added clothing there.


Her fins are also very neat. The one that runs down the back of her tail is pretty, and fairly different from most common mermaid designs. Another thing that looks really original is the rounded edge to her end fins. Most mermaids have pointed tails. Caymy’s design is a refreshing leave from the norm. The pearly transparent material used, only adds to its appeal.


Pappug wears a cool little rastacap. I am pretty fond of it. I have always dug these hats. The cap is painted pretty well. If this is his design too he has pretty good taste. His face is a bit creepy. He may have cool fashion sense, but he looks like a character that I wouldn’t like much. Regardless his features are painted very well.


There are a couple of things about him that really bother me. First he is wearing a necktie. It isn’t even that he has no neck, but that the tie connects to nothing. Is it pinned, or sewn to his fishy flesh!?


The second thing is the stitching around his outline. It goes all the way around, as if he is sewn together. Is he a plushie, or a starfish? Maybe a starfish plushie. He could even be Frankenstein’s monster, but seriously, whatever he is, it is weird.


The only optional piece that this duo comes equipped with is a pair of shades for Pappug. That helps with the creepy face. The sunglasses have the “Criminal” logo on the sides.


Their base fits both figures nicely. It features Caymy’s name, as well as the words “Dead or Alive”. There is a single peg beneath her, that keeps her steady. Pappug fits into a clear holder that fits onto its own little base peg. Overall it is a pretty basic base, standard for the FiguartsZERO line. I do appreciate that they manage to personalize each one with colour and text. Both figures fit comfortably, and are supported well.


Cute and colourful figure.

Unique mermaid traits.

Very nice face.

Great sculpt.


Sloppy paint.

Strange fingers.

Bad seam lines.

Overall Enjoyment: 7/10


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One Response to Caymy and Pappug – FiguartsZERO Bandai

  1. Tekizen says:

    I think she’s way cute, I’m usually anti mermaids wearing anything but shells, but if your going to do it having her be a would be fashion designer is the way to go….

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