Nathan Seymour DX- Banpresto


Character: Nathan Seymour

Series: Tiger & Bunny

Manufacturer: Banpresto

Release Date: September 2012

Run: Prize

I am a pretty big fan of Nathan Seymour, and honestly I never thought he would get a decent sized figure. I used to be happy if I got a trading figure of guys like these, but even those have gotten harder to get with the influx of chibis everywhere. Thanks to Kotobukiya, and Banpresto we are seeing more awesome guy figures than ever before.


There are so many things that stand out about this figure that I am not even sure where to begin. I guess it is only natural to start at the top, and work my way down.


Nathan’s face is so awesome. His eyes are painted perfectly, I especially love the purple eye shadow. The touch of light pink glossy lipstick also looks awesome on him.


The shape of his head is great. His profile is perfect. It is rare to find a figure with such a great profile. His pink hair is worn short, with tapering stripes shaved into each side. What hair he does have is painted nicely. Nathan also has his star earrings equipped. They are nice touch, but could have been painted better.


The feather collar of Nathan’s jacket is painted a pearly white, with shimmery pink shading. I actually thought it was all pink at first glance. It looks very cool.


Nathan’s jacket can definitely be described as flamboyant. I would probably just call it tacky. I love the feathers, and the pearly white body of the jacket, but the orange trim is just awful. Coincidentally the orange parts look the sloppiest as well. Around his neck he wears a red ribbon, held in place by a silver, and purple brooch. The painting here is pretty sharp.


The jacket itself has little detail as far as realistic wear goes. There are some wrinkles around his waist, and shoulders but very few on the front at all. The open back would be really cute if this were a cute girl’s jacket, but I think it looks pretty out-of-place here.


His sleeves are very tight around his upper arms. You can see his muscles clearly. I really like the sculpt of his arms. The lower portion of his sleeves bell outward. It looks as if they can be worn open, or buttoned up, as there are buttons, and holes running along the opening. The orange trim is sloppy here too.


The under shirt Nathan wears is a black mesh piece that leaves little to the imagination. For that matter it puts his whole chest on display. There are a couple bothersome smudges though. The sculpt here is pretty darn good as well. As a hero, Nate must really work out a lot. It really shows in his design.


Nathan’s hands could use some work. The position of each hand is unique, however Banpresto could have sanded down the seams better. The fingers look chunky due to the thick seam lines. Great concept flawed by lazy work. I think his left hand looks like a werewolf hand…Each fingernail is sloppily painted purple. He also wears a gold band on each pinky finger. These look pretty good.


Wow! His legs are also very muscular. Men in tights have never really been my thing, but I must say having legs like that, why not show them off? His tights conform to his legs perfectly.


The backs of his legs look phenomenal as well. The sculptor did a fantastic job capturing the male body.


Nathan wears some really crazy boots. Just look at those heels! They match the rest of his outfit look ok, but orange, and pink do not mix well. The orange paint is less sloppy here, but the purple is pretty bad. The creases near his ankles and toes are placed well.


His base is a simple black circle. It doesn’t really add or detract from his appearance. It does its job holding him steady, and matches the other 3 Tiger & Bunny DX figures to date.


Nate’s box is pretty cool. The front shows a picture of the figure, with Fire Emblem looming behind him. The fact that is says Tiger & Bunny twice is fairly amusing. There are no windows on this box, but that does leave room for more pictures. There is a close up on one side, and a full shot on the other. The rear side shows the other Tiger & Bunny DX figures to date. I wonder if the next two will show all six. I guess we will have to wait, and see. Inside this box Nathan is protected by a cardboard shell, as well as the plastic bag he is wrapped in.


Amazing muscle details.

Great face.

Awesome character.

Superb pose.


Sloppy trim.

Poor seamlines.

Overall Enjoyment: 8/10


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