Yukiko Amagi Figuarts Zero


Hmmm. My second caged bird review recently, although this time its a lot less literal than Sayame. Yukiko is the heiress to an old fashioned Japanese inn, the expectations of those around her feels like a cage to her. This is my review of this delicate little bird.


We’ll start with her eyes, she has tsurime eyes which is fitting as she is one of the more serious members of the investigation team. Her eyes do look a little too far apart however, that could just be me though. Yukiko has a great neck, the tendons show rather nicely against her skin. Taking a peek downward we see that she is adhering to the school uniform a little bit better than Chie, she’s at least showing the collar of her sailor fuku. I really like the pattern on the sweater too, it’s very well sculpted.


Her skirt sways slightly as she walks forward the very picture of elegance. Her legs are shaped nicely and I like that her tights don’t look like a part of her shoes and vice versa.


She has a nice profile. The way she’s looking down slightly adds to her ladylike demeanor and makes her seem a bit more refined. At the same time however she also looks like she’s leaning forward a bit too much which is kind of awkward.


I’m not too fond of this arm, the way it’s bent back at the elbow it kind of looks broken.Her fingers are splayed nicely however and I’m confidant that if I had any idea what she was doing I would say it looks great.


Have you ever watched a movie where the popular girl goes walking past, and her hair is caressed by a wind that doesn’t affect anything but her locks? I think it’s because she’s walking but that’s totally the vibe I get from this particular Yukiko. Overall though her hair does look very nice from the back.


The curve of Yukiko’s back leads down to her well proportioned hips. Running the risk of sounding like a pervert, I really like the shape of her body. Especially from the back, it’s very well proportioned and very hot.


The seams on the side of her head (attaching the blowing strands of hair) do take away from her sex appeal though.


Her base is the same ground that you first find when entering the t.v. world in Persona 4. It looks really cool, but is way too large for this toy.


Whooten! Alternate pieces! Yukiko comes with her fan, it’s shaded in pink and yellow and looks really nice.  The angle she’s holding it at however looks a little odd. Like she’s hiding her face from cameras….


Yukiko comes with gag glasses gifted to her by Teddy. These are a pain in the ass. They don’t actually attach so you have to slide them up under her bangs and pray that they stay there.


You can also make her hold said glasses. Nice!


Yukiko’s glasses weren’t painted at the top…it’s black instead of red. Well anyway her glasses are supposed to red to match her sweater. They come attached to a separate bangs piece which can be easily switched out.


Whereas Yukiko is probably the least flat-out aggressive member of the investigation team she too does have her limit. Thus they included her split screen summoning animation. Even though this is my third one of these I still find them hilarious.


Yukiko stands ready with her knight.


Of course Yu is always an option to save the caged bird too.


Yukiko has a nice box, yellow since that’s Persona 4’s themed color, with pink highlighting for her.


The back of the box shows her various display options.


Last but not least is the standardized cardboard box that protects her. It’s a great touch and something I’m sure any collector can appreciate.


Overall I’ll be honest of the Figuarts in my possession thus far she’s my least favorite. It’s not that there’s really a whole lot wrong with her, but by comparison  to the rest of the Persona line she’s really lacking in dynamic.


About Tekizen

I am a thirty three year old fujoshi. I adore Aniplex and Capcom both to a near criminal degree. I love cosplaying. Some of my favorites to date are Miles Edgeworth and Chrollo Lucifer. I am also currently working on Varuna. My absolute favorite genre is mystery. I LOVE a good mystery. I have a varying degree of fandoms. I love a lot of different anime, but I can honestly say I love old school american cartoons just the same. My favorite book is The Bacta War in the Star Wars X Wing novel series. I finally beat the Demi-Fiend! He was freaking hard!. I think that's all for now though.
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