Jiraiya D-Arts


Character: Jiraiya

Series: Persona 4

Manufacturer: Bandai

Release Date: September 2012

Run: Standard

My Figure Collection Link: http://myfigurecollection.net/item/91737

I have heard Jiraiya described so many ways that I am not even sure where to start. He has been a ninja disco frog, and mummified Mickey Mouse just to name a couple. Personally I think he looks like a rejected avatar from Summer Wars. Anyway you look at it he is pretty damn neat.


I just recently got into the Persona franchise. I fell in love with the characters from the anime, especially Yosuke, Yu, and Kanji. One thing led to the next, and before long I was playing the game. Amongst the Personas available at the beginning of the game was Jiraiya, whose Sonic Punch garnered my favour early on. So as the first Persona that I fell in love with, I think it is fitting that Jiraiya is my first D-Arts figure to check out!


So this is the part where you let your imagination run wild. Depending on if your Jiraiya is reptilian, or a rodent is what makes all the difference. I could see both sides. The circles that crown his head could be mousey ears, or slotted frog eyes. The shuriken that rest on the sides of his head could be eyes, or just decoration. There are also two holes, and a grated area near the bottom center of his face. These could be a nose and mouth on either interpretation. For me though, my first impression was a bear like creature, so I am thinking round ears, star eyes, and a Darth Vader mouth. The detailing on his face leaves little to discuss, other than origin. The red line in his right ear has a bit of black paint that missed its mark. There is also a scuff under said line. His neck has a joint hidden under the scarf, so you can turn his head, as well as move it up and down.


The sculpt of the scarf is pretty decent. There are plenty of folds around his neck. It is painted a simple flat red. There is no shading added. You must be a bit careful with his head though, pint will rub off onto the red sash. On the back of the scarf is a joint that allows the long end to be adjusted. This is a great touch for action poses. I do not know where this thing ties. There is no knot, and only one long end. How odd?


Jiraiya’s scarf is a great accessory to match his red vest. The silver out line on the vest is done well. It is a bit sloppy under the scarf, but that can’t be seen without removing it. There are tiny silver bolts on the front of the vest, just below the gold thing. Yes I meant thing. The bolts are kind of neat because they coincide with the mechanical look of his head. The giant gold accessory is sculpted well, and securely attached. It does not move at all. It also looks like it has the ability to severely hamper movement….


The white jump suit that he wears is pretty cool. Honestly this is one of my favourite parts of this figure. He has a lot of minor details that were sculpted, and painted very well. There are some wrinkles in the fabric around his waist, near the silver coil looking area. He bends just below his vest, and again below the coil. Jiraiya is very flexible. The thick folded over center seam of his jump suit starts under his vest, goes all the way under him, and then up his back. This seam is affected by the wrinkles as well. He has a tiny pocket at each hip. With his huge hands I don’t think these pockets will prove to useful.


The back also has its share of details. Again there are wrinkles near the coil. He has little patch pockets too. You can also see where his base post connects to his back.


Jiraiya’s arms are long and thin. This is super obvious at the point where his forearms widen out. The paint on his sleeves is pretty good, the straps on his arms are a little bit off. His arms bend in three different places. Once at each shoulder, elbow, and wrist. He is wearing camouflage gloves with long reptilian looking fingers. Each finger tip even has a suctiony looking thing. He also holds giant shurikens. These are painted and sculpted well. They rotate slightly, so you can reposition them a bit.


The back of his hands have a design on them that honestly looks as though it might penetrate his hands and be connected to his weapons. The paint on these looks great. Another interesting oddity back here is the addition of tiny sliver oval where his fingernails would be.


Jiraiya’s legs are also quite long. They are very slim around his thighs, but his bell bottom pants widen out significantly from his knees down. Each thigh has a strap around it that matches those on his sleeves. His pant legs each have a thick camouflage cuff to match his gloves. The camo design looks pretty awesome, but the straps are still messy.


The backs of his legs don’t need a whole lot of extra attention, but I definitely like the folds near his butt. You can also see his double jointed knees. These are my absolute favourite types of articulation. They make posing options much broader. His legs also have ball joints at his hips, and ankles.


Another thing that I really like is the way all of the assembly seams on Jiraiya’s jump suit look like normal sartorial, or clothing seams. They line up right when he is posed standing, and appear as nothing more than sewn seams in his clothing. They run the full length of his pant legs, inside and out, as well as up his sides, and along his arms. I am pretty impressed with how natural this looks. The red vest is the only place where a seam looks sloppy.


His feet are huge, but this is kind of a benefit. He can hold some poses without his base. That is always nice. The shoes are simple. Each one has a joint at his toes, this separate toe piece is black which contrasts nicely with the white. The soles of his shoes are silver. Overall his feet are painted nicely.


Jiraiya’s base is a large circle with the design of Persona’s iconic face adorning it. Around the face is a checkered pattern. This is a very nice design, and really makes me wish they had tried a little harder with Minato’s base. I love the Persona $ Figuarts ZERO bases, and Jiraiya’s is just as cool. There is a jointed post that fits into his back for adjustable posing options. It has three different points of articulation to help create many different options.


The bright yellow box that he comes is striped in various shades of orange, and green. I love the colour scheme for this title, as it is never dull.  The front of the box shows off a very large picture of Jiraiya, with the logo beside him. Since he doesn’t come with any extra bits or accessories he is easy to see through the window. The back of his box shows a nice variety of sample poses, all of which are pretty easy to recreate.


I really like the pose featured at the top of the box. Something about him looks really badass there.


This one I found a bit funny. It was also awkward to pose, but I guess it turned out ok, for a pose that looked funny to begin with.


I was a pretty big fan of this pose too. I just think this guy looks cool. I had a really hard time getting this one to where I liked it. In the end I wasn’t happy with my results. I just couldn’t angle it right. 😦


Lastly is my absolute favourite. I think this one turned out very well. Jiraiya is a very versatile figure, and I highly recommend him.



He is super posable.

His outfit looks good.

I love the design of his base.


There are small paint flaws on his clothing.

His head falls off a lot.

Overall Enjoyment: 10/10


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