Kobato Hasegawa and Sena Kashiwazaki Twin Pack- Phat Company


Characters: Kobato Hasegawa and Sena Kashiwazaki

Series: Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukenai

Sculptor: Matsuda Model

Manufacturer: Phat Company

Release Date: September 2012

Run: Standard

My Figure Collection:http://myfigurecollection.net/item/103568  and http://myfigurecollection.net/item/103569

The only thing that could have made this set better would have been the inclusion of Kodaka Hasegawa. Sena, and Kobato are easily two of my three favourite Haganai characters, so this two pack is perfect for me.


At the time I pre-ordered these I had only see a couple of episodes of the show, and felt no particular affinity toward any of the characters. I did however think that this figure of Kobato was super cute. That being said I ordered all 3 two packs.


The cosplay goth lolita Kobato seems to believe she is a denizen of the dark. This is strongly emphasized in her manner of dress, as well as how she acts.


Her tiny face is adorable. Her heterochromatic eyes are painted wonderfully. They are smooth, and perfectly even. Kobato’s eyes are also very detailed. The colours start dark near her top lashes, and fade to very light hues at the bottom. Her expression as always is very stoic. The tiny touch of blush is cute.


Kobato’s head lacks definition, as is common with chibi figures. From her profile she barely has a nose.


Her hair is done nicely. Her bangs fall just short of covering her eyes. Her face is framed by the loose locks hanging down in front of her ears.


The maid styled head band she wears looks really good from the front, but the paint on the black part is pretty bad.


Each of her twin tails is sculpted nicely, and shaded with a light brown colour. This adds a bit of depth to her locks, and looks quite good.


Most of Kobato’s dress is obscured by her plush rabbit. The bunny is definitely sculpted better than he is painted. You can see tiny stitches where the fabric was put together, but they aren’t painted at all. The pink paint is a bit sloppy, especially on his ears. The black paint on his face is done well. I love his toothy mouth. Only one tiny hand is visible. It looks alright, but there is a significant gap between her palm, and the plushie. This should have been fixed.


Kobato’s sleeves each have a tiny red ribbon under the shoulder. These both look pretty good. The white ruffles at her wrists aren’t painted very well at all. The tiny black ribbon around her neck is crisp and clear behind her bunny.


Kobato’s legs are folded underneath her. Each tiny black shoe is painted ok. Her legs have a pretty nice shape for such a little girl. I think that is just the Haganai way.


The back of Kobato’s hair is lacking in detail. She does have more awesome shading back here though.  The front of her hair has such a nice sculpt. Good shading doesn’t make up for a lazy sculpt. The back of her dress , like the front is mostly obscured. What you can see of it looks pretty good, even the ruffle is painted well back here. I also like the little creases where the dress connects to the ruffle.


Her base is a plain brown circle. If you can get her attached, it will hold her well, but honestly it was a pain in the butt.


You can expect to see a lot more of this busty blonde bouncing around “the Midst of Nowhere”, as she is my favourite Haganai character. I am already amassing quite the collection of Sena pre-orders. The first of which is this little treat.


The expression on Sena’s face is just about perfect. She looks a bit irritated.  Her blue eyes are very pretty, and the detailing on them is very nice indeed. I do think, however that they may be to far apart. I do like the arche of her left eye brow. Her face totally says “You’ve got to be kidding me”. Her mouth is a simple red line. If you look closely you can see the two tiny white circles beneath her eyes. Pretty good attention to those tiny details.


Her bangs are sculpted very well.  They frame her face decently, and part just enough to show off her arched eyebrow. The long pieces that hang over her shoulders are shaped alright, but there are some icky seam lines.


The blue butterfly that adorns her hair feels really cheap. I am however, impressed that the painted the front, and back of it. It is made from a hard plastic, that offers very little give. It feels fragile. The black outline is thick, and messy. It makes the butterfly look far less dainty than it should.


The back of her hair looks nice, but could have used a bit more definition to the sculpt. What they did do with the individual sections looks alright though. I am quite fond of the shading.


Sena is wearing her school uniform, and even as a chibi she wears it well. Her white collar pokes out from the top of her jacket, as does her necktie. The paint here was done pretty well. Even the yellow trim looks good until you get to the bottom of the jacket. The way it fits around her torso looks great! Each of her sleeves has wrinkles near her shoulders and elbows. The cuffs are painted a sloppy mix of white and yellow. Her hands pass for what they are supposed to be, but they are chunky, and don’t actually lay on her hips.


The back of the jacket has a fabric seam straight down the back. Very nice. She also has some nice wrinkles near the small of her back, where the fabric pulls at her waist. Unfortunately her hair prevented decent pictures of her back…The yellow paint is still awful.


Sena’s pleated skirt is great. Each little fold looks even and nice. The lace underneath is part of a white underskirt. I think it would have looked strange if it was just tacked on to the bottom of her skirt.


This girl has some great legs in the anime, which if sculpted properly so do her figures. I can only assume this is because she spends so much time running. Even her chibi does her fabulous legs justice. She has nice thighs, and plenty of detail around her knees. Her calves are shaped well too. I just love her legs! Sena’s knee-high socks are a nice touch to this school uniform. Usually I am not a fan of dark coloured socks, unless they are thigh high stockings, but with her uniform colours they look good. The tops of them are  painted a bit rough though.


Sena’s plain brown loafers are sculpted good, but there is very little paint emphasizing the small details. They are plain brown. No shading. The soles appear to be a slightly darker shade of brown, if you look really close.


Her base looks just like Kobato’s. The only difference would be the two pegs that hold her feet in place. she fits on it tight, so she is unlikely to fall over.


The front of their box has a subtle blue, and pink design surrounding a large window. Both figures are clearly visible. Each side depicts one of the two characters in their figure form. The back features a view of the figures from both a front, and rear view. They are kept snug inside by blister casing.



Nice Expressions.

Great Character Choices.

Clothes Are Sculpted Well.

Sena Has Great Legs.

They Have Very Pretty Eyes.


Hands Aren’t So Great.

Seamlines Are Visible Everywhere.

Kobato’s Base Is A Pain To Attach.

Overall Enjoyment: 7/10


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