The Great Haul March 2013!

This month’s loot was actually a bit smaller than usual, but given the sheer awesomeness of a couple of pieces it’s still great! As a matter of fact I even managed to get my grubby little fingers on one of my most sought after figures of the last couple of years. We can talk more about that when her review rolls around. Another is one of my favourite characters ever. Honestly it has been a very fruitful month for great figures!


The first bit of goodies we received this month was a box from HobbySearch. Miku and Barnaby whom shipped the same day as Kuroyukihime, but by SAL finally arrived. I have wanted “World is Mine” Miku for ages, but she always seemed to costly for quality. Finally I was able to grab her via the re-release. I was so excited! We were also happy to finally get our hands on the Barnaby G.E.M. We have had Kotetsu for months, and as fans of Barnaby it was kind of irritating that we had two large-sized Kotetsus and no large Barnabys. That has thoroughly been rectified.


This box was full of so much awesome…..potential. Sena…Kirito…Rina…Three of my favourite characters in one box. It should have been great, but honestly my least favourite character of the bunch, Yukio, easily has the best figure. Rina is pictured in her box because she is really THAT bad. I almost cried.


Finally after waiting forever Master Stars Barnaby got here. I love him! A lot! He puts the G.E.M. to shame. Izanagi was also in this box. Tekizen and I happen to be pretty big fans of Persona 4, so this was a big deal. I was also really happy to get these Sonicos. I adore her character design, but have a seriously hard time finding attractive figures of her. I am especially fond of her in this outfit. Both versions are so cute!


The Feena and Kirino Nendoroids were kind of on a whim. I had been hunting Kirino for a while. I really wanted her to hang out with Sena on my shelf. Tekizen wanted a Nendo too. It was only fair. Since we found them kind of cheap she picked one she liked, being Feena. Both of them are pretty darn cute!


For my birthday I was gifted this Barnaby reversible plushie. He is super soft! If you flip him inside out, he becomes a white lumpy ball with the bunny logo….weird. This was great though since my parents bought me Tiger & Bunny part one on Blu-ray. This was like Barnaby Love month.


We also got a pretty cool box from Anime Island. It was nice to finally get the Pao-lin, and Karina FiguartsZEROs. Now we just need Nathan, and Antonio for a full set. That is pretty exciting! The other figure in this box was the Mirai Nendo. She came with Japanese flash cards, a car, a little critter, and a special random base. What a neat combination.


The last piece that I want to talk about is my personal favourite for the month. I have been a big fan of Athrun Zala for years. I can honestly put him in my top 5 anime characters ever. I can’t even express my excitement over this figure. It looks amazing, and represents my favourite Gundam character perfectly. He also came from Anime Island, but much earlier in the month.

See you next month!


About Topiki

I am a crazy anime fangirl. I love music, movies, and video games. I frequently attend concerts, and conventions. I make all my own cosplay. (Which is a work in progress) My biggest hobby however is collecting solid tangible things. Cds, dvds, figures of all shapes and sizes, cards, and any other random related goods.
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