Megaten Mondays Persona Revelations Part 3



Tekizen here again with the third installment of Megaten Monday. This time we are going to discuss the Haunted house, The Confrontation with Kandori, The Lost Forest (Remix), Alaya Shrine, and….the ending. I’m sure I’m starting to sound a little long-winded but please bear with me.


So where we last left off Kandori sucked half of the city into a vortex of death and created himself a massive palace….a massive palace that is sure to have massive guards, of course. All because we the party of heroes let him get his grubby mitts on the mystical compact that we weren’t supposed to let him touch. I really love these kids, they’re kind of like the Scooby Gang after a frontal labadomy….yeah let that process for a minute. So now Kandori and Aki have ported to a palace back in the starting dimension. Of course the portal closed before the group could get through it.

Okay so like eighteen hours of gameplay ago we heard about a Haunted House, a place where strange voices could be heard. It’s also in the same place that Sebec was in the starting world. Seems like a logical jump to me to head on over there and see if there happens to be a dimensional portal over there. So you head into the Haunted Mansion which, surprise, is crawling with demons. and scientists…there a lot of scientists here. All of them from Sebec! there’s a break through, looks like we found the right area to go  to.


So you fight your way up to the second floor of the mansion and find a portal! It’s closing though, so you’d better act fast….oh…wait Hariti, the Goddess is standing in your way. Crap. So now there’s a goddess standing in the way of your rapidly closing portal, but Mark actually has a moment of recognition and declares that this is Maki’s mother, her voice sounds just like her. You now have the option of fighting or lowering your weapons. I know that I need to get through that portal so….I lowered my weapons.


Pin Pon, the illusion vanishes and there’s Maki’s mother. She offers to handle the convenient teleporter controls as long as we come back for her. Sounds like a sweet deal to me. After Maki and her mom share a sweet moment, they run through the portal and back to the Real world.


So now we are off to Kandori’s palace to battle him to the death! Bwahahaha! Fortunately this time around we don’t need any mystical mumbo jumbo to go fight him. This could have very well been the end of the game though, so I did some more training. I mean what else could we still have to do?  ( The school is still frozen, the door in the library still isn’t open, oh and then there’s the other door in the gingerbread house….) I’m a little offended that Kandori has the MIB guarding his palace.


Righto so we finally get to Kandori and have the ‘talk’. You know the one. “Why are you opposing me maggots?!” “Because the world is still good and stuff” You know THAT talk. When Kandori asks why we are fighting so hard each character gives off their own reason which is a nice touch.


Mark says you can just do the best you can and nothing more.


Hidehiko states that he’s sick of running away all the time, that’s lame and he doesn’t want to be lame anymore.


Nanjo expresses that destroying those that oppose you and ruling over the world like a god is ‘childish ambition’.


And Maki just wants things back to the way they were, so she can live without regrets.


Of course it’s here that Kandori drops the bombshell that someone else wants to destroy the world in its entirety and that all ‘she’ has to do is give up hope entirely. Interesting.


So we are finally ready to kick the hell out of Kandori, when who should appear to give him godlike powers, just for giggles I think, Nyartholep of Arkham Horror fame. Presuming this boss fight was going to be a bitch I went in swinging. He wasn’t all that hard for being a god….


Now Kandori is a spiteful jerk and clearly not the end boss, so he reveals that Maki is in fact the ‘she’ he mentioned earlier. The Maki in your party is nothing more than a shadow, the ‘ideal’ Maki created by the girl in the hospital. Mai and Aki are also part of her psyche. Pegged that one thirty hours ago. So Maki runs off crying and proclaiming that it’s not true. So now we need to fight our way down Kandori’s Palace with only four party members….dammit.


So we decide to head back to the Lost Forest to speak to Mai about what’s happened so far, this is a blatant plot hole. The Lost Forest was in the other dimension, we never recrossed so how are we heading there now? Ah well, to the gingerbread house…and maybe we’ll get to see what’s on the other side of that door!

So Mai tells you to go find and help energetic Maki. She’s past the door somewhere in the inner Lost Forest. Right, so one more pain in the ass forest labyrinth later. Maki rejoins the party after a heartwarming discussion about how we all like her even if she is a lie. The other world was also entirely in Maki’s subconscious. THat’s why Chisato and Yosuke ended up there, when it came to her best friend Maki wouldn’t settle for less than her real best friend.


So next we head off to the Alaya Shrine, that place looked to evil to not be a real plot point later. Philemon tells you that you need to journey into the depths of the subconscious to be able to help Maki. Of course this game hates you, so he also tells you only two of you can go. No you don’t have a choice as to who accompanies Maki into the depths of her skullion.


So leaving behind my most useful party member (Mark) I went into the depths of Alaya shrine. And fought, and got lost, and then fought some more. I then came across a most curious door. Not because of design but location. Surely Maki (the real one) was behind this door. So I throw open the door and there’s Andou playing a classic arcade console. He tells you that he is in fact you and is here to lecture you about every mistake you made throughout the entirety of the game. After your moral lesson though he will give you the items to make your most powerful personas. If you happen to be a decent person anyway. I only got 2 of them…..


Also the game he’s playing, was sadly never released state side.

So the Real Maki is actually down the hall, past some stairs and around a few corners. They really just wanted to lecture me…..


So we now have the mystical blue compact in hand, so what’s our next obvious step? The door in the library. So back to the school! So we finally got this door open! Banzai! And into the dungeon we go. So this place goes on forever and ever and ever, but by some miracle I made it to the bottom. Past the demons, past the damage floors, past the shops…..what is this a tourist attraction? So we finally reach the end boss Pandora. She is a bitch. Truly one hell of a fight. She can only be damaged by nuclear or physical attacks. Those only do about 15 dmg per hit. She has thousands of hp. Icky poo.


If you actually manage to defeat her though the endings worth it. The world is restored to normal. Ideal maki disappears after a kiss to Andou’s cheek and a ‘I love you’. The characters remain friends and then there’s this:










Oh you wanna know about Hidehiko? Well his story continues on elsewhere. I promise I’ll come back to him in a few weeks!

and the addition of Maki’s illness being healed actually makes it seem like the whole quest was in fact worthwhile.


We also finally got to see Philemon remove his mask. I feel a little bit bad for suspecting him of being absolutely evil beyond all reason. He was a really cool guy in the end, even though he kind of looks like Coach Ryuzaki in Prince of Tennis…..


But wait…we never got back to the frozen school, so what was up with that? The Snow Queen quest? Oh bugger. Well I guess that gives us something to talk about next week. Please join me again for Persona Revelations Snow Queen next Monday.


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I am a thirty three year old fujoshi. I adore Aniplex and Capcom both to a near criminal degree. I love cosplaying. Some of my favorites to date are Miles Edgeworth and Chrollo Lucifer. I am also currently working on Varuna. My absolute favorite genre is mystery. I LOVE a good mystery. I have a varying degree of fandoms. I love a lot of different anime, but I can honestly say I love old school american cartoons just the same. My favorite book is The Bacta War in the Star Wars X Wing novel series. I finally beat the Demi-Fiend! He was freaking hard!. I think that's all for now though.
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