Suzaku Kururugi Alpha X Omega


Character: Suzaku Kururugi

Series: Code Geass

Scale: 1/8

Sculptor: Piron

Manufacturer: Alpha x Omega

Release Date: April 2012

Run: Standard

My Figure Collection Link:

One day I will learn, I swear. I spend a lot of time trying to decide what figures should be adopted into my family. Sometimes the decision is easy, and sometimes it is a real pain in the ass,. This is one such occasion as the latter. I tell myself all the time, that just because I am a fan of a character does not mean that I have to buy every figure they make of them. Suzaku was an issue though, to date this is his only scale statue. What is the problem you may wonder? Well to be honest the Suzaku that I love is the character from the first season. The naive soldier with ideals, morals, and a decisive path. The character represented in this figure mirrors the hypocrisy that Suzaku became in R2.


Personal preference aside thanks to some hard-earned tax money I had a little bit of extra cash to throw around, so I tossed it at Alpha x Omega. This is my first figure from this particular collaboration of Megahouse and Alter, so I was definitely interested in its potential. Suzaku is my favourite character from Code Geass season one regardless of his choice of attire, this will not change. So I guess its time to see how the “Knight of Zero” turned out…


Suzaku’s face was initially one of the deciding factors to not pre-order this figure. I am not fond of his expression, particularly his mouth. The upturned line representing such seems like it is arched to far. It looks pretty unnatural. I do like his eyes. They are painted wonderfully. What makes them special though, is the feeling in them. Suzaku’s eyes look so full of hatred. Such a simple expression, but it says so much.


His hair is one of this figure’s best features. The wispy strands are sculpted well. His short hair is messy, and just a bit curly. Piron did a great job on the sculpt, really an amazing head of hair.


Both sides of his hair are brushed behind his ears. This looks really nice, and quite natural. There is a little curled strand poking out from behind each ear. He also has a decent profile, especially for a Code Geass character. The anime renditions of these characters have the strangest profiles.


The back of his head looks great too! I just adore the way his hair is sculpted. There isn’t a single part of his hair that is flat. Very nice! To add even more depth, shading is used at the tips around the nape of his neck. These darker strands look really nice.


The sculpt of Suzaku’s “Knight of Zero” costume is done fairly well. The fabric conforms very smoothly to his body. There are very few wrinkles. The most noticeable of them are just below his outer collar. There is also a pretty nice crease where the left side of torso is bent a bit. In this particular case I think too many wrinkles would have been a hinderance to his overall appearance, and I am very glad they kept it simple. They did a great job with the shape of his body, you can clearly see his chest through the form-fitting outfit. Another added bonus, each little gold button has a button-hole.


The paint job is really nice sans the gold trim. The gold and red design over his chest is painted very well. The buttons all look good. The outline is the problem. It looks good at a glance, but closer inspection reveals quite a few misguided lines. They especially stand out along the top of the white, and near his right hip bone. Oh yes that is quite the pronounced hip he has there.


You know I have never quite gotten the purpose of a belt with a skin-tight body suit. This concept has been nagging at me since I fell in love with Rogue in my early childhood. I must say it is a pretty cool looking accessory that serves absolutely no purpose, whatsoever. I will come back to that from a better angle in the next photo. The lower half of Suzaku’s outfit fits just as snug as the top offering very little in the wrinkle department, but they did a good job where they needed to. The gold lines here are a bit shabby as well. Just a bit more effort, and he could have been perfect.


The belt matches the design on his chest nicely. The center appears to be a golden eyeball, flanked by outspread wings. Really a neat design, but for a character that wields both a sword, and a gun why does he not have a holster or sheath. This would have made the belt more than a goofy accessory. The paint looks pretty nice, again mildly flawed but nice. The gold stripes on his sides are probably the very worst of them.


I have always had a thing for boots, and thigh high boots are no exception. Suzaku’s boots are pretty cool. They have a really nice sartorial seam running down the front, and back of each one. The glossy finish is also a great touch. I must again question the practicality of this outfit. The pointed toes, and raised heels really make me think that a man should not be wearing them. He wears them well, but dammit Lelouch has some weird taste.


The back of Suzaku’s costume has this white decorative tapestry thing…ok I seriously have no idea what to call it. Again we have the winged eyeball design. The paint here looks good, even the gold is mostly in line. I really like the white parts os his clothing. It provides a stark contrast to the darker shades. The buttons near the top have little button holes just like the front. There are a couple pronounced folds near his shoulder blades, and we can clearly see the indent of his spine.

Ok. Then there are these little black plug things….what are those for!? There are a lot of wrinkles the fabric around his butt. Again with the great The gold stripes here look pretty good.


The back of his boots look nice. The wrinkles behind each knee look natural, and here we can see the awesome seam along the back.


Since Suzaku’s right arm is interchangeable, we will start with his left. The detached sleeve that covers his forearm looks really good. The glossy material matches his boots well, and the gold is actually behaving. The white piece, and its gold buttons are very nice. This wrinkles sculpted in the sleeves are great, especially where the fabric gathers inside his elbow. There is another sleeve piece that overlaps his glove slightly, but it is difficult to see here. The gloves themselves are pristine. The fingers are sculpted perfectly, and the wrinkled look to the gloves look amazing. Suzaku has really huge shoulder muscles, for that matter I dare say uncharacteristically large. Not only would these shoulders not fit under his school uniform, but this muscle tone isn’t reflected anywhere else on his body. Last note on his shoulder, the skin tone here is entirely different from that of his face. This leads me to believe he is wearing something over them. Nylon? Mesh? Who knows, but whatever it is, it clings to every muscle in a very unnatural fashion.


The first of Suzaku’s pose options is with a fisted hand, and no cape. I honestly think this one is a bit boring, and a big waste of base space.


This arm unfortunately is raised higher than the alternate, so you cannot use this arm with the cape. This arm looks just as nice as the left. The paint is decent, and the folds in the fabric look great.


Another great fist. The fingers look excellent. This time around though the gloves look a bit less detailed.


The second option is with the sword, but still sans the cape. I like this one more, because it looks less forced. Still the base is huge, and this really comes off as a waste of space.


This arm is almost exactly like the previous one except his forearm is angled lower to accommodate the cloak. He can also hold the sword with this hand. The sleeve looks good. The gold is messy around the hand, but clear around the rest of it. I just noticed the buttons on the sleeves are missing button holes. Here you can see the sleeve piece that extends over the glove.


This is clearly a decorative weapon, and not meant for actual battle. I suppose it makes a handy piercing weapon, but slashing is out of the question. The sides of the blade don’t appear sharpened at all. This piece is ornately decorated, The sword is embellished with golden wings, little dangling gems, as well as the repeating eyeball motif. The paint on this piece is perfect. The little gems are not pliable so you must be careful handling them. The ball at the end of the hilt is removable, so you can easily slide it into his hand.


Lastly, the most eye-catching of the poses, Suzaku with both Sword and cloak. It is funny, without the cape he looks kind of neat, but with it he demands attention. Something about this figure just stands out when displayed this way.


The folds of this thing are awesome, and the shading is amazing! I mean it. The way the cloak billows out behind him is truly one of my favourite features of this figure. The inside of the cloak feels grainy which is off-putting, but you can’t see it.


The top portion has a similar design to the one on his back. The gold trim on the cloak is done infinitely better than that of his outfit. The beaded dangles are a really cool touch. These, like the sword, are not pliable so special care must be taken when handling them. To put the cape on Suzaku simply pop off his head, slide the cloak over his shoulders, and put him back together. Pretty easy stuff.


Then there is the back. I absolutely love the back of this cloak, and am so glad at this point that I have mirrored shelves. Every now and then you run across that figure with so much detail on the rear side that it is almost a shame that you cannot see it most of the time. This would be one of those cases. The deep gradients used for this side of the cloak are stunning.


The hood part has quite a bit embellishing. The hood, as well as the two longer pieces have beaded dangles at their ends. The longer pieces have the winged eyeball design, they also look like they are caught up in the cloak’s overall movement. The folds, and creases back here all look fantastic. One slightly awkward thing about the cape is that where as it can stand upright on its own, once placed on Suzaku it lays oddly against his back. To keep it in its billowy position, as well as to deter paint transfer, it comes with a clear plastic piece to hold it in place.


His base is a collection of three connected hexagons. I think this suits Code Geass well. Near the back the title of the show, as well as Suzaku’s name are printed clearly. He fits onto a series of four pegs in the front hexagon, with plenty of room behind him for the outlandish cloak.


Here is a picture of the little plastic bit that holds the cape in place. If displayed straight forward you can’t even see this piece. It works really well.


Suzaku’s box matches him very well. The dark purple has lighter swirls in it, which is nice. The big window on the front is perfect for viewing Suzaku in his mobile home. Each side not only has a small window, but also a different angle of Suzaku. The back of the box also shows a couple more images of the figure. It is a sturdy box, and fitting for the character.


Suzaku’s outfit has a ton of detailing.

The shading looks great. His cape is phenomenal.


The inside of the cloak feels grainy.

The gold paint is a bit messy.

Overall Enjoyment: 8/10


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