Teddie Two-Pack Phat Company


Character: Teddie

Series: Persona 4

Sculptor: Flex and Plastic Arts

Manufacturer: Phat Company

Release Date: June 2012

Run: Standard

My Figure Collection Link: http://myfigurecollection.net/item/92742

I would like to start off by saying, this is the lamest concept for a two pack ever! The T.V. looks great. It would be a fabulous accessory to any Persona 4 figure, but I don’t believe that it qualifies as a second figure by any standard.


As a fan of Teddie, I wanted it regardless of its potential as a waste of money. I mean seriously Rise gets Yu, and Yukiko gets Chie, so why don’t I have a human Teddie, or a Yosuke to go with my bear!? It isn’t like we ran out of characters, though it would be far less irritating if that were the case.


Teddie is wearing his standard happy face. Throughout the game he shows you many different expressions, but the one you see the most is definitely his cheery smile. The application of his eyes was done very well. They could use an outline, so the white would stand out more. If you look really close there is a tiny black circle in the center of each eye. His tiny nose is raised slightly, and the black paint is spot on. The curved line that represents his mouth is crisp, and clean. A darker colour here may have been a better choice, as his mouth blends in with his pale face.


The gold trim that outlines Teddie’s face is painted nicely. His blue fur is perfectly smooth aside from his ears, and beary little tuft on top of his head. The black line that separates the upper and lower zipper pieces is pretty bad. In the above two images you can see that in some places it is really thick, and in some really thin.


Teddie’s red and white bear suit is painted nicely. The wrinkles under his zipper are perfect. The colours are kept within the lines very well. The bottom circle is pretty iffy, especially along the top. There is also a little bit of paint discrepancy at the top of his paws.


His front paws are pretty simple. Each one is a square-shaped mitten. There are wrinkles near his wrists. I find this particular detail amusing. Teddie refers to himself as a bear, but what kind of bear has wrinkles, and zippers?


Teddie’s back is fairly plain. There are a couple more wrinkles that come together near his zipper pull. His nubby little tail is great. The zipper pull itself stands straight off his back. It is very large, perfect for the over-the-top bear suit.


I really love his base. The creepy looking Persona face, on the yellow background looks awesome. It also features the title of the franchise. The two pegs hold his feet really well. It feels sturdy, and offers a great presentation.


Now the television on the other hand is another story. It definitely looks nifty, especially the looped antenna. The silver that outlines the screen is painted poorly, as are the knobs. I guess Phat Company felt as lack luster about this “second figure” as I did. The sculpt of it looks good, all the little details a T.V. should have. Unfortunately they aren’t painted well at all.


The back of the television is excellent. I think it may be because there is no evident paint, just a really great sculpting job. The vents are a great touch.


So I guess if you are indeed a fan of Teddie this is a good buy, but realistically the T.V. isn’t worth it. A cute accessory sure, but worthy of a two-pack it is not. The figure of Teddie himself though is pretty great!


Teddie has a pretty great sculpt.

The wrinkles in his bear suit are a great touch.

His base looks really cool.


This is an awful two-pack.

The paint job on both figures is a bit messy.

Overall Enjoyment: 7/10



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