Minato Arasawa Figuarts ZERO- Bandai


Character: Minato Arasawa

Series: Persona 3

Manufacturer: Bandai

Release Date: September 2012

Run: Tamashii Web Shop Exclusive

My Figure Collection Link: http://myfigurecollection.net/item/91731

With the ever-growing popularity of the Persona series, I was honestly surprised that we didn’t see any more scale figures of Minato or Akihiko, after Kotobukiya’s fabulous offering a few years back. I was pretty excited by the announcement of the Figuarts Zero Minato. I am hoping that there will be more to follow. One thing is for sure, this year Bandai proved they has what it takes to deliver some great figures.


This figure is based on Minato’s new design, which can be quite off-putting if you are familiar with his original look. A lot has changed in his face, and hair.


Albeit, I do like his original look better, this figure does justice to the new design. Minato’s facial features are thinner, and more angular than they were before. This isn’t a bad thing. It is actually easier to take the character seriously when he looks this way. His eyes have a certain degree of depth to them. His expression is serious. The application of his eyes was done very well. There is a degree of definition around his mouth to make it stand out without any paint emphasis. Minato has a very nice face.


One thing that really looks odd to me personally is his unhidden right eye. Previously this eye was obscured by his swoopy hair. Minato’s dark blue locks are messy, but still maintain a bit of their former swoopy style. I am fond of this look, as you can see more of his face, it just took some time to adjust too. They did a fine job sculpting the details of his hair.


The back of his hair looks pretty nice too. The sculpt here is very simplistic, but done very well.


Minato’s plain white shirt looks alright from a distance, but upon closer inspection it has no buttons. That is pretty awkward for a button down shirt. The wrinkles around his belly make it look like his shirt is to big for him. Maybe this is so he slip the button-lacking garment over his head….with even closer inspection you can see tiny lumps that could have been buttons with a bit more work. His bow tie could have used a bit more work in the sculpting department as well. The knot itself needs more definition.


He is wearing his headphones as per the norm. These could have been really cool if I hadn’t been staring at Kotobukiya’s version for the past couple of years, but they will suffice. They look more like stethoscope pieces than headphones. The part that is really funny, however is the headphone chord…..Man that thing is thick!


Minato’s jacket is probably the best part of his wardrobe. The zippers are all nicely painted silver, and the way the back billows out is great! It definitely gives the impression that he is surrounded by power!


From the back you can see the full effect of how the fabric is moving. You can also see his zippered pockets.


Pair off the billowing jacket with either of his arm options, and you are bound to have a surefire winner. I am especially fond of the hand with the gun. I think if you haven’t played this game, and viewed this figure it would seem far more desperate than it is. The gun to his head, and the serious expression looks very dreadful, like maybe he is threatening to kill himself. Scary. If you have played the game you know this is a fallacy, but it does look pretty intimidating. The gun is done well. It is all painted one solid colour, but the details in the sculpt make up for it. His trigger finger looks like it might be broke, or maybe his knuckles are just spaced weird.


The hand with the card looks pretty good as far as the quality goes. Both sides are painted. The back of the card shows the face, while the underside of the card has an image of the fool. His fingers look pretty good too! Overall I think the figure lacks presence with this option in comparison.


The fabric of his sleeves are appropriately wrinkled where his arms are raised, or bent. His left arm is especially cool, not only is he wearing his armband, but you can glimpse his wrist watch peeking out from under his sleeve. At each cuff there is a small silver zipper.


I don’t think it matters which figure design you go with, the white holster looks awful. Not to say it isn’t made well. It just looks tacky. Yes, I know that is how he was designed, but the fashion police need to step in on this one.


Minato’s pants fit better than his shirt, that’s for sure. The sculpt of them is pretty boring though. He wears a fairly non descript belt. His pants do have a fly, and a decent amount of wrinkles around his hips. From there on down they fit tight. There is little definition to the pants, or his legs. At his ankles the fabric gathers a bit, as it would lay over ones shoes….oh wait his pants don’t touch his shoes, so they must be caught on his boots.


The back of his pants look like they may be made from spandex. He has no pockets, or any other rear detail. The fabric hugs his backside, but other than a miniscule bit of wrinkles behind his knees, there is nothing at all to be seen here.


The buckles on his boots are painted very nicely. The sculpt is done well, and is proportioned to the rest of his body. You can clearly see the straps on each boot, as well as the white soles.


He is connected to his very large base, by two removable foot pegs. There is a third whole in the base behind him, that is fitted with a removable plug. Here you can attach another figure if you choose to do so.


Minato comes with two boxes, as do most Figuarts ZERO pieces that I have come across. The first one is a plain brown cardboard box offering no more than his basic info, and a bar code. This outter box works really nice for protecting the inner one from damage.


The main figure box has a very nice looking close up of Minato on the front. One side features a picture of the whole figure , while the other side shows his silhouette. The back depicts him from different angles, it even has a shot of him and Orpheus.  Inside Minato, and his extra bits are all securely packed in between layers of blister plastic. He is protected well in here. There are no windows though, so in order to really appreciate him, he must be removed from his packaging.


He is an excellent alternative to the very rare Kotobukiya statue.

It is kind of cool being able to display both versions of this character.

The interchangeable pieces are cool.

He has a great face.

His paint job is pretty great.


His base is huge.

He is definitely a step down from the Kotobukiya figure.

His pants are lacking.

Overall Enjoyment: 7/10


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One Response to Minato Arasawa Figuarts ZERO- Bandai

  1. colonelfancy says:

    Solid detail on this toy all around. I really like the eyes, but man, a cream-colored holster?!? What in Jesus biscuits were they thinking!? It disctracted me from the stethoscope he’s wearing.

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