Touka Kureha 1/8 Kotobukiya


Character: Touka Kureha

Title: Shining Wind

Sculptor: Kawagoe Hiromitsu

Scale: 1/8

Manufacturer: Kotobukiya

Release Date: December 2012

Run: Standard Re-release

My Figure Collection Link:

Kotobukiya’s rendition of Kureha has been haunting my wish list of figures for years. She was so pretty, but at the time of her original release I knew nothing about her. I had tried to play the game, but couldn’t really get into it. This time around I decided to get to know her by way of the anime. That wasn’t a particularly good idea either, so I just settled on her being beautiful, and an item I did not want to miss again. Now that I finally have her in my possession we can take a closer look, and see if she was worth all of the angst.


Kureha is still very pretty. Her eyes are gorgeous, but that is to be expected. If you have seen one Tony Taka face, you have seen them all. His design for eyes is wonderful, but aside from colour they are all the same. Her expression is bland. If you look very close the edges of her mouth are turned up a tiny bit, but I would hardly call it a smile. I didn’t really get emotionless from this character, but I guess I could have interpreted her wrong. Her face is pretty, but her expression is far better fit for say..Rei Ayanami.


Her profile definitely doesn’t do her any favours. Her head might as well just be an oval. There is very little detailing here. She barely has a nose, and there is nothing in the sculpt indicating a mouth. I know my opinion doesn’t matter in the larger scheme of things, but I like my cute girls to have an upper lip that isn’t their nose.


Her hair is very elegant looking, as it billows behind her. The creamy brown shade they chose for her is very pretty. Her bangs are brushed mostly to one side, showing off one eyebrow and a bit of forehead. The two pieces that curl down toward her chin frame her face well enough, but they are the only pieces of hair not blowing back…why? What she possibly doing to make that long piece blow across her chin and then outward?


There is a lot of detail going on back here. Her hair is blowing all over, and it looks good doing so. I appreciate that there are lines etched in from her bow all the way down. There are no points on the back of her head in which her hair looks chunky. Because of the amount of detail the seam lines are all blended in very nicely.


The ribbon in her hair is a cute touch. It is big, and kind of floppy. I have been tying bows for quite some time, and floppy they may be, I have never had one that had three ends, and two loops….why is there an extra end? Also the bow is immune to wind. The bow has an uneven seam line that runs along the top of the ribbon. It makes it look more sloppy.


Around her neck, Kureha wears a little feminine neck tie. It is very cute. There is a tiny green stud that holds it closed. The yellow and brown are painted nicely. The white paint however is a mess. It really messes up this whole piece, even the white around the little stud looks off.


Her right are is raised in front of her. I questioned for a while exactly what this figure was doing. It looks like she is dancing, but she is holding her bow behind her. Why would one hold a long bow while dancing? Her arm could be raised in a defensive manner, but if so why is it wedged under her boobie? Hell if she is dancing, why is her arm shoved in there. It looks uncomfortable if you ask me. Anyway back to the arm. If you ignore her breast….hey I mean it…we are discussing her arm, it looks alright. She has a decent nondescript shoulder, and a really cool ribbon that goes up her arm. The paint on this ribbon is a little rough as well. Her sleeves are pretty awesome, impractical, but awesome! They put me in the mind of autumn leaves. The colours, and jagged edge really lend to this effect.


The trim around the opening of the sleeve is uneven. This part is blowing forward as well. I think Kureha night want to take cover as opposed to standing in a twister. Her hand looks nice. Each finger is defined well, she even has nice knuckles. I think her thumb might be to short, but what kind of archer needs thumbs?


Her left arm seems weird. There isn’t anything obviously wrong, it just looks awkward. The brown ribbon on this side looks better than its mate. Her sleeve has a nasty seam line along the outside. The brown trim still isn’t painted very straight.


This hand holds her long bow. It doesn’t stay in place very well, but it balances against her base, so if you don’t move her it won’t fall. The sculpt of these fingers isn’t quite as nice as the other hand. Her fingernails are all uneven. This thumb may make up for the other one, as this one appears to be to big.


Kureha has nice looking breasts, and she clearly wants you to notice. I can’t think of any other reason for this position. They are round, perky, and have that odd melded together look. That’s always fun. The white flower design looks really nice.


From the front they look good, from above they look like they are fused together, and from the side her breast is directly connected to her arm pit. No sexy, curvy lead in….just connected. Kureha has weird boobs.


Her back is actually really nice. The curve of her spine looks wonderful. The back of her dress has low-cut, which reveals quite a bit of the modest Kureha’s flesh. The white trim along the top is painted decently, as is the brown sash that she wears as a belt. The wrinkles in the fabric look nice, and give the impression that the sash is pulled tight.


Her pleated skirt seems to be caught up in a swishing motion. This little bit of movement looks elegant, but her pose suggests more energy than is being shown here. The sides are open similar to hakuma. The paint on the skirt looks great, much better than on her top. The white trim along the bottom is painted nicely. The giant bow on her sash has a diamond pattern painted on it. The lines here are crisp, and smooth.


I was a bit distressed to see a series of scuff marks on her butt. This was there when I opened her. Not cool.


Kureha’s legs are also a problem. There are two good ways to view her legs. One is from a distance, the other is from the back. The shape of them appears very nice, unfortunately there is an awful seam line that you can see the remnants of on the front of each leg. I absolutely can not stand when these things are sanded off unevenly. In Kureha’s case, not only can you still see the seam, but it is sanded so poorly that her legs look flabby. They don’t look fat, just flabby.It is very off-putting, and not at all sexy.


From behind her legs look very nice. There is no trace of her seam lines, or weird sand job. She does have great indents behind her knees.

The boots she is wearing look way to bulky. I understand that they sag a bit around her ankles according to her character design, but on this figure they are huge. They make her ankles look huge. Her feet look disproportioned as well. A little more work here could have made them look great. The brown ribbons that wrap around her calves are a bit on the sloppy side. I must say the boots are overall the worst part of her…nix that, her legs are the worst part of her.


The bow has a nice, and simple design. The curled end rests against her base, which is the only reason it stays in her hand. They put in a bit of extra effort by stringing it with wire.


Her brown base is of oval shape. The edges bevelled slightly to make it look a bit more classy. She does not come off the base, at least not easily. She is screwed down, so there should be little chance of peg breakage.


Kureha’s box is very pretty. The front window is large, and displays her very well. Each side has the flower design from her dress cut into it. One side even has her sword depicted with the flower window. The rear of the box shows a front, and back view of the figure.



She is pretty.

Her hair is very nice.

She has beautiful eyes.


Tony Taka expressionless face.

Her legs look fatty.

Kureha’s boot make her feet look huge.

She has an awkward boob.

She doesn’t hold her bow well.

Overall enjoyment: 6/10


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