Final Fantasy Friday! (FFI Part1)


Welcome to the very first part of Final Fantasy Fridays! Over the next couple of weeks I will be sharing my experiences with Final Fantasy I.


So to say it has been a long time since I played this game would an understatement. Honestly I didn’t remember much of it at all. What really caught me off guard was the complete lack of prelude. If you watch the new pretty FMV for the Playstation re-release you can view your hero facing off against a great red dragon. It doesn’t really tell us anything about the story, other than the idea that there may be dragon at some point. If you wait long enough after this opening there is a bit of scrolling text that gives a brief background of what is going on. I, however watched the FMV,  and immediately started my game.


When you first load it up you get to choose four classes from six available, and names for the characters as well.  The available options were a monk, warrior, thief, red mage, black mage, and a white mage too. For those unfamiliar: The black mage focuses on inflicting damage, whereas the white mage casts support magic. Both are fantastic in their own way. The major flaw with these two is their weak defense. If you mix them together you get the red mage, who can cast a bit of both magics. They also have a higher defense, and higher attack too. The warrior is the power house. This one has a strong attack, and super defense. The other two are both moderate fighters. The monk focusing on multiple strong attacks per turn, while the thief’s specialty seems to be speed.


For my party I chose: Tobi the Warrior, Sasuke the Thief, Nagi the White Mage, and Mukuro the Red Mage. I really thought this was pretty solid. I soon found that though my thief did decent damage, he had no steal command. I had no idea when I chose him that he couldn’t steal. How awkward. Other than that it seems to be working out alright.


After choosing my party I expected to be thrown into some awesome story, but alas without any prelude, or fanfare I found my tiny warrior sprite standing outside of a castle. Ok. Apparently I am not allowed to save yet, so I guess we shall go inside. As soon as you enter the town a guard blocks your exit. I guess we are stuck now. So after  bit of milling about talking to NPCs here and there, I headed off to see the king.  There was quite a plight in the royal palace. The king’s daughter had been kidnapped by his once loyal Knight Garland, and he needed someone strong and brave to come along to save Princess Sara. So it was a lovely coincidence that I “just happened” to be loitering around outside of the castle. The king immediately recognized my party as the prophesized warriors of light, and told us  if we managed his daughter’s safe return he would repair the bridge that led North. That is fabulous, but who said anything about going North?


This is also the first place where you run into a door locked by the mystic key.


Regardless of the little details, like why I am risking my life to go north, I headed West in search of my missing princess. It wasn’t hard to find Temple of Chaos, for that matter once you are there it isn’t difficult to find Garland either. You walk in, and Bam! there he is right in the center of the temple. I wail on him for a minute, and he falls over. I realize this my first boss battle this game, but dude was seriously no challenge at all. Now that Sarah has been rescued I can return to Cornelia castle.


Rome wasn’t built in a day, but apparently the bridge to the north was. The king’s men hurriedly rebuilt the bridge for my crossing. Upon crossing the bridge, you get a bit of a cut scene in which story text scrolls by Star Wars style. It speaks of the destiny of the four youths banishing the darkness! Yay! I made it to the title screen.


Since I had been given no other ideas of where to go, I just kept going north. Near the top of the continent I found a cave. I was kind of looking for another city…you know with NPCs, or another king to send me off on a quest. Unfortunately I found Matoya. Inside her cave there were several dancing brooms, very akin to those in Fantasia. They are not capable of conversation so I speak to the witch Matoya. She tells me that she cannot see without her Crystal Eye, and that someone has stolen it. I talk to her again, hoping for a bit more enlightenment. She says that she cannot see with her Crystal Eye, and that someone has stolen it…..ok, seriously. That is what I have to go on! Oh bugger.


Have you ever had no idea where you were going in a game? Just wandering around hoping to find a new door, or to trigger the next cut scene, well that is exactly where I am right now. If you looked on a map it might say Matoya’s Cave, but it what it really says is “Lost”. I only noted one other direction to go on my way up, and that was east, so I guess that’s the next step.


After once again wandering the world map, I came upon Provaca, the city invaded by pirates. I highly doubt the pirates are hiding the Crystal Eye, but I figure I might as well rescue this burg on my road to glory, wherever the heck that is! The scallywags were hanging out in the northeastern corner of town. At level 5 I completely laid them out. Easy! I guess that is what wandering the wilderness gets you. Ha! I finally feel like being lost may have been a good thing. After this brutal beating, they told me they would never do bad deeds again, so here I am tooling around the ocean in my new/used pirate ship. One of Provaca’s denizens informed me that there were no ports to the north. Holy crap! The guy with the green mohawk just told me to go south. I got direction!


So south we go….to a port in the middle of nowhere. Apparently these trees really wanted to go sailing. We disembarked from the ship, and continued south. We found Elfheim. Oh how I love elves. No, I really mean that. Drizzt, Legolas, Hermie, doesn’t matter I love them. Speaking of elves I love, there seems to be a tombstone here saying “May Link rest in peace”. Sounds like a Zelda jab to me.  After exploring a bit more I find out that Astos, king of the dark elves has cast a curse upon the elven prince.  He will sleep until the curse is broken. I scoured the village looking for clues, but found nothing other than the prince is cursed…find Astos. No crap, but WHERE!? I also learned that there is a dwarf village to the west. I guess I will go there next, but we will save the dwarves for next week.


So here I am training outside of Elfheim for enough money to arm myself with a sexy mythril blade. It only costs 4,000 gil. Ouch! If you are familiar with Final Fantasy the fighting system is pretty easy to get. It follows the turn based style of play. The magic is a bit different though. You have no magic points, instead you have a set amount of each level you can cast. This is very akin to spells per day in Dungeons and Dragons. As you level higher you get more, but in the beginning each spell is very precious. You can also only put three spells of each level per character, so choose wisely. That’s if the class you have chosen is even supported by magic.

Next week I am going to find Astos, and wake my elven prince from his cursed slumber. I hope that this next bit doesn’t leave me so confounded confused. See you next week!


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