Subaru 1/8 FREEing


Character: Subaru

Series: Houkago no Pleiades

Sculptor: Honda Heihachi

Scale: 1/8

Manufacturer: FREEing

Release Date: October 2012

Run: Standard

My Figure Collection Link:

I wasn’t sure what to think when I read the announcement for a collaboration anime between Gainax and Subaru. Yes, by Subaru I mean the car manufacturer. It was going to be a series of shorts about a magical girl. I was unconvinced, but in the end I decided to give it a shot. Low and behold it was pretty good. Better in fact than most modern magical girl shows.


I didn’t expect to find much merchandise for this title, so I settled on a tumbler and a juice glass. When FREEing announced this figure I got really excited. I would finally have a Subaru statue to grace my shelves. It was rather amusing actually, she came the same day as Madoka. The latter came by way of normal post, and was waiting for me when I got home from work. Just as I sat down to open her, the Fed-ex guy pulled into my driveway. I immediately abandoned Madoka, and ran down stairs for my Subaru figure. I absolutely could not wait for her,  not even for Madoka. In the long run I feel I made the right choice.


Subaru’s face is really cute. Her reddish coloured eyes are applied very well. They have a warm feeling, and compliment her smile well. She has adorable puffy cheeks. I love the shape of her face. She actually looks like a little girl.


Her profile is very round, but again it gives her a childlike appearance. I miss this sometimes. Very seldom do I get a young girl that has child like features.


Her pink hair is super cute, and very simplistic. The top of her hair is flat. They definitely could have sculpted a bit more definition here. Her bangs are really cute, and I just love the little tufts that rise up over her ears.


The back of her hair kind of makes me think of Tako Luka. The ends of her hair all curl upward slightly. I am really fond of how this looks. Simplicity really won out here.


Her hat is held in place by a magnet, so if you would like to remove it, then go ahead. The design on the front is painted perfectly. In the picture above this one you can see the little red ribbon on the back of her hat. She also has a tiny golden star ear ring in each ear. These are also painted very nicely


Subaru’s neck is proportioned well with her body, but offers little extra shape or emphasis on its sculpt. Her white collar is high cut, and has a slightly ruffled edge. The large pink bow on the front of her jacket appears to be what keeps the garment closed in front. There are creases in the ribbon where the gold star presses against it. The stars that adorn her outfit perfectly match her ear rings, and hat. Behind her pink bow, you can catch a glimpse of the red ribbon of her dress.


Each side of her jacket has three stars. It may just be a coincidence, but there are a total of seven stars on her jacket, as well as seven stars on her accessories. The Pleiades constellation is made up of, you guessed it; seven stars. What a cute fact, whether or not they designed her that way on purpose. The stars are all painted decently. There is a little bit of gold around their edges on white part, and the dark lines that connects the stars looks as if it were drawn on with a pencil. It doesn’t look so great. I think the random jagged point along the inner edge of the jacket would make Kaiba happy…..


The jacket billows out around her, but offers very little definition to wrinkles from wear. She has a simple design, so it looks alright, but there is definitely room for improvement. Her sailor collar is painted perfectly. The lines are all straight, and clear. The large pink bow on the back looks great. Especially the flowing pieces.


Under her jacket, Subaru wears a cream coloured dress, with grey folds. The dress itself is painted well, however the grey parts are quite sloppy. We also have  thin pencil looking lines going up the front. I really don’t know what they were going for with these, but they look pretty bad. The black trim under her skirt also could have used a bit more consideration. The cream paint seeps over the lace a lot.


I do appreciate that the ribbon on her dress is still visible behind the jacket.


You can see her dress under her arms as well. Some aspects of this figure are really cool.


Subaru’s arms are shaped really well, especially around her elbows. I really like her left arm a lot. The subtle bend of her elbow, and the way her fingers casually rest against her staff. The position of this hand is great. Each wrist has a tiny white cuff, with a star on each side.


untitledI just noticed now that the stars are the same four point type as the car’s logo. Interesting. I hadn’t looked at a Subaru logo in so long….


Her right arm is straighter, and a little less defined. This hand isn’t quite as nice as its mate, but it looks alright. Her fingers are slightly bent back giving the impression that most of her weight is being supported by this hand.


I really like the position of Subaru’s legs. They put me in the mind of a little girl on a swing. Her legs are very thin, but this didn’t stop them from adding some extra shape to her calves, and ankles. Her stockings are super cute. They have the same ruffled edges as her collar, and are topped with very nicely painted red ribbons. There are also some wrinkles around her ankles.


Her tiny red shoes are all one colour. The only detailing is a line etched between her shoe, and heel. They are cute, and serve their purpose well, but could have been added to.


Subaru’s staff is pretty awesome! The center piece is mauve coloured, and pretty plain. This is ok, since this is where she will be seated. Near each end of the shaft is a swirly purple design with silver, metal looking accents. The lower end has a pink four pointed star burst of energy. It looks very nice.


The higher end is a bit more complicated. It still has the purple swirly piece, but the end actually branches off into a T. It is actually shaped kind of like an anchor. The maroon stone on this end is painted smoothly. The thin sections feel very delicate. The yellow energy bits resemble feathers, or maybe wings. These pieces have small ovals carved into the underside which gives them a great look from above.


One of the things that drew me to this figure was her base. It is fairly unique. I am usually a fan of things that stand out. I was initially worried about the sturdiness of her  staff, but it turns out that she is held up just fine. The staff is supported by three posts. There is a plastic one near each end, as well as a metal one in the center. The two plastic posts fit around the staff. The center one has a clear plastic piece that supports her rear. The round base itself is decorated with tiny silver polka dots that resembles a starlit night. It really looks like stars if you are lucky enough to view the stars from the country.



She has a unique design.

She is very cute.

Her base is quite nice.


Her staff is very delicate.

She lacks a lot of detail.

Her paint looks a bit sloppy.

Overall Enjoyment: 8/10






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