Sena Kashiwazaki 1/8 Megahouse


Character: Sena Kashiwazaki

Series: Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

Scale: 1/8

Manufacturer: Megahouse

Release Date: September 2012

Run: Standard

My Figure Collection Link:

Just recently I fell in love with Sena Kashiwazaki. Not only is she absolutely adorable, but I find her a bit charming, and easy to get behind. With a slew of figures to choose from, it was an interesting process choosing which one would be my first Sena statue. In the end Megahouse won. Not only did she look good, but she came with alternate pieces, which is always a bonus!


To me this figure best suits the character as I see her in my mind. She is smart, sexy, and into awesome video games! I picture this figure happily declaring that she just got herself a PSP, so now she can play Monster Hunter too! I can empathize with that fairly well.


There are two different options for Sena’s expression. The first is this wide-eyed happy look. Sena’s eyes are a vibrant blue shade that stands out very well against her pale face, and light hair. The varying shades of her eyes add a bit of depth, as opposed to a solid colour. I am especially fond of the way light is clearly reflecting off of them. They added extra detailing to her lashes to coincide with the art style of the title. Her mouth is also pained really well. The little pink area is surrounded by a thin red line. She even has a tiny fang. In Sena’s case this is a necessity.


Sena’s other face is this adorable winking face! I really like this one a lot. The same wonderful colour scheme was used for her one open eye, whilst the closed one is a simple arch of eye lashes. Her mouth is the exact same. Honestly the other face is more detailed, but I feel that this one is a bit more expressive, and far more unique.


Her pale blonde tresses are shaded with a light brown near her hair’s part, and tips. Her long locks seem to be caught up in the motion of her running. They look great from the front! Her bangs are shaded especially well.


From the back the strands look a little bit clumpy. There isn’t as much detail as I would prefer, but at least she doesn’t have tentacle hair. It really doesn’t look bad, I think I am just being picky.


I do have one major problem with her hair. The seam where the pieces separate to enable expression swapping is pretty bad. No I mean it. With the open-eyed face her hair fits together properly, but with her winking face it does not! Which is sad for me, because I really wanted to display her that way…


The butterfly accessory that Sena wears is really nice. It is made from a soft, pliable plastic. This really makes it feel like it won’t break particularly easy. It is also transparent, so when the light hits the wings, the blue reflects on to her hair! I think the butterfly is quite pretty.


Sena’s white button down shirt is barely visible peeking out of the top of her school jacket. Her neck tie can also be seen here, fluttering upward slightly as she moves. The very bottom tip of her tie has a chip of paint missing from it. I was pretty unamused by this. Nothing a tiny bit of paint can’t fix, but I shouldn’t have to do repairs on them unless I damage them…


Her green jacket looks very nice. The light green is tinted with a darker gradient around, and in the folds, which are placed very well. The yellow trim is painted fairly well. There are a couple of small points that are a bit fuzzy, but overall they did a nice job. I did notice that her jacket has no buttons. I am not sure what is keeping it closed especially with her voluptuous breasts, but she may want to be careful, or Yosuke won’t be my only figure have a wardrobe malfunction.


The folds under her right arm are fabulous! The seam here is kind of obvious though. Her profile is adorable, even if she is missing her lips…


The back of her jacket has a sailor collar, which is a super cute touch. The yellow trim here is painted wonderfully. The creases in the fabric on her back go very well with the way her body is positioned. They actually follow her raised arm. The central sartorial seam is a nice bit of added detail. It even follows the curve of her back.


Her sleeves are just as nice as her jacket.The wrinkles are all in realistic places, and the shading is amazing. Each white cuff is accented with a yellow stripe, and under the jacket you can see her shirt sleeves.


Sena’s left hand is clasped into a loose fist. Each finger is sculpted very well, and at the end of each one is a tiny pink fingernail. Her nails are painted precisely. Nice job Megahouse!


For her right hand, you have two options. There is one waving hand, as well as one hand that is holding her PSP. The fingers on her open hand look great. Each one is perfectly in proportion, and her tiny fingernails great.


Her PSP hand is also quite good, but the real star of this hand is the device itself. You can see all of its tiny buttons , as well as the ports along the edge. It even has the clear trigger buttons, and a phone strap place. Truly wonderful. There is even a white stripe around the outside that matches her uniform.


Her skirt is great. The pleats are actually following the folds created by her movement. I love the way her skirt looks. The folds are simply amazing! The lace under skirt lays as it should, just under the edge of her school skirt. There is a little bit of white paint added to make it look a bit more lacey.


The back of the skirt looks just as good! I just love the pleats!


Sena has really great legs. I know I have said it before, but I think it bares repeating. She has very nice thighs, thick but not fat. The knee of her outstretched leg looks pretty good, but her bent knee appears to flat. Her calves are slim, and her ankles are well-defined. The short skirt that she wears puts these things on display very well.


From the back her legs are just as sexy, if not more so. The back of her knee has slight indentations. Again that skirt lets us get a full view of her shapely legs, but with just the right shot we can sample that lovely ass!


Sena’s knee-high socks look nice. The yellow stripe is crisp, and even. I know this sounds silly, but I am impressed that there is a slightly raised edge around the top of each sock. All to often I find that socks are just painted directly onto the characters legs. Not a major calamity, but definitely lazy.


Her simple dress shoes are sculpted very nicely. There is a raised seam all the way around the top of the shoe. The only place the seam stops is at the strap over the top of her foot. The shoe soles are painted black, so they stand out well against the brown. The colour is applied very well.


Her right foot has two holes in the bottom that slide onto her base. This piece itself has a very pretty design. The circular base is a light transparent blue, and decorated with a lovely butterfly that matches her hair clip. It is simple yet effective. I think it suits her very well.


Sena’s box is covered in various patterns within the green, and yellow stripes. There is a large window on the front, with a picture of Sena in the bottom corner. The sides also have windows. One of which has another large window, while the other has small bubble shaped windows. The figure is very easy to see inside her box. The back shows a full picture of the figure, as well as both alternate faces.



Sena’s faces are really cute.

Her PSP has great details.

She has an amazing body.

The sculpt of her clothing is very nice to look at.

She has a very lively pose!


Her hair fits together weird.

She has an odd scuff on her hand, and neck tie.

Her jacket has no buttons….

Overall Enjoyment: 9/10





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