Nao- Good Smile Company


Character: Nao

Title: Mabinogi

Sculptor: Nendoron

Manufacturer: Good Smile Company

Release Date: December 2007

Run: Standard

My Figure Collection Link:

I had no idea what Mabinogi was up until a couple of weeks ago. I had seen the name around. As a matter of fact a few years ago I happened to buy a cute silver haired girl with pig tails, and an owl staff off of Ebay. The only clue to her identity was the word “Mabinogi” on her base. At that time I hadn’t been collecting Japanese figures for very long, and I wasn’t a member of MFC so I just let it go at that. Now that I know who she is I can’t find pictures of the other figure anywhere. Anyway just recently I saw this familiar cutie on Rakuten, and decided to not only give this her some love, but look into the title “Mabinogi” as well.


Now a bit more educated I know who she is, and a little more about the online RPG, from which she came from. I also concluded that despite the way my previous figure of her looked, her owl is not a part of the staff. He is actually her pet, Petrock.


Taking a closer look at Nao herself, you can definitely tell that she is an older nendoroid. Her faces are adorable, but her eyes are lacking the depth, and detail of most of the newer nendos. None the less her generic happy face looks pleasant, and the softer appearance of her eyes look nice with her pale hair.


Her second face is a little special to me, because in my last couple of nendo reviews I have talked quite a bit about winking faces. This one is perfect. Exactly as a big eyed winking girl should look. I love it. Not only are these faces unbelievably cute, they are also painted very well. I am quite pleased with them.


Nao’s bangs are sculpted well, and it is super cute how the eartails frame her face. There is just a little bit of darker shading in between the pieces. It looks very good.


Her pigtails are nice. I think they look a bit like wings, or floppy dog ears, either way they are cute. Each one has a peg that plugs into the black ribbon around it. They aren’t quite as poseable as Miku’s twin tails, but they fall out less. I guess it balances somewhere.


From the back you can see the part in her hair, and how it is pulled up into the pigtails. There is a bit of shading in the center as well.


You can clearly see the choker that she wears around her neck. I believe this is a memento of her parents. Her black china dress is really cute, and the skirt tapers from black near her waist to a transparent grey around her legs. The white trim is painted evenly, and the tiny flower embellishment look great. Nao is also wearing a rope belt with a little dangly charm. The paint here is done really well too.


Nao comes with two sets of arms. The first pair is bent at the elbows so you can put her hands over her chest.


The other set has one straight-arm at her side, as well as one out stretched arm, made to hold her staff.


Her legs are interesting too.  Most nendos have joints at their hips, this is not the case with Nao. Her leg joints are near her knees. This does help posability with the long skirt.


Petrock also comes with extra pieces. He has two wings that lay flat against his body, as well as two wings that are stretched out.


The staff looks like it is actually made from wood, which is pretty cool. Petrock has a area on his bottom that clips over the top of his staff.


I was afraid of her little round base. Every nendo I have gotten with a round base was awful. I was honestly pleased that hers came with a stick that plugs into her back. You can even substitute a newer standard base with this one. It fits fine. Nice! There is even a tiny hole to stabilize the end of her staff, so as to not weaken her arm joint!


Nao’s box is pretty cute. It is a basic nendo box, with a big window on the front. She, and Petrock can clearly be seen within the box. The back shows lots of pictures of the figure, and her various poses.


Here is an overall picture of Nao and her accessories.


She is super cute.

The owl is articulated, and has extra parts!

Her faces are really nice.


Could have had more accessories.

Overall Enjoyment: 8/10


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2 Responses to Nao- Good Smile Company

  1. Tekizen says:

    That owl might be the cutest accessory I’ve ever seen. I want ten of them.

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