Kallen Kouzuki- Banpresto


Character: Kallen Stadtfeld Kouzuki

Series: Code Geass

Manufacturer: Banpresto

Release Date: September 2012

Run: Prize

My Figure Collection Link: http://myfigurecollection.net/item/101416

Where as Kallen isn’t really high on my list of favourite Code Geass characters, this one came as part of the Nunnally in Wonderland prize figure collection. Nunnally being the cute little ball of fluff that she is was a necessity to my collection. I liked her, and I love Alice in Wonderland, so why not? Kallen and Lelouch were like added bonuses. C.C. well that is another story….


In the story of Nunnally in Wonderland Kallen fills the role of the March Hare, perfect for March, and easter as well! Without further ado, I present to you Kallen Kouzuki.


Kallen’s face is great. Her wide blue eyes have great detailing, The white bits show light reflection, and give a nice warm feel to her face. What I really love though, is the small pucker at the left side of her mouth. Kallen is definitely chewy on a cookie. I honestly hadn’t even noticed that her cookie had a bite out of it until now…oops.


Her hair does a great job framing her face, while still showing off plenty of it. It is refreshing to get away from swoopy bangs every now and then. Her face is shaped nicely, and her features are painted very well. It is nice that they aren’t hidden. Her head is topped with a simple white hat, while her forehead is crowned with rabbit ears. I appreciate that the ears attach to her hair as opposed to a hat, or headband. It looks like they are naturally a part of her head.


Her ears are really nice. The paint is done fairly well, and the positioning looks good. Neither ear looks to stiff. You can also see here that her hat looks like it is actually sitting on her head, not sculpted to it.


There is a lot of detail sculpted into the back of her hair. It looks fantastic. I wish I could say the same for her hat, which looks pretty pathetic from the rear.


Kallen is wearing a cute sweater with a little bunny in a basket on the breast. It is adorable, and offers a nice easter feel to a figure that really has nothing to do with it. The brown paint could have been applied neater. It looks a bit sloppy, especially on the buttons. Her tie is painted very well. The way it is raised slightly above her breasts makes it look like it is actually tucked into her sweater. The sculpt of her torso really is great. There are a lot of wrinkles in the sweater, not only do they look really natural, they also outline her body very well. Her sleeves are also riddled with wrinkles. The cuff of each sleeve even has an elastic look to it.


Her left hand is holding a plate of what appears to be cookies. One of which she is happily munching on. The plate has a wavy edge, and each cookie has a slightly rough texture. The hand on the under side of the plate looks great. It even has tiny fingernails. I was a bit impressed that the bottom of the plate was not flat, but instead had a circular ridge.


Kallen’s right hand is loosely holding a cookie between her two middle fingers, and her thumb. This hand looks great from the top, but the inside looks odd. Her fingers, and thumb appear to be stuck together. It looks chunky, and unappealing.


The curve of her spine looks great. The back of this figure is actually pretty sexy. You can clearly see Kallen’s body outline. Her sweater clings to her back, and lays over her fluffy tail. Her tail which brings extra attention to her butt, and lovely hips. Her short skirt swishes to the side slightly as she shifts her weight to her right leg. Nice!


Her skirt is sculpted with wide pleats, and an adorable decorative belt. I really love the hear embellishment. The yellow lines on the skirt are painted very clearly. It looks great.


Her legs are fantastic. Attention is drawn to her thighs by the Zettai Ryouiki tactic, or the use of thigh high socks and short skirts. Her stockings are each decorated with a tiny orange carrot near the top. This is a cute subtle design, which gives it a bit more personality. Her legs are shaped very well. There is nice detail around her knees, as well as her ankles.


Kallen wears plain brown loafers, with a nice platform heel. Though these shoes are simple in design, they  are sculpted very well, and match her out fit perfectly. The sartorial seams, and sole are all clearly visible in the sculpt.


Her base fits the wonderland theme well, as it is shaped like one of the four card suits. Each of the figures in this set has a different suit for its base. I thought this was a really great, and original idea.


Overall I think this a great figure. She is cute, sexy, and a bit playful. I have thought for a while that bunny girls were a bit over rated, but this is a nice subtle change to the whole bunny girl thing. I can’t help but picture her offering a cookie to me in a playful, slightly flirtatious manner. I think her pose, and expression really supports this theory.


She is really cute!

Fun, and original bunny girl!

Her sculpt is fantastic.

She is quite sexy.

Very nice details.


Her right hand looks awful from the side.

Sloppy paint on her sweater.

Overall Enjoyment: 9/10 


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