Final Fantasy Fridays! (FFI Part 4)


This week Final Fantasy 1 dared me to traverse the ocean on the other side of the dwarves newly built canal.


Far to the west we ran into the small harbor town of Melmond. I guess it isn’t really a harbor town, but it does have a port! Here I ran into Dr. Unne. I’ve never heard of him, have you? The townspeople are quick to tell me that a monster in the Terra Cavern has stopped the flow of Earth energy. Hmmm….should I go check on it?


Hell yeah! I am playing a group of heroes after all. So after buying some equipment, we are off to Terra Cavern. With a few more levels this cave wasn’t too difficult. I guess all that extra mythril equipment was a good idea.


This part kind of irritated me. I thought that I was a bit passed the point of grocery shopping for the denizens, but I guess I was wrong. At the bottom of the cavern I ran into the Vampire that was guarding the way. He was a pretty easy battle. After defeating him I found this nifty rock blocking my path. I also found a Star Ruby.  I tried to use it at the rock to no avail. At this point I do what I must and return to Melmond to inform them of the Vampire’s defeat!


Upon my return to Melmond, I find that the Earth energy has not been released at all. Silly me the Vampire was a patsy, nothing more than a midboss. The villagers tell me that I should visit the Sage to the west. So off we go on another journey west. Here we meet a big troll whom likes to snack on gem stones. well have I got a treat for him? I actually have what I need for once. He happily munches and crunches my Star Ruby before letting me pass.


This cave is super short, which was really cool, because it was around here that I realized I was about to march my party right back down into Terra Cavern again. *sigh* It wasn’t hard, but it most definitely wasn’t so easy that I was eager to go running right back in. At the end of this one I met up with the Sage, whom is sometimes known as a Sarda. He gave me an Earth Rod capable of moving the big rock in the previous dungeon. Yippee.


Back into Terra Cavern, and down to the basement we go. Once the stupid rock has been dealt with we are met with more dungeon. Hooray.  Basement level floor presents us with the first of the four fiends, The Lich. I was honestly surprised by how easy it actually was to defeat Mr. Pointy.


After defeating him, my party and I reactivate the Earth crystal, and celebrate in dance. Now the that the Earth power is restored, it is time to hop on the teleporter for a free boost topside. Just out of curiosity has anyone ever noticed that there is “earth” energy on planets other than Earth? How odd.  That is it for this week. One fiend down, and three to go. I am gonna send these fiends back to hell!

(Pictures this week were supplied by various google results. Mostly Final Fantasy Wikia. Sorry bout that folks, I lost a handful of my photos. They will be back soon.)


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I am a crazy anime fangirl. I love music, movies, and video games. I frequently attend concerts, and conventions. I make all my own cosplay. (Which is a work in progress) My biggest hobby however is collecting solid tangible things. Cds, dvds, figures of all shapes and sizes, cards, and any other random related goods.
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