Sonico- Good Smile Company


Character: Sonico

Franchise: Nitro+

Sculptor: Nendoron

Manufacturer: Good Smile Company

Release Date: November 2012

Run: Good Smile Online Shop Exclusive

My Figure Collection Link:

Super Sonico has been the mascot for Nitro+ for as long as I have been buying their products. I have always thought she was cute, and back when the first babydoll ver. came out I thought she was pretty sexy. Since then I have toiled over which Sonico figure should be given I home in my collection, but so many of them cross the boundaries of what should be displayed in parent’s home. Finally I found the perfect fit,


To be honest I had a hard time getting her. I missed her pre-order date, and the user whose group order I joined never got back to me. I was sure I wasn’t going to get her. Then a friend of a friend said that he had accidentally acquired an extra, and I could buy her at her original cost. I was so excited!


Sonico comes with a variety of optional pieces that are interchangeable for different effects. She comes with three expressions. The first is her fairly generic happy face. It’s cute, but almost every other nendo has one, and they are rarely character specific. The second face gives her the option of singing. I am pretty fond of this one especially considering her recent music cds. The last is a winking face which doesn’t really show any particular emotion. She has four extra arms, and a set of bent legs. Among her accessories are an alternate head-piece, for her hood, a microphone, and a guitar. These will all be featured in some of the following pictures!


Her hand painted eyes are adorable. The gradient effect between the light, and dark pink looks very nice! I think they did a great job on her tiny row of teeth, and the outline on her mouth.


Sonico’s hair is interesting. Her cotton candy coloured locks curl in towards her cheeks, and flow outward below her chin. Her bangs are long, but the don’t obscure her precious eyes at all. There is a bit of darker pink shading around her tips, that adds a bit depth to her soft pink hair.


I found with the Luka nendo that her long hair impeded movement, and her base was almost impossible to utilize. Sonico however doesn’t have this problem. The back 0f Sonico’s hair billows out in back, making it easy-peasy to make use of her base! Another cool aspect of her head, is her super cool looking head phones. The ear pieces are connected to the back portion of her hair, where as the top bar part comes right off. This top piece feels flimsy, so use caution when handling her. The detailing on her head phones is fantastic!


The thing that really makes her head interesting, however is the alternate hair, and hood pieces. Sonico can be displayed with her hair tucked back into this adorable cat-eared hoodie! The little pull strings are cute touch to her jacket as well.


When Sonico is not wearing her hood up, there is an alternate piece that sticks into the hole in her back. Her base can fit into this piece. She also has a poseable tail. That is awesome! I don’t know if you noticed, but the camouflage print on her jacket is actually made up of overlapping cat silhouettes. You can see the kitty on the front of her shirt.


Not only does she have the tiger striped cat on her shirt, but you can also see another little detail here. She is wearing a tiny golden necklace with a several star charms, and a guitar in the center. Super cute! I am not sure if it supposed to be or not, but this skirt looks like a denim miniskirt to me. It couple be because it has a fly. The trim around the bottom kind of matches the fur on her jacket. This looks pretty nice.


She is wearing tiny fur trimmed boots as well. Nothing too special here, but the laces do have tiny puff balls on the ends!


Sonico’s singing face is really cute. Her eyes are painted nicely, and like her happy face, her cheeks have a cute blush added to them. Here we can see her microphone, and the hand meant to hold it. She also has a pointing hand. I think that is pretty cool.


One of her other options is to have her holding her hood. She has a special bent arm, and hand for this purpose.


I haven’t quite figured out why these nendos with instruments can never play them . Len Kagamine had this problem too. They can both hold the instruments head, but neither can actually be posed properly playing it. Sonico comes with a bent arm, but her hair prohibits a strumming pose. She does have a guitar pick had though!


The last really cool option is her super excited jumping pose. This one looks very energetic. You can also pair these legs with her guitar arms for super rock god jumping pose!


Sonico’s base is a standard nendoroid base with an addition piece that slides up under her hair. This makes her so much more manageable. I was concerned that she may come with one of the newer magnetized bases…I am hoping it is a long time before I am saddled with one of those.


Sonico’s box is pretty awesome! It stands out a lot amongst my other nendo boxes. The design is unique, and the colours are bright. You can clearly see her and all of her pieces through the large front window! The back of the box shows very sample poses, most of which I used for you to see.



Super cute faces!

Lively poses!

Great costume.

Original packaging!


Her winking face looks kind of emotionless.

Hair gets in the way sometimes.

Overall Enjoyment: 9/10


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I am a crazy anime fangirl. I love music, movies, and video games. I frequently attend concerts, and conventions. I make all my own cosplay. (Which is a work in progress) My biggest hobby however is collecting solid tangible things. Cds, dvds, figures of all shapes and sizes, cards, and any other random related goods.
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