Gumi- Good Smile Company


Character: Gumi

Franchise: Vocaloid

Sculptor: Ageta Yukiwo and Nendoron

Manufacturer: Good Smile Company

Release Date: January 2013

Run: Standard

My Figure Collection:

When the announcement of a Gumi nendo came down the pipeline, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, we were getting another Vocaloid nendoroid! With the recent additions of Meiko, and Gakupo the group is expanding nicely. Gumi’s promotional pics looked great, hopefully the final product holds muster.


Gumi’s lime green locks are sculpted very well. The shading is amazing! The body of her hair is a very light green, while the tips are a very dark green. Her headphones are connected to her hair. The earpieces are part of the bangs, and the headband is attached to the back of her hair. It is kind of funny that her microphone does not connect to her earpiece, but instead to her long piece of hair on the left.


The goggles just slide onto the top of her head. They line up well to cover the seem line where her hair comes apart. The headphones on top of her head look like very large versions of the ones on her face. It is really cool that they are removable, but I think it would have been better had they made them wearable. It almost seems like a waste of a face to have a special goggle expression as opposed to making them changeable like H.M.O. Miku’s sunglasses. If you are a fan of switching accessories Gumi’s green eyebrows make using her goggles on another character’s face look ridiculous.


As far as her faces go, Gumi has some issues. Her faces are all cute, and painted nicely as well. The problem is that out of her four faces…..she only has one emotion. There is generic happy Gumi, winking happy Gumi, happy goggle Gumi, and weird eyed happy Gumi. Her generic happy face looks a bit cross-eyed. I was glad to see that her winking face looks much better than Sonico’s. I think the arching upward of her lashes looks more like a wink, where as Sonico’s downward arching lashes look like she randomly closed one eye….


Gumi’s colourful outfit is painted very well. Her bottom half is a bit sloppy, especially around her belt, and below her belt buckle. Her tiny red and silver necklace charm looks nice. The yellow, green, and orange palette looks great! She looks like a carrot.


I guess looking like a carrot isn’t a bad thing if your matching mount happens to be a carrot, as Gumi’s is. She has an alternate bottom piece that fits into a hole on the mount.  There are also two grooves on the carrot’s sides for her legs. Gumi fits quite securely on it. There is a hole hidden in the carrot’s leaves for her base.


Gumi also comes with a pair of hands that enable her to push the buttons on her headset. This pose is really cute, but I think it makes her look vapid.


Not only can she press buttons on her head phones, but she can can also push her goggles up with this special right hand.


The last special hand that Gumi comes with is the sign language for “I love you”. This is a really great hand, because it is unique. I always appreciate getting cool bits that aren’t with every other nendo.


In total Gumi comes with 6 arms, and 7 hands. She also comes with a third leg, this one is bent for more possibilities. These limbs, an extra pair of goggles, and her carrot round out her accessories.


She comes with a normal square nendo base, with a hinged post that fits into her back. Along with the norm came a special surprise. All nendoroids that were released in Dec/Jan got an added bonus of a nendoroid base with personality. There are three possibilities, but they are completely random. with Gumi IO managed to get this grassy one, which I might add looks fabulous with Gumi. The stingy guys at GSC did not include an extra post….




Gumi is very cute.

She comes with great hands.

The carrot is a lot of fun.

She has lovely shading on her hair.


Her goggle face looks a bit strange.

Her faces all share one emotion.

Overall Enjoyment: 8/10 


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I am a crazy anime fangirl. I love music, movies, and video games. I frequently attend concerts, and conventions. I make all my own cosplay. (Which is a work in progress) My biggest hobby however is collecting solid tangible things. Cds, dvds, figures of all shapes and sizes, cards, and any other random related goods.
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One Response to Gumi- Good Smile Company

  1. angelfox22 says:

    Looking forward to mine eventually showing up but these pictures will do for now. Thanks.

    Gumi Megpoid voice was created using Megumi Nakijima’s voice mostly. She also voices character Ranka Lee. It is largely believed Gumi’s design is based off that character. It’s pretty interesting finding out that hand sign means “I love you” because Ranka does same hand sign during one of her songs and says *kira*. One of Ranka’s songs is about rainbow carrots.

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