Shizuo Heiwajima 1/8 Alter


Character: Shizuo Heiwajima

Series: Durarara

Sculptors: Numakura Toshiaki and Saitou Fumiki

Scale: 1/8

Manufacturer: Alter

Release Date: September 2012

Run: Standard

My Figure Collection Link:

Shizuo Heiwajima wasn’t one of my favourite characters from Durarara, to be honest I wasn’t very fond of him. After the announcement of this figure I actually struggled with whether, or not I should order him. Character flaws aside he looked great! I already had Celty, and Izaya as well. They both looked phenomenal, so I was sure that Shizuo would be too, so I concluded that if I didn’t pick him up I would probably regret it in the long run.


I know this won’t come as a shocker, but I pre-ordered his first release, and hoped for the best. Knowing Alter I had little doubt that I would get just that, the best.


Shizuo’s face is perfect. It captures the mood of the character well. His expression looks irritated, like maybe someone is about to get throttled. His golden-brown eyes are painted very nicely. They are also very easy to see behind his glasses. Speaking of his specs, Alter did an A+ job here. The shape is perfect, the frames are painted clearly, and the arms actually go back over his ears. The really stand out thing is that his glasses are not removable, this means that they won’t slide all over, or fall off. Instead if you want to display Shizuo without the glasses you replace his entire head. This saves us from an unsightly hair seam, and unnecessary pieces.


His messy hair is sculpted well. There are multiple layers of blonde locks all over the place. He looks tousled, but nice. You can still see a seam line behind his bangs if you look close, but since it doesn’t come apart it blends in better.


The back of his hair also has a slightly messy look. There is a funky seam near the top of his head, as well as an injection mark. What is that about Alter!?


It is kind of funny. Shizuo’s hair style doesn’t match his mode of dress at all. His hair looks unkept, but his clothes look very nice. His white button down shirt is pristine.He wears it buttoned to the top with a small black bow tie tucked under his collar. The squared shoulders of his shirt also look fabulous. I really like the sewn seams here. The wrinkles around his upper arms are a nice touch. They make the shirt look natural with his bent elbows. The cuffs at the ends of his sleeves have no buttons, or button holes. Could this be the style, or did he lose the buttons in a fight?


His vest looks professional. It is also formfitting, so again the wrinkles where the fabric pulls against his body look very convincing.I think it especially looks good around his waist.I do find it amusing that the buttons on both his shirt, and vest are painted identical to the fabric. A touch of pearly, or glossy finish would have been a wonderful touch.


The back of the vest is pretty plain. The wrinkles between his shoulders are decent. The center seam where the vest is sewn together is pretty cool.


Shizuo’s hands both look amazing. Each finger is shaped, and proportioned well. There is also a tiny fingernail at the end of each one. The curl of his fingers, give his hands a very relaxed look.


His right hand rests at his pocket. There is a really nice emphasis on his knuckles.


He also comes with two cigarettes, so you can pose him smoking. The smokey treat rests between the middle, and forefinger of his left hand. These things are tiny, so the second one is an extra just in case.


Shizuo’s slacks look alright. At the top you can see his belt poking out from beneath his vest. It is made of a soft flexible plastic, so it is unlikely to break. The tight fabric definitely shows off his body well. The pants clearly fit tight around his hips, a bit of fanservice “For the Ladies”, I guess. I never wanted to pay this much attention to Shizuo’s groin, but they clearly wanted me to notice. From here down to his knees the fabric is smooth. There is a nice sewn seam down the outside, and inside of each pant leg. They added a few more creases around his knees, and ankles for added effect.


For as much attention as was paid to Shizuo’s front, I am honestly surprised that Shizuo has a flat nondescript butt. Just below there are a few wrinkles reminding us that his pants are tight. They did loosen up again around his knees, and ankles. The clothing looks pretty natural on him, I always love well sculpted clothing.


Shizuo’s shoes are pretty plain, pointed toe dress shoes. Other than that the sculpting shows a sole on each shoe, as well as creases near his toes. There is actually very little to talk about regarding his footwear.


His alternate head is without glasses, and sporting a slightly different expression. To switch faces, you simply trade out the entire head-piece. Here you can see his eyes better. They look great!


The other interchangeable option is his right arm. This one holds the broken signpost. The way it is bent looks awesome. The paint job on it is pretty good as well. The only problem is that I have heard, that it’s weight over time can damage his wrist. It is a very nice display piece for short-term though.


Shizuo’s base matches Celty’s, and Izaya’s. The design is the same, but each character has their own colour. Shizuo’s is dark blue, and transparent. It has a shadow design, and features the show’s title near the front. There are four foot pegs on the base that do their job well. He fits on his base very securely.


Shizuo’s box has windows on all but the right side. The front window is huge, and decorated with a caution tape design. This is the only side that doesn’t feature a picture of the figure. Inside Shizuo is packed tightly inside blister packaging for safe storing. Again we follow the colour theme shared with Celty, and Izaya. I thought that was really cool!



Great sculpt!

Very nice paint job!

Glasses look very nice.

Cool accessories.

Awesome attention to clothing details.


A couple of rough seams.

Sign may be to heavy for long-term display .

Overall Enjoyment: 10/10

No Regrets!


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