Yosuke Hanamura- 1/8 Sunny Side Up


Character: Yosuke Hanamura

Series: Persona 4

Scale: 1/8

Manufacturer: Sunny Side Up

Release Date: November 2012

Run: Happy Kuji Prize B

My Figure Collection Link: http://myfigurecollection.net/item/124247

This year my little sister introduced me to Persona 4: The Animation. I wasn’t a big fan of the Persona games, so honestly I was a bit sceptical, but it only took one episode for me to completely fall in love with Chie, and Yosuke. Also this year I was introduced to Bandai’s Figuarts ZERO line, which I am quite fond of mind you. Thus it was perfect, Bandai had announced a whole line of Persona 4 Figuarts, including Yosuke! Well that ended up going down hill, when they cancelled the second half of the line….starting at, you guessed it Yosuke. I was seriously sad. Then out of blue, Happy Kuji made an announcement that would set things right with me. As the top three prizes we would see a 1/8 scale Yu, Naoto, and Yosuke! Awesome!

So now the only problem was the lottery issue. Persona is pretty popular, and typically the more popular the title, the higher the after market price. So we set the bar high, and jumped for them. The results were amazing. we scored all 3 scale statues. Nice! A special thanks to the only proxy I know who does kujis!

Yosuke’s face is pretty cute, and his expression captures his personality well. On the surface Hana-chan always seems so carefree. I think this figure is a great embodiment of that. His light brown eyes look really good, and are clearly visible through his glasses. I think his mouth could have used a bit more work though. The wide grin is perfect for Yosuke, but as open as his mouth is, one would think you would be able to see his teeth. Did he forget to put his dentures in this morning? Other than looking too closely at his mouth, Yosuke’s face looks pretty great.

The square orange glasses are decent in detail, even having the rainbow stripes on the right arm. The clear lenses are quite easy to see through, which is great because he has really nice eyes. What really surprised me about his eyeglasses was the arm actually goes back under his hair, and over his ear. I think the only other times I have seen this feature, was on figures with removable eyewear. They usually don’t go so far to display functionality.

Yosuke’s hair is perfect. I really like the part in his bangs, and how they slightly curl towards the center of his forehead.  The seam at the back of his bangs blends well with the rest of his hair. It is visible, but very natural looking. The colour they chose is a nice chestnut-brown, with no additional shading.

The back of his head is covered by layers of spiked hair. The bottom layer even goes down under his collar!

Yosuke has some mega huge headphones. Maybe this is to overcompensate for only using one side at a time. The shiny red circle is painted a little on the sloppy visible side, but the accessory stays true to its design.

The strap that goes around his neck looks flexible, but in reality it is very much unmovable. It looks like it would bend easily by the way it is positioned near his hand. I guess having a super flexible headband makes the headphones difficult to wear, maybe that is why he only listens through one side. I also noticed that there isn’t a chord of any sort leading to a music device. Does this mean the headset stores the tunes itself?

The hand cupping the headphone looks quite good. The fingers are shaped really well, and the subtle addition of shading around his knuckles, and between each digit makes his hand look more natural.

Yosuke’s other hand is stretched outward as he dances. His movements seem loose, or maybe relaxed is a better word, as he moves to his music. His fingers are slightly curled, giving his hand a less tense appearance. Had his fingers been straight, or had his hand been clenched in a fist I think the carefree appearance would have been disrupted.

Hana-chan is a bit of a rebel, or maybe he just isn’t bright enough to understand dress code violations. However I am ok with that, because it keeps him out of that boring button down shirt, with the awful collar. Before Persona 4 I had never seen a button down shirt, with a turtle neck collar, and thanks to Yousuke we won’t be seeing oner here either. Instead he wears a white t-shirt with a red v-neck. I don’t know what my deal is with men, and v-neck shirts, but sans Antonio they are kind of sexy.

Other than his t-shirt Yosuke is clad in a typical Persona 4  school uniform. The top button of his jacket is undone so we can catch a glimpse of his cool undershirt, besides I don’t think that jacket would be very comfortable buttoned all the way up. Each gold button is painted clearly. You can also see the clasps that would hold the collar closed Yosuke were a more stuffy character. The school emblem has been applied to the left, front panel of his jacket. Sunny Side did a fine job on the detailing of Yosuke’s clothes. The white stitches are straight, and evenly placed. His collar even has its plaid pattern.

The bottom edge of his jacket blows upward slightly, giving emphasis on his lively motions. The creases at his waist and shoulders also lend weight to the overall presentation. His matching pants also share the same intricacies as his jacket, well mostly at least. The pull of the fabric at his hips looks natural, as do the creases near his knees, and ankles.

I am especially fond of the way the fabric gathers over his shoes. It also appears that Yosuke has some nice legs, the conforming fabric of his slacks offer a lovely view of his calves, and thighs. 😀

While investigating Yosuke’s pants I did notice a couple of strange things. First there is a seam line at the top of his right leg, that lines up almost perfectly with the bottom edge of his jacket. Not only does the overlaying jacket cover the seam, but it is well camouflaged within the fabric folds near his hip. You can’t really see it in the photos, but Hana-chan is wearing a belt. I thought that was a nice touch, even if it isn’t clearly visible. His pants also have a fly. Bravo!  Now the second minor issue I noticed while he was standing on his head, was that the little white stitching stops just below his crotch….I hope for Yo’s sake that those stitches serve no practical purpose. If they do hold his pants together he may want a new pair, especially if he is going to continue flailing around randomly. Thankfully this can only be seen when he is turned over.

The back of Yosuke’s jacket looks great, sans the giant hole in his back, for his base to attach. Regardless of it being the back of the figure, they don’t get lax on the small details. The buttons and white stitching look just as good as they do on the front. The only major problem back here is the places where the shoulders fit together. These seamlines just look like they weren’t assembled well.

Yosuke’s sleeves are shaped perfectly. Despite most of his body being covered, the basic outline of his body is in tact. His arms are no exception. You can make out his shoulders, and elbows well. I am a really big fan of the long white sleeves of the under shirt. Not only is this a style that I like, but it was done well too. Especially the folds around his thumb, and how the end of the sleeve looks stretched around his left hand appears very realistic. Also from this angle you can see the detail on the underside of his hand.

Yosuke’s shoes are one of my favourite parts of this figure. It’s not that he is bad, in all reality I am quite impressed with this figure. I just happen to have an unrivaled love for feet. Shoes, socks, sandals, it doesn’t really matter, I love them all, especially bare feet. It bothers me an awful lot when I buy a gorgeous figure with boring boots, that have no laces, soles, or further details.  This figure, however has great shoes. I would totally wear them, nut I don’t think they would fit. The shape is good, the colours are appealing, and the details are great. The laces look really nice. The sole, and heel of each shoe stands out, and is painted clearly.They even gave his footwear little air holes on the sides. I know it’s silly, but I do think they look pretty good.

Hana-chan’s base is a bit cumbersome. Not only is it large, but he is held up by a rather obvious stick. I will give it one thing though, it is really sturdy, and works very well with the pose. The stick fits easily into the base. It wasn’t so easy fitting it into Yosuke’s back. This is good though, as it might make him less likely to fall over. The design on his base is a simple grid pattern with a Persona 4 logo. It may look square, but it is not. The back of the base is actually wider than the front. Yu’s base is the exact opposite, so they can fit together. If you add Naoto on the other side they end up perfectly symmetrical.

His box is mostly bright yellow. I wouldn’t expect any less from Persona 4. The front is an open window. There is no protective plastic covering it. Each side of the box shows an almost identical picture of Yosuke. One side features him wearing the orange specs, the other shows him without. The back side depicts the figure itself. The entire box is made of a sturdy corrugated cardboard. Even without the window cover, he is protected inside by blister packaging.


Yosuke really needed a scale figure.

This figure looks full of energy.

The paint job is done well.

He has very good details.

Yosuke isn’t wearing an ugly button down shirt!


Slight paint flaws.

Poor shoulder seams.

Overall Enjoyment: 9/10


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