The Great Haul- February 2013

Well February has been another stellar month for this collector of “stuff”. Just when I thought it might be a slow one too. I guess you can always count on a tax return to boost that loot up! Here’s what we scored for February.


First loot of the month came from Hobby Link Japan. This was pretty awesome, not only did it come with the Dark Magician, but also a giant flocked figure of Leo the Lion. I seriously have a weak spot for this white lion cub, as his show was the first anime that I watched as a little girl. He came with the little green bird, Coco. I picked these two up from HLJ’s Black Friday sale for a whopping 500 Yen. The other item in this box was the much-anticipated Gumi nendoroid.


The second bit came by way of a very late Christmas present from a friend. It was a green pig head plushie, and an Origami Cyclone action figure. I was pretty stoked about an Origami one, since my first one had a stiff leg. Low, and behold this one does too. 😦


After them I received my first package from Rakuten, the first of many I might add. Whilst writing this I have already gotten another, as well as ordered again. I couldn’t believe my luck in finding this Sena Kashiwazaki nendoroid for such a bargain.


Kuroyukihime came next, from Hobby Search. Her box is sooo big, I was honestly surprised by how small she herself was.


Early in the month Tekizen, and I ordered a couple of figures from fellow MFC users. I personally was really excited to be able to replace my broken Sairenji figure. she is one of my favourites, and through a clumsy me moment I dropped her, and broke her from her base. Now I have a new one again! Haruna came with a Sena prize figure that I  hadn’t yet ordered…I know, I missed a couple. Tekizen’s happy piece in this one was definitely the Kanji chibi. I tink he is cute, but he looks like someone cosplaying as Kanji, not quite like he, himself should look….


I finally got Saber Lion. I have been eye balling her for months, but I am not such a fan of Fate Stay Whatever to go out of my way for her. The lion costume was just to cute to pass up. She came via Anime Island. I really love those guys.


Big in Japan gets a lot of love from us each month, this one was no exception. Our first February box from them contained Asuna, Zeno, and this amazing figure of Echizen. This figure is really nice, and definitely recommended for Prince of Tennis fans. Also pictured here is Mafuyu who actually came from Hobby Search, and somehow meandered into my BIJ picture. Oh well. If you are into that sort of thing her apron comes off, but then what would be the point of a naked apron figure..?


Oh happy day when I got my tax return. I immediately crawled into my car, and drove off to the city to find some cool stuff. The only figure I came home with was this beautiful Jaina Solo statue for Tekizen. I knew she wanted it badly. She came in as a special order from Dragon’s Lair. Also while in town I picked up a Wii, and Last Story. I hope I like it!


Shortly there after I got my first piece of tax return loot. I had ordered Suzaku Kururugi from Ebay. It was almost painful waiting the four days in which he was being shipped. I really wanted to see this figure in person, and was thrilled upon his arrival.


Now nearing the end of the month with many other adopted children floating around between “Somewhere” and “Nowhere”, I wasn’t sure how much more we would get this month. Luck would have it that the mailman wasn’t quite done with us. This week we were graced by the arrival of Michael, Saori, and Nao from Rakuten. So far I am very happy with their service.


Yesterday we finally received our last loot of February, the first box of which came from Big in Japan. There were four figures inside. Karina, Barnaby, Hisoka, and Illumi. I was sooooo happy to finally have a decent Illumi figure. This was a welcome addition for sure. Now we just need Chrollo.


The other box came from Japan2you, another company that I was unfamiliar with. Somehow they still had Neko Musume in stock though, and I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, so she has been welcomed home.


That is it for February. It has been a great month, and an awesome start to the new year. March has plenty in store to keep the ball rolling. I am very excited. Tomorrow is my birthday, and the day already promises one figure I have been anticipating. See you guys next review!


About Topiki

I am a crazy anime fangirl. I love music, movies, and video games. I frequently attend concerts, and conventions. I make all my own cosplay. (Which is a work in progress) My biggest hobby however is collecting solid tangible things. Cds, dvds, figures of all shapes and sizes, cards, and any other random related goods.
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