The Dark Magician Kotobukiya


When Kotobukiya ran their ‘make your man’ survey I never expected so many characters on my list to get made into figures. One of the most surprising so far though is this one. The Dark Magician, and not only did we get him, but in his original color scheme too. Wow!


His hat has honestly always made me think of an ice cream cone….so considering that it still does, they must have done a good job with it. I admire the fact that you can actually see how it wraps around his head. The sculptor did a magnificent job with this bit of detail.


Our dear Dark Magician has a strange hair cut, I’ve never really understood the triangular piece of bangs. His blonde locks do frame his face nicely though. The yellow also makes a very nice contrast to his light blue skin. He has a very serious look on his face, not surprising since he just got summoned into battle. He’s staring straight ahead, his mouth is set in a thin line. Overall his face looks spot on.


This is a very blue toy. I mean really blue, however I do have to give Koto some mad props for the shading on this toy. I love how at the top of the shoulder pads it’s a light blue that as you go down to the chest plate darkens to the same that Yami is garbed in. The pin trim is really well painted and helps draw your attention to some of the finer points on the figure.


This caught me  a little bit off guard though. Since when did the Dark Magician have bulging muscles? More importantly why would he need them? He’s a magician…. Regardless though once you get over the awkwardness of it, it doesn’t look bad. They put zero muscle definition in his legs though…which leads us back to ….awkward.

darkmagician 5

The fabric of his outfit is nicely done. It’s loose and looks easy to move in. It’s the same shade of dark blue that we’ve seen so much of on the Yu-Gi_oh figures thus far, this time however it’s done with a matte finish.

20130203102429719His tunic sweeps down and as such hides the majority of his legs from the front view. What you can see though looks great. I love the spiral on the knee.


Something that I think is a little odd here is the trim on his legs. Specifically down on his feet, it doesn’t look bad, but on close inspection it looks almost like the pink trim is too tight. Like it’s digging into the skin…. I can’t imagine that it’s very comfortable.


The side view kind of makes him look like he has horrible posture. Again though the sculpt looks superb as does the paint job. He even has a fairly good profile!


The über muscular arms look even creepier from the side view.


His hands have great knuckle definition and the portion of his arms from elbow to wrist looks perfect.


The wrinkles at both the knees and ankles look really great. His feet do look strangely flat though. the base connects underneath him. It slides up between his robe and butt. It’s kind of a pain to get him on it the first time as it’s a very tight fit.


The back of his hat…wrap…thingy looks exactly  as one would expect it to. The gloss effect on it looks very nice though here in particular since it has such a large open space to look at.


The back of his armour (?) looks pretty freaking cool. The design makes it look fairly intimidating.  As with the front, the paint job is top-notch and the fade effect looks great.


The seam line at his waist is a little more well obvious then I would normally prefer, however from the front it blends in nicely with the folds in the fabric, so all is well unless you are looking directly at his backside.


This hand however looks a little plump in the finger department. They really could have used a little bit more definition. His nails look awesome, I love the color choice,


The staff looks perfect, I couldn’t have imagined it better…but it does have one major issue. With the angle that he’s holding it at you can’t see the detailing on it, this is way sad.


the base is a magic summoning circle. The designs on it are authentic hieroglyphics, I checked. At the center of the base is the long tendril of magical energy that keeps our magician floating.


The easiest and most surefire way to make sure you’ve got him balanced right on the base is to use the handy-dandy guidelines that Koto was nice enough to include. His base has notches in it where his foot rests.


With his lovely little apprentice.


I summon you Dark Magician!


The box just like the previous Yu-Gi-Oh ones is huge! Ginormous even! The color scheme on it is gorgeous. I also love the star window cut out. It’s a very magical touch!


I love the backs of these boxes. The pictures choices always make the figures look so lovely. This one is no exception I assure you.


Overall this figure looks truly amazing. the sculpt is fantastic, the paint job impeccable. I’m very fond of the overall design. However out of the four Yu-Gi-Oh statues released thus far he is easily the most dull out of them. And before it comes up in the comment box, No I do not believe making it purple would have helped.


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