Bests and Worsts of Figure Collecting 2012!

Over the course of this last year Cb27ded, Tekizen, and myself have seen quite a few interesting figures come and go. Since this year has been so exciting as far as our collection goes we decided to compile a list of some of the best and worst things we have bought in 2012. Please keep in mind these were not all released in 2012, but were acquired by this year.


Overall Best



1.) Yu Narukami- Of all the figures I got this year, Yu not only captures the character perfectly, but the tone of the game he’s from as well. He doesn’t really have flaws to speak of and his accessories are awesome. Yu wins this round hands down for me.


2.) Noel Vermillion- Bam, just looking at this girl you can see that she has great motion behind her, I love how her skirt is billowing around her. The positioning of her legs is perfect for how she’s pivoting. You can also add in there that with the way her hair is swept up under her hat you get a great view of a very sexy neck and back.


3.) Airou- I imagine when I’m not at my farm in Monster Hunter that this is exactly what my felyne’s are doing. Just sitting back and watching the clouds roll by. The details on this figure are amazing. Perfect!



1.) Airou- I had to pick this one as my statue of the year. Honestly in my mind there was no contest. His sculpt is fantastic. I love all the textures that were used. Airou’s paint is perfect, shaded well, and his face is adorable. If those aren’t reasons enough his packaging is cute.


2.) Len Kagamine- I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but male figures are awful boring. Len is one of the few exceptions to this rule. His pose is dynamic, and his expression is lively. This figure is also a wonderful representation of the character depicted. Len was worthy of his grail status. I couldn’t have been happier with him.


3.) Kirino Kousaka- Kotobukiya’s Kirino is a runner up for similar reasons. Her charisma really shows through this figure. Not only is she very pretty, but she looks so happy. I have taken numerous photos of this figure over the last year, and I don’t think I will tire of her anytime soon.

Best Paint Job



1.)  Miku Hatsune- The shading they used on this figure truly leaves a stunning impression, especially on her hair and the white of her dress. The grate that she’s standing on looks rusted, which in my humble opinion is amazing. Also her nails aren’t painted as globs. I hate glob nail polish. This figures paint job is quite phenomenal.


2.) Rita Mordio- This figure is covered in what would have been paint flaws if done by any company other than Alter. They don’t do paint flaws though. Ever. Rita is of course no exception to that rule. Given that she has trinkets everywhere I can honestly say no flaws puts her at a solid number 2.


3.) Yu Narukami- I think this figure is perfect. Maybe it’s just because I love Yu and I don’t want to see flaws in him, but I honestly don’t see anything wrong with this figure. I love the flames and the way they engulf the card is amazing. Speaking of the card it’s painted accurately, even the most minut details were done stellar on this guy.



1.) Yu Narukami- This category was a pretty tough decision to make. The three candidates are all very appealing. I decided on Yu because Figuarts Zero does not have a great reputation. I can expect great things from Ani-Chara, or at the time GSC, but being our first Figuart, I dare say naysayers were wrong. He is fabulous.


2.) Miku Hatsune Love is War- Pretty much everything about this figure is aesthetically pleasing pleasing, but what stands out the most to me is her paint job. Her face looks great and her expression comes across clearly. All of the details on her outfit look great.


3.) Shana- She looks amazing! Her clothes, hair, and face are all done perfectly. There isn’t a place on her where I could find an error in her colour application. Even her little pendant. Alastor is done remarkably well.

Best Sculpt



1.) Airou- Not only is this figure freaking adorable, but the texture on both him and his armor is spectatcular. The people at Megahouse did a truly amazing job on him.


2.) Yu Narukami- This guy really surprised me. I had heard that figuarts where really hit or miss so I was not expecting to get one in the mail that was out and out perfect. Hair, face, hands, clothes, flames, all spot on.


3.) Yami No Yuugi- I might be a little silly, but I was genuinely worried about this one pre-release. Yami has such a distictive odd look that bringing it out into 3d seemed unimaginable to me. Kotobukiya delivered in spades though. The blown back jacket looks great and I love the sculpt on his spikey hair.



1.) Airou- I can’t find enough words to explain how great these figures really are. Megahouse did a fabulous job in the presentation of Airou. His fur is textured to make him look soft. His armour is made from fur too, and they used a coarser texture to show the difference in clean Felyne fur versus the monster pelt. His club shows signs of woodcraft, as well as the use of scales. Each different part has a look and feel of the material it is replicating. This is a truly awesome piece.


2.) Shirahoshi- This mermaid princess has a fabulous sculpt. Her body is amazing. The sculptor paid special attention to the muscles of her back and stomach. She has nice breasts, and they are even the same size! The scales on her tail look very good. If all all that wasn’t enough her long flowing tresses are stunning.


3.) Ivan Karelin- I decided to pick on Ivan for #3 because I really think this figure had great potential. He turned out pretty good, but with the sculpt as it is, I really expected more.  Ivan has really neat looking clothes, and when done right they can look really great. Megahouse can change that grey scale as many times as they would like, but I don’t think it will ever compare to the sculpt of this one. The way his clothes fit his body is perfect. The pose is unique, and his body looks great. I love his chest and shoulder. His face is not lacking in detail either. I am a big fan of his pouty lips, and they got his hair perfect.

Best Pose



1.) Kirino Kousaka- Kirino looks very vibrant. Like she’s straight out of a scene in the anime. It looks great and very very fun.


2.) Sayame- Angst, despair, and sorrow all radiate off of this figure in waves. It’s not just her expression either. Everthing about her says it. The way her clothes are worn to just rags, how frail her body is, the way she’s reaching out. It’s truly a masterpiece as far as figures go.


3.) Star Platinum-  ORA! I love a good action pose, and this is a great one. The way Star Platinum is posed in an awesome upper cut that I can only hope is directed at Dio Brando. His muscles are all in perfect proportion with each other and the look on his face is very nice.



1.) Sayame- I chose this figure for best pose because it is unique, it’s unlike anything else in my collection. I love that the way she’s positioned speaks volumes.


2.) Ivan Karelin- I’ve seen several figures disrobing, I believe this is the only figure in my collection putting his clothes on. I am also a fan of the extra emphasis put on his super cool jacket.


3.) Airou- His pose comes across really cool to me for several reasons. The first is how completely laid back he looks. I also like the way he is a part of his surroundings. The last thing that really stood out to me was the positioning of his head, and how he is looking up at the viewer. It is quite expressive.

Best Accessories



1.) Chie Satonaka Figuarts Zero- The queen of accessories this year is definately Chie. She comes with so many different options that it’s scary. A ‘Rainy Day’ Beef Bowl special, an alternate pair of megane bangs, a special attack screen, and a Legend of Seiryuu DVD case. Not only does she come with like eight kajillion accessories but they all look awesome too.


2.) Roronoa Zoro Figuarts Zero- This one is almost as cool as Chie, almost. Zoro has a wide range of display options too. three sword style, two swords, bandana, or not, alternate arms just to have his bandana tied around his arm. Bandai did a superb job with his pieces parts. Good job!


3.) Hiei-  Whereas I’m not a fan of Hiei’s regularly scheduled face,I love the calm confidance that radiates off his alternate. This combined with the amazing scuplt of the Dragon of the Darkness Flame, is more than enough to put hiei at a solid three for me!



1.) Shizuo Heiwajima- The thing that really stood out to me about Shizuo’s accessories is his sign. The way it’s dented and broken at the bottom makes it look like it was torn right up from the ground. I also find it cool that Altair gave us an extra cigarette.


2.) Shirahoshi- What more could you ask for from a figures accessories than a side kick to go with it, especially when that side kick is sculpted and painted as well as Luffy!


3.) Sena Kashiwazaki- The reason I chose her as my third is because of the detail and effort put into the PSP. I’m a big fan of the system, and am very familiar with how it should look. They did a great job on this and her other alternate pieces.

Best Packaging



1.) Sayame- Wow. When I buy a figure I expect it to come in a boring cardboard box with colorful pictures on it. This was a major surprise. Sayame’s ‘box’ is in fact a birdcage. It looks amazing and comes with pieces to hang it from a hook. Fabulous.


2.) Airou Megahouse- The little paw print windows are so cute!!!! The inside of the box is the Felyne kitchen which is precious.


3.) Miles Edgeworth- There isn’t too much that really screams special about Miles box, but I love it regardless. The drawn back curtains are a very nice touch and put me in the mind of Edgeworth’s Rule from the Ace Attorney stage production. The gold decorum on the front is very pretty as well.



1.) Panty Anarchy- This was an easy choice, her box stood out to me from thje moment I saw it. The colours are vibrant and the design is unique, I was also very impressed by the panty window on the back. The inside is full of surprises as well. The insert has various spectators highlighted in spotlights.


2.) Airou- This box really fits the theme of the game, the colours and painted details suit it well. The windows on the top and side are shaped like little paw prints and hidden inside is a Felyne kitchen.


3.) Sayame- This box had to be in my runner ups, while over all I’m not impressed with how the box itself looks I am very impressed with how you can use the box as a display piece.

Best Base



1.) Miku Hatsune Love is War- I didn’t even need to think about this entry. Miku’s tower is fantastic. Especially the grate she’s standing on and the rail. The paint in these specific areas makes it  look rusted which is a very unique touch.


2.) Asaba Ureshiko- I love this figure, but the base in particular is very nice, the wood that she’s sitting on is textured and looks really good.


3.) Miku Hatsune Travelling Mood- This particular version of Miku is kicking her foot up out of a puddle of water. There are leaves floating on the surface of the water as well as a reflection of the clouds. The cityscape surrounding her is pretty cool too. Overall a really cool base.



1.) Sayame- This base is really interesting, first off it is the only suspended base I’ve ever seen. It also can be displayed right inside of her box, it is both unique and aesthetically pleasing.


2.) Panty Anarchy- Actually this base is what first drew me to this figure. I thought it was interesting, unique, and the perfect photo accessory for Max Factory’s Luka Megurine.


3.) Miku Hatsune Lots of Laughs- Speaking of interesting and unique this base is pretty awesome. It is simply a wedge of cake that blends in perfectly with the smorgasbord of goodies surrounding her.

Best Expression



1.) Miku Hatsune Love is War- I think it’s really rare for a figure to scream of determination the way she does to me. I think it’s because her eyes are clear and focused, she looks dead set. Her mouth is detailed amazing, her teeth and tongue both look surprisingly good. Her fierce determination sets her apart in my book.


2.) Sayame- Distress emanates off of her face. Her clear blue eyes are shrouded in sorrow.  I adore the way despair rolls off of her in waves.  And yet as she reaches out there’s also a small bit of hope in her expression and the way she’s reaching out screams of longing.


3.) Miles Edgeworth-  The way Miles has his head down fits his persona better then most would think on first glance, but I love it. His eyebrows are arched in thought and his eyes look very serious. His mouth is set in a frown, I really like how utterly heartbroken he looks.



1.) Akira- He is my first choice because his facial expression is different from most other figures. He looks angry, and not even just angry but kind of defiant as well. So often we get figures that have on their angry fighting face, but very seldom do they carry the weight that this one does.


2.) Sayame- She looks so sad, not just unhappy, but in the depths of despair. To emphasize her forlorn expression her eyes look puffy as if she’s been crying.


3.) Kirino Kousaka- Her expression looks a little bit embarrassed. For the ever lively Kirino this expression shows a softer side of her. We often see her angry, or excited, but very seldom do we see her in a more vulnerable state.

Best Fanservice



1.) Akira- Meow! For the ladies has never sounded so good as this particular figure of Akira. His hair, face, the tightness of his shirt, his stomach, and he’s pulling his pants down…I mean ummm…. it looks very nice.


2.) Yui Takamura- For the gentlemen we’ve got a smoking hot statue of Yui, who clearly doesn’t know how to wear her kimono properly. Not that I’m complaining of course, she has an amzing body and I’m happy to see her showing it off.


3.) Noel Vermillion- Noel’s outfit is pure fan service of a significantly more innocent kind then either of my other two votes. The way she wears her outfit though is definately still smoking. Her skirt billows out just a bit and shows off her thighs which look delectable. Her back and neck are also superbly sculpted making her into one sexy little lady.



1.) Akira- Very seldom do we female fans get fan service of the PVC persuasion. This figure is sexy without crossing the line. It is a wonderful display of the male body and features my very favorite pair of boxer shorts.


2.) Panty Anarchy- This one is an interesting display of fan service, she dances along the line of decency (literally) without quite crossing over it. Her manner of dress is sexy from her sandals to her golden bracelets and she has a fabulous body. The pole is just an added bonus.


3.) Yui Takamura- This one doesn’t stand out as far as originality goes but this girls body is A+! She has great breasts, amazing thighs, and perfect little feet. This sculptor clearly knows what a real woman should look like.

Best For The Price



1.) Asaba Ureshiko- I had wanted this figure for quite awhile now, I found her for a farely good price at one of our local anime conventions. She looks great and was well worth the meager price I paid for her.


2.) Roronoa Zoro- Zoro was up for preorder on Anime Island for a price that I just could not believe. Less then thirty dollars for a figure with so many options. It seemed like a really deal. Totally worth it!


3.) Ringo Oginome- For having the figure of a high school girl, Ringo’s body has an amazing sculpt. She looks almost too good to be true. She is though and at only 3200 yen she was a bargain to say the least.



1.) Sena Kashiwazaki- This figure has been in my wishlist for months and I just could not come up with the extra 7800 yen to buy her, so when I found her for a mere 3000 yen I couldn’t pass her up.Upon recieving her in the mail I can honestly say she was worth more than 3000 yen.


2.) Caymy- This figure was an awesome find. I love the way she looks, and her paint job is very nice. She has some nasty seam lines, but I nabbed her from Hobby Link’s black Friday sale for 1000 yen, easily woth the price.


3.) Star Platinum- This figure is unique in pose, as well as colouring. The attention paid to his muscle structure is amazing. He is made very well, and cost a mere 35$. I must say that isn’t a bad deal at all.

Most Unique



1.) Sayame- The most unique figure of the year for me was one that has been two years in the making. Her name is Sayame and she is the world’s first hanging figure. She even comes with a bird cage to hang her in. It’s truly unique and very interesting.


2.) Panty Anarchy- Out of the hundreds of thousands of half naked girl figures out there I can honestly say that I’m surprised it took as long as it did to invoke a stripper pole into the midst of poses. Panty actually looks like she’s in motion too. It’s pretty damn cool.


3.) Miku Hatsune Lots of Laughs-  I love this toy, she looks like she’s in freefall with all the cakes and snackoos falling all around her. Honestly I love the way it forms into her base. She’s very well balanced and the food down on the side actually says LOL which is the name of the song this figure is base off of.



1.) Nekomura- As a fan of Vocaloids…and cats I had to have this. The concept of it being like three figures in one was really appealing, and the hints at a fourth critter hiding behind the cloud was hard to resist. After recieving the toy I found the chibi Miku crawling out of the cat suit in the back to be one of the cutest additions to any figure I own.


2.) Airou- Because cats are amazing companions and everyone can use a pen holder, or pot, or….something of the sort, what better idea than combining your household storage item with your favorite mascot?


3.) Sayame- Pretty much everything about this figure is unique from her despairing expression and swing base to her bird cage display box. Even the mood of this figure is unique.


Overall Best



1.) Princess Sapphire- Wow! She’s an awesome figure for sure. Her pose is great, her details look really nice and her base is beautiful. She’s very pretty and of quality equal to any statue I’ve named thus far.


2.) Nathan Seymour- This figure has an amazing sculpt and a good paint job. I think if I were just going for best representation of a character Nathan would win that one no contest.


3.) Yu Narukami- This is a great figure. At 1/8 scale he’s large and well worth the cost of the figure. His paint job is superb and I adore his face. Fabulous max!



1.) Jack Skellington- This is a pretty amazing figure. From his base to his bony fingertips there isn’t a part of him that’s boring. His pose is dynamic, his face is expressive, and the base that supports him is decorated in a Burtonesque  manner. Just a prize figure? I think not! Jack puts the prize in prize figure!


2.) Princess Sapphire- This one is pretty neat, she doesn’t look like a prize figure at all. Her detailing is amazing, her pose is very unique, and the diarama base is fantastic. She has no significant paint flaws or seam line. Honestly she has the traits of a high quality statue for a very low cost.


3.) Nunnally Vi Britannia- This figure doesn’t have the amazing details or presence of the two previous mentions, but what she lacks there she makes up for in sheer cuteness. I picked her because the sculptor did a fantastic job on her. Nunnally’s hair and clothes flow wonderfully. Her design offers a different style Alice, which I find refreshing. Another cool thing about this set of figures is the matching bases of the four card suits, hers being the heart.

Best Paint Job



1.) Lelouch Vi Britannia- For as much ridiculous detail as this guy has I would have expected him to be covered in paint issues. He isn’t though, that overly elaborate Madd Hatter costume is perfectly perfect!


2.) Naoto Shirogane- Regrettably Nao-chan couldn’t win on sculpt, the lack of folds in her clothes bothers me alot. However she does have a great paint job. Her hat is splendid and her wardrobe overall has an amazing bit of detailing to it. Bravo!


3.) Princess Sapphire- Her paint job is very nice, her sleeves are a little bit off, but she’s still way good enough to keep her at my number three spot.



1.) Konoha- She has a fantastic paint job. The trim on her outfit never deviates from where it should be. Her scrolls are labelled in a foreign language. They all have the same text, but they didn’t have to put anything there at all. It is a nice touch. Her face is amazing, and her palette really stands out!


2.) Huang Pao Lin- The shading to her outfit really makes her stand out to me. It may seem silly, but the shading shows off her body sculpt really well. An outfit as tight as this one should definitely not be a flat colour, They did a great job, on making her simple colours show a little bit more.


3.) Lelouch Vi Britannia-  This figure has a pretty awesome colour scheme, and an awful lot of painted detail. Be it the flower on his hat, his candy cane, or the geass that graces the back of his jacket, there are no points where the paint job is flawed. The diamond print on his pants is nice, and even all the way around. I also think his face looks pretty great.

Best Sculpt



1.) Haruna Sairenji- Wow this girl has a gorgeous body, she’s got a great hourglass figure. Her legs are really awesome, and so is her chest. She is a superb figure.


2.) Yu Narukami- I might just have an unnatural fondness for Mr Narukami here, but the sculpt on this figure is way cool. It screams of being really tense without the need for some crazy action pose.


3.) Koyomi Araragi- On a completely opposite note from Yu, Koyomi looks perfectly at ease but not boring. His only flaws are in his paint job, the sculpt itself is grade A.



1.) Samurai Airou- As with most of the Monster Hunter toys that I have become acquainted with, this one is not lacking in an excellent sculpt. His hat actually looks woven, his feather has tiny barbs, his fur is textured, and his tiny shirt really looks like padded armour. The textures on these figures always impress me.


2.) Nathan Seymour- With the exception of his hands, Nathan has an excellent sculpt. His muscles look great, and are easy to see through his form fitting attire. He also has a fabulous face, even from a profile angle. I am sure he would be thrilled to be called fabulous!


3.) Hunter- From a distance this looks awesome. Her hair is a bit unique in appearance, its full style is sculpted well. The armour she wears is textured, I am especially fond of the coarse fur around her waist. Her weapon of choice appears to be a type of bone sword, this also is reflected in the sculpt. Up close it is a shame that her paint job is mediocre at best.

Best Pose



1.) Mio Akiyama-  Mio is virtually curled up on herself, it’s adorable. Her stage fright comes off perfectly in this figure. Very fond of her!


2.) Nathan Seymour- As the flamboyant freakshow of Tiger and Bunny I was surprised that Nathan got a figure let alone one so perfect. His pose is amazingly ‘Nathan’. Couldn’t have picked a better one myself.


3.) Yosuke Hanamura- Yosuke is so full of energy that I can’t help but love this toy. He’s kind of dancing a little bit and holding his headphones up by his ear. He looks like he’s enjoying himself alot.



1.) Yosuke Hanamura- Some people may think this figure looks weird, and I suppose if you are unfamiliar with Hana-chan I could see why. As far as I am concerned I think this pose suits him perfectly. He is listening to his music while dancing about. Not only is it perfectly in character, but it is also very lively and unique, especially for a male figure. I think this one will be a favourite for quite awhile.


2.) Haruna Sairenji- Yosuke isn’t the only one dancing the night away, Haruna also appears to be swaying to the music, or maybe she is just showing off her new dress. Either way it is very cute. The way she is holding the skirt makes some interesting folds in the fabric. It also shows off a fair amount of leg, and what nice legs they are!


3.) Leorio- I honestly have no idea what he is doing, but there is something about this figure that is just so….Leorio. It is a perfect replication of the image it was based on. He looks very cool. I was quite impressed with this figure.

Best Packaging



1.) Konoha- Konoha’s box is vibrant and very pretty, it definately stood out to me.


2.) Jack Skellington- Jack’s box looks like it fell right out of The Nightmare Before Christmas, I love it.2012-12-30_22-58-35_931

3.) Princess Sapphire- Her box has manga art on the sides of it and looks truly beautiful with it’s array of pinks and blues, intermingling in the whole thing is an array of sparkles. Very pretty.



1.) Airou- Samurai Airou has a fun design for his packaging. The outside has a handful of Monster Hunter themed patterns gracing the sides. It also has little samurai Airou heads in the center of the trim.


2.) Yosuke Hanamura- This award kind of goes to all three figures in this set. I picked Yosuke though, because he is my favourite. I really liked these boxes because they are good sturdy boxes, with windows to view the figures. I find that most prize figure boxes are void of windows, and are not very sturdy. The colours are also fantastic. I love the signature yellow of Persona 4.


3.) Lelouch Vi Britannia- The boxes for this set are all very colourful in their depiction of Wonderland! The art is beautiful, and when all four boxes are set side by side they make one big picture! This is a pretty cool concept.

Best Base



1.) Princess Sapphire- The flowers on this base really make it stand out, but I think it’s the stairs that actually make it interesting. It matches her persona rather well.


2.) Lelouch Vi Brittannia- One of the cool things about the Nunnally in Wonderland figures is that each one has a base that is a card suit. I like all four bases but Lelouch’s spade stands out the most to me.


3.) Len Kagamine- Honestly I just picked one of the three Vocaloid prize figures that I own. They all have the same base style. The bases are piano keys that are very nice for the figures in question.



1.) Princess Sapphire- Sapphire has an exceptional base. There are very few grade A statues that have bases as unique as this one. The steps look amazing, and the flowers that accent it are a great touch.


2.) Len Kagamine- Len’s base is a lot of fun, and pretty original to boot. The base can be lined up with Luka, Rin, and Miku’s bases to form one big keyboard. Thisa is a really cute touch for figures based on a musical franchise.


3.) Hunter- Her base looks really neat. It is simply an icy rock, but it is perfect for her though. I think it makes her look tougher, just by her lack of clothes and her setting of a frozen wasteland.

Best Expression



1.) Mio Akiyama- The expression on Mio’s face is a rare one. She looks completely mortified. I do mean completely, I honestly would not be surprised if the follow up to this was her running off the stage crying.


2.) Nunnally Vi Brittannia- Nunnally has an adorable face. She looks lively and ready for an adventure, I think it’s positively precious.


3.) Conan Edogawa- Conan looks confidant, there’s a smile on his face and his eyes are clear and vibrant, He looks like he’s just pegged who’s behind this mystery and is in mid big reveal mode.



1.) Mio Akiyama- This figure looks completely flabbergasted! I am not sure how else to describe it. She looks like a mix of scared and embarassed. Did Mio just get caught in an odd situation?


2.) Sena Kashiwazaki- The look on her face is pretty deceptive. She looks sweet, as she gives us her welcoming smile. This figure brings out the worst in me, as all I can think is “Do you need my soma?”


3.) Kanji Tatsumi- This serious looking little guy looks like he is ready to throw down with anyone that gets in his way. I absolutely love his furrowed brow.

Best Fanservice



1.) Kallen Stadtfeld- Loathe as I am to admit that there is anything good to be said about Kallen she does make a nice piece of tail, bunny tail that is. She makes for a great zettai ryouiki. Her body is shaped very nicely. I love it.


2.) Haruna Sairenji- Haruna also has a great body shape, I dropped her down a point below Kallen though because I think her feet are a little too large. Still way sexy though, her dress is super hot!


3.) Yosuke Hanamura- A 1/8 scale Yosuke is fan service in and of itself but I digress…. The way Hana chan wears his clothes is way nice. He’s wearing a v neck shirt and pants that cling in all the right places. He might not be fan service to anyone else, but well he is to me.



1.) Haruna Sairenji- It is easy to see why this shapely lady was my number one choice for fanservice. Not only is she curvy, but her muscle definition is amazing, and her body is very well proportioned. She has decent sized breasts without them being too big, and her hips, Wow! Haruna is one good looking Prize figure.


2.) Kallen Stadtfeld- I love Kallen as a static figure. It means she isn’t talking. This girl has potential to be easy on the eyes, but so frequently her personality ruins it. This figure is onlt a part of my collection because she came with Lelouch. After getting them though, I was glad I did. Kallen looks just as awesome as Lelouch, and far more attractive. Her clothes fit tight against her slim form, showing off her curves. My favourite part however is the short pleated skirt/ high stocking combo. This look is almost always sexy.


3.) Sena Kashiwazaki- This is kind of funny, but this really doesn’t appear to be a very sexy figure. Regardless I think she is very beautiful. Her manner of dress, welcoming expression, and pose make me think she may be inviting me to play dugong.

Best For The Price



1.) Yu Narukami- 1/8 scale Yu Narukami,  great sculpt, awesome paint job, he looks nearly perfect. I love it and he only cost me 800 yen. You can’t get much better than that.


2.) Jack Skellington- Jack came to via Big in Japan as an error. He cost me a grand total of 100 yen. He’s way worth that price point. He looks really good and is one of my favorite prize figure.


3.) Kotetsu T Kaburagi Master Stars- This figure is totally awesome. He came out just under a month ago for a grand total of 1500 yen. He’s taller than the G.E.M. and honestly I think he looks better too. He’s a way cool figure with great detailing.



1.) Jack Skellington- He was a bit of a surprise this year. I didn’t order him, he just showed up in one of my boxes. There was a 100 yen charge for him. I don’t know why they did that, but he is easily worth 25- 30 dollars, if not more.


2.) Kotetsu T Kaburagi- I had heard great things about Banpresto’s Master Stars line of prize figures. Supposedly the detailing is great, and they around 9 inches tall.The kicker is that they are only 1500 yen. Kotetsu was my first from this line, and given how impressed I am with him, he probably won’t be my last.


3.) Yosuke Hanamura- I may not have mentioned it before, but I really love this statue. Honestly he is one of my favourites of 2012. He was won from a Happy Kuji, in which each draw was a mere 800 yen. Seriously I would have paid a lot more for him. Add another 0 to his price and I still would have bought him.Yosuke for 800 yen is a total steal.


Overall Best


1.) Drossel Von Flugel-  This figure is totally great. She has the most awesome joints ever, she moves great. I completely adore her and the way she moves.


2.) Chie Satonaka- Chie is one of the only two figmas I’ve ever had that can do the splits of all things. Her high kick is amazing. You can pose her in so many aawesome action shots that are really a lot of fun.


3.) Origami Cyclone- Another really fun one to pose is Origami Cyclone. He rocks pretty hard, but he looks the best when posed with his Figuart Zero counterpart. I’m a very big fan of this figure.



1.) Sonic- This figure is one of my absolute favourite actions figures, not just from this year but my whole collection. He looks really cool, is easy to pose, and has a ton of accessories straight from the game.


2.) Lunatic- This one is interesting because he looks absolutely silly, but add in the cloak and some cool poses to find a really cool looking toy. His joints all move very smoothly, and he represents the character very well.


3.) Len Kagamine- Len gets a special nod from me this year. He is my favourite nendo, specifically the Cheerful Japan version. He isn’t quite as flexible as Sonic, but he has great accessories, and very expressive faces.

Best Paint



1.) Kamui Gakupo- Gakupo is a great toy, he has an awesome paint job on his outfit. The whole outfit, the hakama, haori, and the wardrobe underneath it too. HIs hair is shaded nicely and the hand painted faces are adorable.


2.) Hatsune Miku- Not only is she one of the most original action figures I’ve ever seen and definately the most unique Miku  posable figure that will ever be made, but she has an amazing paint job as well. Truly Awseome!


3.) Hunter- Not only is his paint job superb, but his armor is textured too. It’s very well done. The color choices for his armor look great as well.



1.) Lunatic- This one is done really well. All of his stripes, and designs are perfectly straight and clear. He has no paint errors that I could find.


2.) Kitaro- He has some really great shading. I love the purple gradient used for his dead flesh. His vest looks good as well. all of his details are very sharp.


3.) Sonico- It took me a minute to realize that the pattern on her hoodie is a hodge podge of  little kitty silhouettes, not just any kitty but the little guy on her shirt. The cat looks great, her charm necklace is done well, and her faces are adorable. Overall her paintjob is very nice.

Best Sculpt



1.) Lunatic- I couldn’t love an action figures sculpt much more if I tried. This guy is so freaking perfect that it just amazes me. Especially his face it’s so freaky looking that it’s border line sick.


2.) Rock Bison- Also from the T & B  S.H. Figuarts line is Rock Bison, he’s a little less awesome because he doesn;t know how to move….but he LOOKS amazing which is the point here.


3.) Hunter- His sculpt is really cool, they textured his armor, and styalized it perfectly. His joints looks decent and his face is adorable. I really like the job they did on this little guy.



1.) Kitaro- I love this figure. Not only is he painted very well, but his sculpt is great too. The mechanics are fabulous. His neck is double jointed which makes his head very easy to pose. His fingers, and toes look swollen. Could this be because he is dead? It looks great.


2.) Origami Cyclone- This photo bombing ninja has a ton of detail which was all faithfully reproduced in his sculpt. His armour looks great, as does his mask. The little intricacies are not left off.


3.) Hunter- His sculpt is done very well. The posable joints blend in well, and don’t detract from his overall appearance. The armour is textured in a realistic manner.

Best Movements



1.) Drossel- Double jointed, I mean seriously, she’s got the best joints I’ve played with on an action figure in well…ever. She moves like a dream come true.


2.) Barnaby Brooks Jr.- I love action figures of fighters, they can almost always assume the best poses. This is also true in the case of Barnaby, he moves great.


3.) Nano Shinonome- Nano is my favorite nendo based soley on movement. She doesn’t fall apart as easily as alot of the nendos I’ve played with and she moves very easy. Her joints are actually surprisingly smooth. A nendo dream come true.



1.) Drossel Von Flugel- Most of Drossel’s points of articulation are double jointed, this allows for maximum flexibility. Her arms, and legs move very smoothly.


2.) Lunatic- He is also double jointed. I think it would be way cool if more figma adopted this type of joint. Lunatic has a great range of motion.


3.) Kitaro- There is nothing particularly special about the way this figure is articulated, but his simple joints smooth smoothly,. and offer a wide variety of posing options.

Best Accessories



1.) Drossel- She has got some awesome accessories. I wish that they would have put a little more effort into the cape but aside from that…. the glasses are really cool, and the staff and head dress look plain wicked. This is a really great action figure.


2.) Sonic- Nendoroids either come with really cool or really sucky accessories. Sonic just happens to be one of the cool ones. A gold ring, a power gam, and an extra life just to name a few of them. He’s pretty great and a toy I’m pretty happy to have.


3.) Army San- I hate this nendo, but I do have to give credit where it’s due. The jeep is awesome sauce. She has two grenades too, which is almost as cool as the jeep.



1.) Sonic- The accessories that come with this toy are great! Each one is straight out of the game. The treasure box is my favourite, considering it has extra pieces so you can change it’s contents. The gate is a great piece too.


2.) Drossel Von Flugel- I am not too familiar with “Charming”, but I was a pretty big fan of the original “Fireball” series. These new accessories really make me want to watch the show. The staff is quite impressive! The goggles are pretty cute too!


3.) Daddy Eyeball- This guy has some impressive accessories, most notably would be his sake bath bowl. This is such a fun idea. Another really cool aspect is his array of expression options. Yes an eyeball can have feelings too!

Best Packaging



1.) Sonico- Her box is so cute, I love the little cat camo pattern all over it. THe brigght pink letters fit her very well too, Cute!


2.) Lunatic-  The red moon behind Lunatic looks fantastic. As does the cityscape. They really made this box look good.


3.) Daddy Eyeball- I love the classic feel of this box, the way the cast is displayed all over it is really cool. I’m very fond of it.



1.) Kitaro- I have always  loved the art work of Shigeru Mizuki, so it is no surprise that Kitaro’s box is taking number one packaging. I love the use of original artwork.


2.) Sonico- Hehe I think I am a sucker for the camo-cat pattern. This is super cute, and fairly original.


3.) Lunatic- I picked Lunatic’s box for number three, because it suits him so well. The colour scheme is perfect, and I absolutely love the red moon.

Best Base



1.) Kitaro- Kitaro’s base is that of a gnarled tree and tombstones. It’s really neat and very original. I love the detailing that went into it.


2.) Daddy Eyeball- Daddy Eyeball’s base isn’t quite as cool as Kitaro’s but it still stands out away from the super bland nendo and figma bases. It has a grub crawling across it to and that’s awesome.


3.) Jack Frost- I don’t like nendo bases but Jack’s is a little different. His is shaped like his hat and it attaches totally different than other nendo bases. It’s a way cool base. Very much with the liking of it.



1.) Kitaro- This base looks like it was taken right out of Kitaro’s setting. The tombstone, withered tree, and broken fenceposts all create a wonderful atmosphere for our ghostly friend.


2.) Origami Cyclone- This may seem pretty silly, but I am a really big fan of the figuarts bases. What makes them stand out over some of the other action figure bases, is the ability to hook more than one figure to each base. There are usually removable plugs, that can be replaced with extra pegs. This comes in really handy sometimes!


3.) Jiraiya- The D-Arts bases seem to differ slightly from the Figuarts bases, being they don’t have have extra peg spots for other figures. They easily make up for that in design. Jiraiya’s base is big, sturdy, and a great representation of the Persona franchise.

Most Aestheitic Joints



1.) Drossel- She looks awesome, very robotic, very cool. I think the joints look particularly stellar because she’s a robot.


2.) Rock Bison- Find them I dare you. He has joints but they are very well hidden. I kind of appreciate that, but I do wish they moved a little bit better. Aesthetic yes, practical not so much.


3.) Sky High- Like Rock Bison, Sky High looks great. His leg joints are well hidden by his skirt, and his shoulder joints are disguised by his shoulder pads. He looks really nice.



1.) Drossel Von Flugel- I think picking an android for most aesthetic joints may be cheating. They do blend well with her overall design, and that is the objective!


2.) Hunter- This little guys joints are so tiny, that they are really hard to see. This makes them look very nice, but it also makes them very fragile.


3.) Barnaby Brooks Jr- Ok, so I cheat alot! Barnaby’s mechanized suit makes his joints all look as if they were meant to there. Nothing unnatural here.

Best Expression



1.) Nano Shinonome- Shinonome has some of the best faces ever. Especially her crying face, I think that’s adorable. She also comes with a generic happy face, and a really happy face. I think the really happy face is cute too. She’s way precious.


2.) Kitaro- Kitaro’s faces are really interesting. I like the fact that his eyes are interchangable. He’s really cool, and very expressive, I’m very fond of this guy.


3.) Dragon Kid- She has a face that makes me think of a hamster, an angry face, and a happy face. She’s way cute and honestly I kind of want to cuddle her.



1.) Teddie- The facial options for this little bugger are perfect. The panicked expression is my favourite, but his happy and angry face are pretty great too!


2.) Len Kagamine- Not only are all three of his faces absolutely adorable, but he comes with stickers for even more options. The sad face is to die for.2012-12-23_21-46-46_386

3.) Kitaro- The really cool thing about Kitaro is the different options for each head. Not only can you switch out his whole head, but his eyeball is removable too.

Overall Cutest Chibi



1.) Yosuke Hanamura- 2012 has seen some adorable chibis come our way from varying different companies….Yosuke however stands out the most to me. He’s cute and lively, his face is expressive, and the headphones that are waaaaay too big for his head add another touch of adorability to him. If he gets much cuter it might prove to be too much for my heart to handle.



1.) Len Kagamine- This was the first nendo I ever bought, and honestly I think he was a little misleading. He has some of the best expressions I have seen on a nendo yet. His faces are also all painted wonderfully. This little guy is adorable, and very expressive. If there could only be one chibi in my life, Len would be the one.

Best Trading Figures



1.) Gon Freecs- Of all the shonen leads out there I think Gon deserves figures the most, which is why he has so few of course. This one so far is my absolute favorite figure of him. It’s cute and actiony. I like it alot.


2.) Barnaby Brooks Jr- I thought my brain was going to implode on itself when I first saw this little guy. He is sooo cute, almost uncharacteristcally so. He also comes with alternate options so you can either have him sitting or standing. Nice touch!


3.) Nathan Seymour- Part of Nathan’s charm is how overwhelmingly odd he is, this figure does a great job of representing that in both pose, facial expression, and sculpt.



1.) Mafuyu Oribe- So this may double as a guilty pleaseure, but she is adorable. I love her face, and hair. She looks a little funny without the towel. Mostly I think my affection for this toy stems from my love of the character.


2.) Ivan Karelin- He is irresistibly cute. I don’t think I could have passed this up if I had wanted to. Ivan is always welcome to find his home on my shelves, but this fun, and original figure is a must.


3.) Yosuke Hanamura- This little guy barely made it onto this years list. He arrived here the day after Christmas. He was so cute. I love his tiny thumbs up. This may be the best figure I have ever seen personally that came out of Taito.


Overall Worst



1.) Barnaby Brooks Jr- I can’t imagine a more twitch worthy figure than this. The paint job isn’t good. The pose isn’t good, the accessories aren’t good… general this figure is crap.



1.) Rihoko Amaha- From the pictures online I had seen Rihoko looked so cute. In reality the only thing that impressed me about this figure is how bad it is. Her pose is awkward, her sculpt is questionable, and the shading of her skin makes her look bruised. Even her face looks off, I think her are too far apart. I can’t believe how bad she turned out.

Worst Paint Job



1.) Kaito Jeanne- I was really excited about getting this figure, it’s one that I wanted for quite some time. I’m honestly quite pleased to have her, but her paint job is crap. That’s really all there is to say about that.



1.) Rihoko Amaha-Her colours are all splotchy, and the application of her fce was done poorly. Her features are spaced too far apart, and her skin looks like she has been abused.

Worst Sculpt



1.) Kurama- I hate to keep taking shots at this figure but I hate this sculpt. He’s way too femmy even for Kurama. It’s really craptastic. Not a fan of it at all.



1.) Ayumi Yamada- Ummm……yeah. She looks so elegant from a distance. It is a shame that up close you can see how truly bad it is. It looks like she has tentacle hair. Her bra beads do not continue onto her back, and her base is riddled with awful seams. She is pretty bad.

Worst Pose



1.) Rise Kujikawa- I have no idea what this girl is doing! It doesn’t make any sense to me. Is she spinning? Doing a balancing act? Just posing to look weird?



1.) Rin Kagamine- She is really cute and I love her alot, but seriously what is she doing? Why is her spine broken?

Worst Accessories



1.) Charlotte Dunois- My god her alternate options are horrible. Horrible. The embarressed (?) face is ridiculous. It doesn’t match her pose at all. The option of having her hair down doesn’t look much better either.



1.) Cryska Barchenowa- A PIPE CLEANER????

Worst Packaging



1.) Kaito Jeanne- A statue that comes in a blister pack?!? What the hell??????



1.) Sheryl Nome- The pictures chosen to represent this figure are attrocious. If I had seen the box prior to ordering her I probably would have stayed my hand.

Worst Base



1.) Kaito Jeanne- I understand that I need to take age into account but good lord this base is ridiculous. She doesn’t even stand on it, she just leans against it a little bit. Irk it’s super annoying.



1.) Shana- Not only is this thing really plain, but it is a ridiculous waste of space.

Worst Expression



1.) Hiei- When I get a figure of someone using their ultimate attack of super awesomeness I expect them to have a facial expression. Hiei does not, he has no emotion on his face at all. No smirk or scowl, no reason for this attack to be in use. It kind of sucks.



1.) Ivan Karelin- The alternate face that Ivan comes with looks like the sort of face you would find lurking in an ally near an elementary school. It doesn’t fit the character, AND it looks creepy.

Worst Fanservice



1.) Sheryl Nome- My god I almost forgot about this figure. I was this close to giving this one to damaged Akira before I saw her in my closet. This version of Sheryl is a horrid attempt at fan service. Especially the placing of the uh bullet…….



1.) Sheryl Nome- Ok, so Sheryl looks like a stripper. I understand that this figure is supposed to mimic the nose art of an airplane, but it comes off poorly. If you place her above eye level she looks sinister. The cast off shirt doesn’t fit her well. Her breasts are squished together with little definition between them, like fingers in a fist. Her pose is trying to hard, and phallic representation bullet is laughable. She does have pasties though.

Worst for the Price



1.) Masane Amaha- I love Alter alot, but this figure……it’s ridiculously bad. She looks good on he shelf, but upon actually inspecting her the quality is craptastic.



1.) Kyousuke Kousaka- way over priced for a figure with so little to offer. He has to different expressions, but neither do him justice. I am glad that a figure of him was made, but why did it have to be a bad pricey exclusive figure…?

Least Unique



1.) Amanda Werner- Bust size impossible? Check. Hips that are way too wide? Check. Guns? Check.



1.) Cryska Barchenowa- Any body can make a hot busty girl in a swimsuit, but how do we make her even more cliche’? Put her on her hands and knees, with her butt thrust up in the air. Ooooh, and add a Santa hat!


Overall Worst



1.) Lily- This figure doesn’t have a good paint job, she doesn’t hold her microphone stand, and her sculpt is pretty bad. Overall she’s kind of foul.



1.) Lily- Every category you have read thus far, this figure completely fails in. Oh wait her box was ok!

Worst Paint Job



C.C.- God this figure needs some serious help. As impressive as Lulu is this figure is in need of some serious help. I think I could have painted her better.



1.) Hunter- This figure looks so cool from a distance, but up close she looks blobby, and awkward. Her entire paint job is sloppy. What a waste of a great sculpt.

Worst Sculpt



1.) C.C.- Specifically the sculpt on her underwear and butt…..her flesh is hanging over the edge of her panties and that’s just nasty….



1.) C.C.- Why is her butt squishing over the top of her panties!?

Worst Pose



1.) Gon Freecs- Watch in wonder as Gon stands there! He does nothing, and I mean nothing. His arms are down flat at his sides, the lack of excitement in his pose doesn’t match his expression at all. It’s really dull.



1.) Killua- Is he falling over? I mean, seriously what is this figure supposed to be doing?

Worst Packaging



1.) Len Kagamine- The Vocaloid prize figures for the girls have pretty pictures of them on the sides. Len’s box is black and sparkly….and really dull.



1.) Sena Kashiwazaki- Her box looks really nice. I really love the pictures on the sides, but there is a big problem on the inside. Typically Banpresto puts a smaller card board box around the figure to keep it from rattling around inside the packaging. Sena has no smaller inner box, so she had a rather unprotected ride home.

Worst Base



1.) Lily- This is almost twitch worthy. It hooks directly over her back tattoos for starters, the pieces don’t fit well, she looks like she’s falling over. Errrr……it just sucks!



1.) Kotetsu T Kaburagi- This little foot stand looks off-putting to say the least, but I could get past that if it was at least functional. It isn’t. Not even close. His feet don’t even snap into it. The plastic piece just rests against his ankles. He falls over with little provocation.

Worst Expression



1.) Ruri Gokou- Good lord talk about needing help. Ruri’s face is pretty ridiculous. She looks angry which is fine, but because of the style of the figure she has no nose. This leaves it coming off more comical than anything else.



1.) Killua- His face looks like a gremlin. I can’t even tell what feeling he is trying to emote….

Worst Fan Service



1.) C.C.- Wait this wasn’t actually supposed to be hot was it? Please someone tell me that’s a joke.



1.) C.C.- Her colours are awful, and her sculpt is mortifying. Her butt is spilling out of her underwear, which is totally not sexy.

Worst for the Price



1.) Rin Kagamine- 75.00 dollars before shipping……What a waste that was. Her face is cute, but the seam lines and bad shoulders don’t really lead to the price equalling out.



1.) Lily- Every single dollar I paid for her was too costly. She may be worth 100 yen….maybe. 1500 yen though, no way!


Overall Worst



1.) Konohana Sakuya- If she didn’t just fall apart and were physically capable of being posed I don’t think this would be anywhere near as bad. As is though I couldn’t even get her into a semi dynamic pose…..



1.) HMO Miku Hatsune- If you like model kits you may be a big fan of HMO Miku. She is super cute, but every time you want to pose her, you have to reassemble her, as all she does is fall apart. Great accessories. Cute faces. Awful mess.

Worst Paint



1.) Sky High- I love this guy but he has some paint flaws that I simply can’t get past. Sorry Bandai I still love you guys though.



1.) Army San- This one is kind of funny. It isn’t so much that her paint job is bad, more so that it is lacking. There seems to be a lot of neglected detail, especially on her jeep.

Worst Sculpt



1.) Kenshin- This figure was like a shot through the heart. She looks okay sure, but she can’t move. The sculpt of the figure itself completely inhibits any orm of action pose. I can move Rock Bison better than this and that’s just sad!



1.) Barnaby Brooks Jr- This one is pretty cute, but they gave him the same arms over and over. Yeah they are subtley different, but not enough to notice. Also, he is supposed to be a chibi action figure so why don’t his legs move?

Worst Movements



1.) Konohana Sakuya- Maybe if I remove a few wing panels I’ll be able to raise her arm just a little….crap well back to the drawing board.



1.) Luka Megurine- Girk. Her hair inhibits her arms, as well as makes her head unable to turn well. Her skirt makes moving her legs an excercise in futility. Oh yeah, and because of her hair you can’t really attach her base either…

Worst Accessories



1.) Sky High- A broken horn piece….really? Why could I possibly ever need that for anything?



1.) Shuukan Hatsune Miku- I am going to start off by saying” yes I have seen this ugly video” and Yes I understand she is supposed to look that way”, however this is an abomination to the cute virtual idol that Miku is. I am giving her worst accessories because her alternative faces offer little emotion, and are a waste of expressions. I also think her ice cream holding hand looks ridiculous.

Worst Packaging



1.) Konohana Sakuya- Yeah ok I admit at this point that I am deliberatley picking a fight with this toy, but dammit if the box where bigger they could have made her wings less annoying thus making a better product. End justification.



1.) HMO Miku Hatsune- For a figure with such a lively bunch of accessories, and faces, her box is really lacking in life. It is bright, I will give it that, but it is painfully boring.

Worst Base



1.) Luka Megurine- Hoo boy, nendo bases are bad enough normally but once you bring a character with long hair into the equation they only get worse. Due to extremely poor planning poor Luka is forced to continuosly look down….



1.) Luka Megurine- Hahahaha…..she can’t even use her base effectively!

Least Aesthetic Joints



1.) Jack Frost- A lack of clothes really are a negative for most action figures. Jack heres shoulder and hip joints stand out particularly bad due to this concept.



1.) HMO Miku Hatsune- The super posable aspect seemed like a really neat-o idea until it all fell apart literally. Her joints are ugly, and do not blend well with her overall design. I was amused that the recently released Hunter nendoroid’s joints were done entirely different, and look much better.

Worst Expression



1.) Jack Frost- I really like Jack’s face, however him only having one face is a major downer.



1.) Shuukan Miku Hatsune- They give you three different options with this figure, and it amazes me that none of them offer any emotion. I think we are supposed to feel some joy with the baseball, and ice cream, but she just looks angey. Her smiley face looks vindictive, her singing face looks angry, and her gloomy face looks well angry… we have smiling/angry, singing/angry, and depressed/angry……I am glad my image of Miku doesn’t hate everything.


Just For Giggles!



1.) Sayame- This figure definately has her flaws, but overall I think she’s one of the most amazing statues I’ve seen this year. Her uniqueness and expression alone made her a must buy item!


2.) Tatsumi Kanji- Gya! He’s so cute! I love this little guy so much! Kanji rocks my socks!


3.)Princess Sapphire- She’s very original in both pose and design, her paint job is good and she’s a character that I adore. Can’t get much better than that.


4.) Yu Narukami- This guy not only rocked my world but got me totally addicted to buying Figuarts. Thanks alot Yu.


5.) Nico Robin- This one is a personal fave, she looks great, and is a good representative of a character I adore.



1)Poogie- When I ordered him I was just curious. He was listed as a 32+1 piece 3D puzzle. I had no idea what the heck that meant, but Poogie is cute, and he was cheap so why not? Well I had a blast putting him together, and I absolutely love taking pictures of him. This little fellow is definitely a great surprise.


2) Origami Cyclone- I love his pose so much. This little guy has starred in a lot of my photography…maybe cameoed is a better way of putting it.


3) Len Kagamine- Always cute. Always fun. I never run out of fun ideas for this little guy. I love his accessories, his faces, and his sculpt. Len is not only one of my favourite figures of the year, but my favourite nendo to date.


4) Kirino Kousaka- This figure is very expressive, and lively. One of the best things about her though is her natural appearance. There is nothing about this figure that gives off the impression of “generic girl posing”


5) Yosuke Hanamura- This is a very good representation of a character that I really appreciate. I never thought I would be granted a 1/8 scale figure of him, and I won’t take this opportunity.

Most Anticipated 2013



1.) Raidou Kuzonoha- I went back and checked every couple of days after this announcement just to make sure it wasn’t a dream. I cannot wait to get my hands on this guy!


2.) Gumi- Ooh! She looks so good, I love the outfit they decided to go with for her and I think she’ll look amazing with Aquamarine’s other Vocaloid project Ia. I can’t wait to have them both!


3.) Chie Satonaka- I have a few mild issues with this Chie, however it’s another scale Chie for my shelf which is more than awesome enough to warrant her a spot on this list!



1) Keigo Atobe- Kotobukiya is my absolute favourite figure company, and they are making one of my favourite guys ever, being Keigo. I have been waiting for this for years. Finally it is happening!


2) Len Kagamine- It is about time they made append versions of the twins. I don’t think this one is nearly as cute as his predessessor, but I can’t wait to see what he comes with.


3) Sonico- I think a 1/4 scale bunny Sonico is just what I need to make my collection complete.

Most Eyebrow Raising Detail



1.) Aegis- The wonderful people at Yamato recently made a figure of Aegis in her maid costume. It’s pretty gorgeous, but what really got me about this figure is the detail under her skirt. They actually detailed the entirety of what you can see of her battle suit. Very nice!



1.) Panty Anarchy- She is seriously tugging on the edge of her panty while straddling a pole…I didn’t even notice the panty pulling until I had her in my possession. Awkward.

Best Body Shape



1.) Yui Takamura- This woman’s body is not only displayed beautifully but proprtioned equally well.



1.) Noel Vermillion- I am going to go a different route this time, and pick Noel. Her arms ang legs are sculpted fantastically, and her back muscles look great. I am quiote fond of her deminutive form. She isn’t very curvy, but she looks great regardless. This one stands out to me as a very good looking body type that gets way to little attention.

Guilty Pleasure Figure



1.) Hanamura Yosuke- I’m hesitant to admit how much this little guy made me smile, but it’s honestly one of my favorite chibis ever. It’s from the crossdressing competition, it was also one of the two secret figures in the set. His expression is awesome, and his pose is pretty freaking sweet too. Of course having an embarresed little Hana- chan on my shelf is totally worth it.



1.) Nathan Seymour- I really love this figure, but there is definitely something unsettling about it, maybe it’s the fact that he makes me think of Dennis Rodman….

Best Representation of a Character!



1.) Naoto Shirogane- I love the expression on this little ladies face. She’s positively adorable and has such a serious look about her. It’s pretty much a great figure as far as I’m concerned!



1) Rin Kagamine- This depiction of the daughter of evil, Rilliane is pretty great. Her expression is wonderful, and her evil castle lurking in the background is pretty neat.

And just for kicks Cb27ded added in her Bests of the year too!


Overall Best


Saber on the Motorcycle- Afterall, with the amount of money I spent on her, she better be good! With the lovely folds in her clothes and paint job, she’s great. The motorcycle is fantastic with its detail too. Definitely one of the treasures of my collection.

Best Paint Job


Aigis- The color scheme of Aigis is overall pretty simple, but there isn’t an error that I could find in her paintjob at all. It looks great.

Best Sculpt


Luka- The sculpt is just plain sexy and those laces on the boots are for the win! Great stomach area and the sculpt to her hair is great.

Best Pose


Ika Musume- The over-exuberant jumping in the air is pretty unique. I have a lot of figures that are just standing, posed, or whichever. It’s not very often that you have one in the air, with the tentacles all over the place. It’s very lively.

Best Packaging:


Luka-That’s one colorful, eye-catchy box!

Best Base


Luka- Yes, it’s may be a circle, but it’s a cleverly disguised circle as a record and that just amuses me. It’s the same, but not the same. The grooves on the record feel nice too.

Best Expression


Kirino- Definitely one of the most lively expressions I have on a figure. I love it a lot.

Best Fanservice


Luka- Fully clothed while being incredibly sexy is great and I just love that stomach area.

Best for the Price


Taiga-Free for me, you can’t argue with that. I simply adore this girl too, it’s no wonder she’s been on my wishlist for years.

Most Original


Saber- How big and expansive she is, it’s no wonderful she’s the most original to me too. She’s not standing and yeah, she’s sitting but she’s sitting on a motorcycle and she just so cool! 😀


Prize Figures

Overall Best


Detective Conan- Good paint job and it’s a figure of Detective Conan.

Best Paint Job


Antonio-He looks great and I didn’t see many paint flaws at all.

Best Sculpt


Yousuke- Pays great attention to the little details, which quite a few prize figures do not.

Best Pose


Jack Skellington-You can not argue against the rocking out with the guitar. Gives the figure a lot of life.

Best Packaging:


Nunnally- It’s so lively and looks like a picture book background.

Best Base


Princess Sapphire- Look, it’s not a circle or some geometric shape! In fact, it’s stairs!

Best Expression:


Mio- The embarrassed look on her face is just priceless compared to the standard smile that most figures tend to have.

 Best fanservice:


Haruna Sairenji

Best for the Price


Yukiko- For free! 😉 I love that word.


Action Figures

Overall Best


Ika Musume- She came out even better than what I expected from figma. I wish her hands would hold the plates of food better, but overall, she’s great. She’s very flexible and the bendable tentacles came out even better than I was hoping for. She has appropriate alternate faces too.

Best Paint Job


Meiko- Whereas, with most Nendos, I can find various paint flaws here and there, but with Meiko’s simple design, it worked out well. I am very happy with her.

Best Sculpt


Ika Musume- As I know all Nendos are Chibi figures with accessories, but the figma fits more in conjunction with her relative size and looks very nice. Her figure just looks better in comparison to some of the Nendos I have.

Best Movement


Ika Musume- She moves quite fluidly compared to the other action figures I bought this year. She was well worth the money spent.

Best Accessories


Shuukan Miku- She comes with a ton of accessories, more than most action figures I ever get. It makes her very fun to play with.

Best Packaging


Blue Rose- There isn’t any wasted space in the packaging for this figure. Smaller than most boxes I get for action figures and still fits all of her accessories.

Best Base


Ika Musume- Cause it’s not a Nendo base?

Most Aesthetic Joints


Drossel- Or else I’m gonna say Ika Musume against. 😛


 Fun Categories:

Most Anticipated 2013


Green Ranger Figuart- Oh my childhood crush, please come to me in figure form!

Most Eyebrow Raising Detail


Celty- Come on, that see through visor on her helmet is fantastic!

 Best Overall Body


Celty- What? She’s sexy.

 Best Representation of the Character


Millihoire- Her happy go lucky feel to this figure just adds to the dog is man’s best friend kinda feel.

Favorite Guilty Pleasure


I wouldn’t say it’s guilty but I adore my mini squid with a leaf.


Cutest Chibi


Kato Marika

Overall Best Trading Figures!


1.) Mini Squid Girl


2.) Squid Girl


3.) Oikawa Hazuki


I hope you enjoyed this little year end fiasco. Lets hope that 2013 brings with it lots of fun things to talk about. Have a Happy New Year everyone!


About Topiki

I am a crazy anime fangirl. I love music, movies, and video games. I frequently attend concerts, and conventions. I make all my own cosplay. (Which is a work in progress) My biggest hobby however is collecting solid tangible things. Cds, dvds, figures of all shapes and sizes, cards, and any other random related goods.
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One Response to Bests and Worsts of Figure Collecting 2012!

  1. colonelfancy says:

    This is a great job with lots of observations, studies, and detail. I can’t imagine this being easy, and clever use of categories, as well. There is a lot to comment on here, and I would need a whole post to do that, but I’ll say one thing; Gon….standing there…with his arms straight down at his sides….with that look on his face….that’s going to be in my damn nightmares for years!!

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