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A week ago yesterday Tekizen, and I travelled to “Distant Worlds” to hear the melodic compositions of Nobuo Uematsu. It was beautiful. I have been a fan of Uematsu’s work for quite some time, but this one was in a league of its own. The choir was amazing! They did an especially great job with Liberi Fatali, which I think was my favourite part of the show.  The large screen showed clips from the games as the music played on. I was filled with nostalgia. Final Fantasy has been a staple in my life for many years. Granted lately it has felt more like a staple in my finger, than a staple holding anything together. Regardless while watching the big screen I was filled with the urge to go back to the games roots, and play through the games again. So here I am loading up Final Fantasy Origins for another go round. I thought just for fun I would post my musings, and frustrations as I traverse through the realms of the Final Fantasy universe. We will explore the series together for as long as I can take it. I plan on trudging through each of the numbered games, as well as Tactics and Mystic Quest. If by then I have not gone completely mad I will continue on through the spin offs. Before we get started I thought a brief outline of my current experiences with Final Fantasy to date. Hopefully I can expand on this greatly.


I never actually beat Final Fantasy I my first time playing it. I tried, but the lack of story kept me from getting in too deep. This time through I will press on. After the first few hours this game will be pretty much be new to me.


To be honest this is one is going to be entirely new to me. Outside of watching the PS1 origins opening, I have never played this game. I am looking forward to checking it out.


It is funny. I was under the impression that this was my first Final Fantasy game, but lo and behold that was just square messing with my head. The game I had played, labelled as three, was actually six. Awkward. I played this one through to the end via the dual screen version. I instantly fell in love with Luneth, and Arc! This was the last Final Fantasy that I enjoyed playing.


I watched Tekizen play this beginning to end. At that point I saw little point in playing it myself, having had it break my heart several times just watching. It has been a long time, and I don’t really remember much outside of the mass amount of death. The story was good, and the characters were interesting. I think now that some time has gone by I will have fun with this.


This game was the very first and only game I ever emulated. I had no idea at the time what that meant, but a friend said that he could put the game on my computer, so I figured why not? It was raw, and very difficult to play, but I got pretty far. It will be nice to play it, and know what is going on.


Final Fantasy VI was my very first role-playing game. It was labelled Final Fantasy III for the Super NES. This game was really easy to get into. Right from the start the story was interesting. It only got better as you collected characters, and espers along the way. Great villain! Great characters! Great development! I am positive my feelings for this game will not a change as at this point I have played Final Fantasy VI several times.


This game….I have such mixed feelings about Final Fantasy VII. On one hand the game play was great. The music was amazing! The materia system was innovative, and a lot of fun. On the other hand, the story was weak and the characters were fairly detestable. This being my third time through, hopefully I will pick out some new things that I hadn’t noticed prior.


Final Fantasy VIII was the franchise’s first attempt at a full-fledged love story. Boy was that a bad plan. Funny thing, it doesn’t seem like they were eager to try it again. They did however try with this game to reinvent the magic system again. The draw system was unique and interesting, but a needless pain in the ass. There was also a major departure from the summons that we knew and loved. I have also played this game through twice before.


I think Final Fantasy IX may be my favourite Final Fantasy to date. With the departure from the fantasy theme that both 7 and 8 offered, I felt this game had a more nostalgic appeal to it. The characters were lively, and full of spunk. The story was interesting, and for long time FF fans this game was chock full of references. It was like a kick back to the good ol days of gaming. Like six I am not sure exactly how many times I have played it through.


This game was ummmm…..special. I played it all the way through once, but honestly I remember very little about it. I remember jacking up my sphere grid, and absolutely hating blitzball. I also remember the villain being lame. The cinemas were gorgeous. The airship battle sucked. Oh and I have to remember not to eat before watching Yuna and Seymour make out. That is grounds for reacquainting myself with my last meal. I am not excited about a second run with this game.


Unfortunately I don’t really do that whole online RPG thing. I haven’t played Final Fantasy XI nor do I plan to.


This is another game that I played all the way through, but remember little of. ColonelFancy proved that it is indeed possible to play this game while sleeping. This is the only game that I have ever played that I didn’t have to play. Set your gambits and it plays itself. The characters were ok. I liked Van, but he made me think a bit too much of Aladdin. I did think it was boring that everyone got the same abilities. I tried really hard to keep each one on a designated weapon to have them be different from one another. Did we really need an entire party with the same skills?


Final Fantasy Revenant Wings was great fun. I have not yet completed this one, and will be starting it over upon getting to this point. I loved this game. It was like taking the best of Pokemon and Disgaea then mixing them together. The characters were adorable. The new take on the summons was great. I am pretty stoked about playing this game again.


I played through the first half hour of Final Fantasy XIII. Oh my. I am honestly not sure I can make it through this game. I hated Lightning. I hated her a lot. After I gave up Tekizen went on. Bless her. I couldn’t do it. Watching her play that game just about drove me nuts. I couldn’t stand Snow either. I dunno about this. It is kind of funny, I think you can honestly tell where Hironobu Sakaguchi jumped ship.


It is my personal belief that this game may be the most difficult Final Fantasy that I have played. I was very fond of the character designs. What really bothered me was the inability to resurrect your characters. Not cool. I played this for a while, but honestly it seemed like too much trouble. I will beat it this time though. I will darn it!


The only other Final Fantasy game that I remember playing was Mystic Quest which I played through once. Once was definitely enough. After six and seven I played Mystic Quest in a fit of nievity. I had no idea what I was getting into. I beat this game in a mere 12 hours. How could that be? Well the answer is Mystic Quest was for beginners, and it was really “that” easy.


On a slightly different note, I did play Dissidia for a while. This game was pretty neat for some random fan fun, but other than that it was pretty easy to forget about. This game is a lot like playing the DBZ fighting games. The character selection is pretty cool. I especially love the ability to change the blonde Onion Knight over to the silver-haired Luneth version. Awesome! Seriously though, this game wasn’t very good.

Well that is all I have to say for tonight. Next week will be my first post about Final Fantasy I. See you next Final Fantasy Friday!!


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