Meiko Nendoroid- Good Smile Company


Characters: Meiko

Series: Vocaloid

Sculptor: Ageta Yukiwo

Manufacturer: Good Smile Company

Release Date: December 2011

Run: Standard

My Figure Collection Link:

This last couple of months I have had quite the influx of nendos to play with. So far most of my favourites seem to be non-human characters, so imagine my surprise when Meiko turned out to be the cat’s pajamas.


Not only is she super cute, but she has some pretty original pose options too. This nendo has quite a bit of personality. Let’s share a drink with Meiko tonight.


Meiko’s dark brown hair is actually pretty light on this figure. As a matter of fact it is almost a dishwater blonde shade, with darker shading around the center, and tips. I am especially fond of the swoopiness of her bangs.


Her standard face looks happy, not unlike any other standard nendoroid face. Her yellow eyes are painted on well. It amazes me every time that I think about these faces being hand painted. They really do a job. Especially on the various expressions throughout the nendo line.


Her little red top doesn’t have a whole lot of painted detail. What little bit of extra colour her shirt does have is painted accurately. I would’ve made fun of them if they had screwed up on her zipper. They  totally could have made her breast pocket stand out more.


Meiko’s skirt isn’t quite so lucky. Again the silver looks good, but her white belt is pretty sloppy. It does look pretty good with her boots though. Her knee-high boots are pretty cool. You can see where the zipper up the front of each boot is, as well as the little grey sole.


Meiko comes with quite the selection of alternate pieces. She has several different arms, each one offering a completely different option. There are two straight arms with fists, one outstretched left arm with an open hand for holding her microphone. She also has a right arm with an open hand, made to fit her cups. Lastly is her bent arm, so Meiko may rest her hand on her hip. It does suck that her hands can not be exchanged with other nendos.


Her small glass looks like it has liquid in it, probably wine since she also comes equipped with a wine bottle. Whatever she is drinking is obviously clear, so I am going with Vodka. Her other cup eludes me. It looks like a measuring cup, but I have no idea what it is actually supposed to be. I was a bit sad that she can’t really hold the bottle.


The only other accessory that she can hold is her microphone, which can involve a pretty neat pose all its own. I decided not to display her this way however because it looks like a lot of  unnecessary weight on her base. The mic looks great though.


Meiko comes with 3 faces total. There is the standard face, the drunken one, and the happy open mouthed expression. The drunk one is pretty funny, but definitely nothing to write home about. The open-mouth happy face could be used for singing, laughing, or just to make it look like she is having a good time.


The last awesome thing that Meiko comes with is her shift body. She can sit, which unfortunately is becoming a nendoroid trend. Her sitting position is pretty great. She has two bent legs so she can sit flat, or with the use of one straight leg, she can sit in a very unladylike position. Meiko is really easy to pose. She doesn’t have a ton of extra pieces attached to her, so she doesn’t fall apart all the time. Everything moves well.


Meiko’s base is a typical nendoroid base. She has the little square base with a jointed arm to hold her upright. It does a great job, but it isn’t special.


She comes in a standard nendoroid box. There isn’t really anything special about it. You can see most of her accessories through the window. The sides of her box feature the figure in several different poses. The back shows the same.



Great poses!

Decent paint.

Adorable faces.


Lack of detailing.

Hands can’t be exchanged 😦

Overall Enjoyment: 10/10


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