Thankful Fangirls 2012!

Every year my family gathers around the dinner table for Thanksgiving, and discusses what they are thankful for. This year was a little off, instead we talked about songs to play at our funerals. It was a bit morbid actually. Of course I feel very blessed this year, with a wonderful family, and great friends, but what about the fandom side? Every fangirl has her very own list of hopes, dreams, and fulfillments. We are no different.

I had Cb27ded, Tekizen, and myself each come up with a list of things that really rocked our worlds this year. Some of them are things we never even dreamed would get made into non-SD figures. Here is a list of some of the things that highlighted our lists of Thanksgiving.

Figures Acquired In 2012

Every now and again there are those hard to get figures that were somehow bypassed previously, and are now difficult to find. Sometimes a figure is announced that you know you must have before you have even seen a prototype. Each of us narrowed down our list to the 5 figures we got this year that we are the most thankful to receive.


Taiga Aisaka

1) This figure has been on Cb27ded’s grail list since it came out. Tekizen and I found her for a good price on, and made her dream of owning it come true!


2) Buying Saber Motored Cuirassier was like getting two figures in one. She is one of Cb27ded’s larger figures, and makes an excellent show piece.

Luka Megurine

3) Cb27ded picked up this Luka Megurine because she was impressed by the sexy sculpt, and amazing hair. She was very happy to get a very visually appealing woman who is wearing all of her clothes.

Miku Hatsune

4)  Cb27ded is a big fan of Shuukan Miku, be it the video, the facial expression, or her accessories, she loves them all. Especially the goodies she comes with.

Squid Girl

5)  She was also very happy with this figure of Squiddy, whom she found absolutely adorable.


Yami No Yugi

1)  Yami has been one of Tekizen’s favorite characters for years. I mean a lot of years, when she hated her job to the highest degree her mantra became ‘Gotta buy Yami, can’t quit, gotta buy Yami!’ The figure didn’t let her down either, it’s every bit as amazing as she’d dreamed it would be.


2) After two long years of wanting the ‘Girl in the Bird Cage’  garage kit, Tekizen finally got her wish. Cafe Reo announced a PVC version of the very figure in question. Hyped wouldn’t even begin to describe the bundle of energy that was going through our house at that announcement. So we bought her, assembled her, and it’s safe to say Tekizen is in love.


3)  We’ve bought a lot of statues this year, ranging from Good Smile Company to Kotobukiya, but few of them caught Tekizen’s eyeballs like Princess Sapphire’s Furyu prize figure. Her sculpt and overall design are perfect.

Shirogane Naoto

4) Naoto Shirogane- GYA! A Naoto Shirogane figure that’s tall! Our dear little Tekizen is quite the Detective junkie and Naoto in specific stood out to her as a ‘cool female’ detective.  This figure just reeks of her sophistication, her pose is perfectly thoughtful and her lips look amazingly kissable.

Ringo Oginome

5) Ringo Oginome- 8 figures of the Princess of the Crystal ranging from prize to scale + 4 of Himari = 12 figures of that character design, Ringo has four, three of which are prize figures. Never the prize figure nazi Tekizen was in fact heartbroken to see that none of Ringo’s looked particularly good. So thank the heaven’s for Wave’s Beach Queen Ringo Oginome, it the only way to get a nice scale figure of her on your shelf.


Len Kagamine

1) Len was one of my holiest of grails. With his current price, he was almost untouchable. I honestly didn’t think he would ever join the ranks of my figures, then one day he popped up on MFC for a shockingly low price. I was amazed. Through this outlet I was able to purchase not only Len, but Rin as well, for the price of him alone on Ebay!


2)  Unfortunately I got into Monster Hunter way to late to get this guy when he was first released, and I have had no end of trouble finding him. It seemed as if he were never available. I could find other colour variants, but this was the one I wanted. By sheer happenstance I found him used on AmiAmi, by used I mean unopened. That couldn’t have worked out better.

Ivan Karelin

3) I love Ivan. As a matter of fact his character design is what originally drew Tekizen, and I to Tiger & Bunny. Weird I know, but true. It wasn’t long before I fell in love with the characters, most notably Barnaby, Keith, and Ivan. I never thought there would be so many great figures from this series, but one that really stands out is the Figuarts ZERO Ivan. I think this is a great representation of a character that I thought an unlikely candidate for statues.

Yousuke Hanamura

4) I am not going to lie. I honestly thought this guy was doomed to the fate of “awesome character who would only get chibi figures”. I see this so often, especially in male characters. It seems like the company’s say “people like him, cool let’s make a chibi”. I am so glad that lately some of the guys have been getting better figures. This one is no exception, and as a lottery prize I was a little worried about acquiring him, but my proxy is amazing, and for that I am thankful as well.

Amanda Werner

5)   I had pre ordered Amanda through a local comic shop, and due to my own negligence, and stupidity she sat there for over a year. Long story short, I moved, left my job, and was embarrassed to go back to tell the owner my situation. A little over a week ago I stopped in rather randomly, and found she had been waiting for me the whole time. I never thought I would have the pleasure of displaying Amanda on my shelf, but she is home now, against all odds.

Announcements That We Couldn’t Be Happier About!

Have you ever had that character that you desperately wanted a figure of, so bad that no matter how small it seemed you needed it, regardless? I know I have. Sometimes it’s a trading figure that fills that need, or maybe a prize figure. Every now and then we get lucky enough for a much coveted statue. Here are the top 5 announcements that we can’t wait to see realized in the future!


Green Ranger

1)  Having had a major crush on the U.S. Green Ranger, Tommy, Cb27ded was full of glee when the announcement of a Green Ranger S.H. Figuart was announced.

Ittoki Otoya

2)  Uta no Prince was one of Cb27ded’s guilty pleasure shows for sure. It wasn’t really good, or really bad, it was just a lot of fun to watch. When Altair announced Ittoki she was excited, but even more so, because he was wearing his Starish outfit.

Sailor Moon and Luna

3)  This brought back nostalgic feelings for anyone who watched anime in the 90’s. As one of Cb27ded’s first anime this announcement was great news.

Miku Hatsune

4)  Cb27ded thought this was a very unique design for Hatsune Miku. It definitely stands out amongst the others.

Hana, Yuki, and Ame

5) This figure draws forth a sense of emotion. It isn’t very often that such feelings are portrayed in plastic. Cb27ded was impressed by the way this figure made her feel.


Tatsumi Kanji

1)  A tall figure of Tatsumi Kanji!?!?! How the hell can you beat that? Simple answer, as far as Tekizen’s concerned you can’t. Kanji is awesome and having toys of him, is going to be even more awesome.

Kaito Kid

2)  OMG! When Conan Edogawa got a prize figure earlier in the year we were ecstatic, but Sega has one upped themselves with an announcement of the ever infamous Kaito Kid. His pose looks awesome as he’s whipping his cape around himself. Tekizen wants it, and she wants it bad.


3)  Tekizen decided to fundamentally lay off anime for a while after feeling kind of burnt out, however after about four months of hiatus she started watching Sword Art Online. She fell really hard for Kirito. So it didn’t matter what make, model, or scale it was, she was going to buy Kirito figures. So Furyu’s announcement of a Kirito prize figure meant having a tall figure of him on the shelf ❤ Banzai!


4) Vocaloid toys have been centered around Hatsune Miku for far too long. So we were excited about the announcements of both Ia and Luka, however Tekizen had never heard an Ia song before the announcement and she’s not a huge fan of Luka, she does like both of them now but not like she likes Gumi. So the news of a Gumi statue by Aquamarine, who do beautiful work, has her very stoked.

Jounouchi Katsuya

5)  Back when Kotobukiya did their ‘Make your man’ survey, we had a list of fairly strange requests. On that list was none other than Katsuya Jounouchi of Yu-Gi-Oh fame. With how dead on Yami and Kaiba are, needless to say we can’t wait to see Jou.


Keigo Atobe

1)  Keigo is not only the King of Tennis, he has reigned supreme over my list of most desired statue announcements for many years. Sometimes I get really excited over cool looking toys. I haven’t even seen what this will look like, but my pre-order is guaranteed!


2)  Furyu’s announcement of a prize figure Kirito has me pretty excited as well. I want so many figures of this guy that it isn’t even funny. Kirito and Barnaby can fight it out for my favourite character that I met this year. I love them both, but Kirito is seriously lacking in the figure department, and any new addition is a welcome one here.

Ali Baba

3)  When I first looked into the Magi manga this year I was instantly in love with the character designs, especially Judal. I had no idea there was an anime in the making, and upon realization of this my first thought was “I sooo want Magi toys”. well here they are, and there is a wide variety to choose from. I must say though after watching a few episodes, not only am I hooked, but I am totally in love with Alibaba.

Nathan Seymour

4)  Nathan might be the most level-headed member of the Tiger & Bunny hero team. Scary. I know. Nathan is also the type of character that I don’t see getting many figures, so when Bandai lagged behind in their announcements of Antonio, and Nathan I had figured they had followed the Persona 4 cast down the long hall towards cancellation. I am so glad I was wrong.

Ren Jinguuji

5) This is probably my most selfish choice. I am a fan of Ren, and an even bigger fan of his voice actor, Junichi Suwabe. I will almost certainly be buying this figure, however the real reason I am excited is because the line is moving forward. Altair made an amazing statue of starry Sky’s Azusa Kinose, and then promptly stopped after such a tease. What would stop them from doing this again? With the announcement of Masa, and Ren however I may yet see my dream of a Syo Kurusu statue!

Goodies Acquired in 2012

Little trinkets, and treasures are often forgotten in the shuffle of awesome statues. I wanted to make sure they saw their light here. There are so many great goodies that get bypassed so frequently, so here are some cute extras that made us smile this year.



1)  Cb27ded is totally in love with Space Brothers so this life-sized plush of Apo was a perfect addition to her collection.

Aspergillus oryzae

2) This year, rather randomly I stumbled upon the Moyashimon Ichiban Kuji drawing, and decided to surprise Cb27ded with some goodies from one of her favorite titles. She absolutely adored the phone strap that was part of the bundle.

Vocaloid Pillow

3) Cb27ded showed her love for shuukan Miku a second time with her love at first sight relationship with a Happy Kuji pillow. It is super soft, and she thinks it is very cute. She was happy to win it.

Crusher For Justice Cup

4)  As a fan of Tiger & Bunny, and especially a fan of Kotetsu this “Crusher for Justice” glass was a welcome prize as well.

Saccharomyces cerevisiae

5) ” Freaking cute. End of story.”- Cb27ded


Takakura Brothers Dakimakura

1)  Clearly someone in Japan loves Tekizen. Her wishes come true way more often than is even natural. This extends beyond toys at this point and further into personal preferences with things like hugging pillows. You see she loves Shouma Takakura to nearly unbearable degree, where it possible she would quote “have his children I love him that much” unquote. Instead though she settles for cuddling this Dakimakura and hoping her husband doesn’t get too annoyed with it.

Concert DVD Collection

2) Something really awesome that we picked up this year was the Hatsune Miku two concert collection. It’s a total of 8 discs. The concerts themselves are Blu ray, so we here in America can watch them too. They also branched out a little this time and gave a teeny bit of love to both Meiko and KAITO. Nice!


3)  Poogie’s are allegedly good luck on treasure hunts, so when she was working as a waitress Tekizen bought a plush Poog just for giggles. Now she’s an assistant manager in the kitchen, and that cute little thing has stayed with her. What do you know, they are good luck after all.

Yamamoto Takeshi Zombie

4)  For awhile now Tekizen has talked about wanting the little zombie Yamamoto Takeshi from ‘Monster Tamer Tsuna’. It’s ridiculously cute n a morbid kind of way. Well anywho she found him at the last convention we went to for a grand total of five dollars. Not too shabby!

Keith Goodman Plush

5) Keith Goodman is easily one of my two favorite characters in T&B, he’s cute, loveable, and just seems really cuddly. So how better to summarize a character like Keith than as a plush toy? It’s looks great and has a perfect Keith smile, he even came with a bonus Ivan…. it just doesn’t get any better.



1) This little piggy puzzle was a big surprise. He was simply listed as a 32+1 piece 3D puzzle. I had no clue what that was supposed to mean, but I went for it anyway. He was fun to assemble, and absolutely adorable. I love taking pictures of the little fellow.

Syo Kurusu Dream Cushion

2) Syo is sooo cute, and on the sleeping side of this cushion he is pretty sexy. I love the art work chosen, and the idea of hugging pillows was amusing. It doesn’t quite beat the Tiger & Bunny sound drop cushion for oddities, but it did sound fun. Once again my proxy made me smile as this exclusive cushion was not an easy find.

Syo Kurusu Sheet

3)  I know. I know. Two right in a row, but he deserves it. I swear. The sheet is silky, and unbelievably soft. The picture is adorable, and now I have two chances to sleep beside Syo every night. It’s almost like having very sexy twins.

Atobe Keigo Blanket

4)  Ok now my bed is starting to form its own harem. Keigo, Kaname, Syo, Akira, where does it end. Well hopefully it doesn’t. Keigo is amazing, and can inhabit my room in any manner in which he deems worthy, however any time he wants to be a blanket is especially cool with me.

Origami Cyclone Mug

5) – This mug gave e a particularly difficult time in locating it. Once again my proxy to the rescue. I really wanted to find it, but not for Ebay prices. I thought the Japanese style painting was the perfect design for Origami Cyclone. It was important to my collection.

Anime That We Watched In 2012

Anime has always been a pretty big part of my life. Even as a child I watched quite a bit of it, growing up on Super Book, Flying House, and Leo The Lion. Well not much changed in my adult life. I still geek out over Super Book, especially when Vic Mignonga sings the theme, and Leo has given way to Kimba, but my love for it has only continued to grow. Here are the shows that really made an impression in 2012.


Space Brothers

1) Cb27ded has so many reasons to love this show. First and foremost it feeds into her astronomy hobby. Second, the entire cast is loveable. She could gush about this title all day, as it is one of her favourites.

Chouyaku Hyakuninisshu: Uta Koi

2)  Cb27ded got an interesting take on Japanese history, with the animated poetry in this title. Each story is based on a short poem that tugs on the heart-strings of any hopeless romantic.

Glass Mask

3)  Cb27ded was sucked right into this title. The only thing that could have made her more thankful would have been an entire U.S. release.

Tari Tari

4) Tari Tari was a fun show to watch. The cast was loveable, and shared a certain chemistry that made them interesting. She found this show immensly enjoyable.


5)  Every single Monday Cb27ded excitedly tuned in for her weekly episode of Chihayafuru. The show has an interesting cast of characters, and takes a card game with little excitement, and makes it quite interesting. Who would’ve thought Kuruda could be so interesting?


Sword Art Online

1) During Tekizen’s five month hiatus of watching anime, she stood by waiting, sooner or later something, anything would grab her attention and drag her back, she was sure of it. It was honestly a cross between liking the character designs of Kirito and Asuna, and finding a story that sounded kind of like .Hack//sign. She was dead wrong on that last count though, Sword Art stands out from .Hack in so many ways forging its own path into something will be enjoyed for years to come.

Muv Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse

2) The initial reaction to Muv Luv was “NO!” Tekizen is rarely wishy-washy in her opinions had read reviews on Muv Luv and didn’t want to have anything to do with it. That’s what sisters are for though, making you do what you don’t want to. So we watched the first few episodes of Total Eclipse, and Tekizen seemed settled into the fact that it wasn’t quite like she’d heard it would be. Starship Troopers stand aside, if we need carnivorous aliens, we’ll call on Muv Luv instead.

Persona 4: The Animation

3) Tekizen has been a pretty die-hard fan of the Shin Megami games for a few years now, so watching her get so excited about the Persona 4 animes domestic release was pretty awesome. The animation is great, the characters are true to their V.G. counterparts, and the story is dead on. Not disappointed at all.

Magi Labyrinth of Magic

4) Magi Labyrinth of Magic is another title that my dear little sister was poignantly against. She hated Sumomomo Momomo but made some weird vow to give authors three strikes before she completely evicted them from her life. So with a pointed glare in my direction she started watching the first episode of Magi. The cast is colorful and lovable, which is something even my grumpy sister will agree with.

Mawaru Penguindrum

5) A few things that are easy ways to draw Tekizen into something are by appealing to her other interests. Penguindrum hit her hard. Classical art references, occult mysticism, religious studies, and penguins. Could this show have possibly just been written for her? Add in a story that isn’t hand fed to you and your surely in for an interesting ride. Her hardcore Shouma Takakura love is pretty deep in there too, you can’t forget that.


Magi The Labyrinth of Magic

1)  For a title that came at me virtually out of no where, I must admit it is a lot of fun. I wasn’t really anticipating this one. I gotta have more to be excited about than cute characters. So far though I really like the story, and am quite fond of the characters.

Sword Art Online

2)  At first I thought this was going to be another .Hack clone, but boy was I wrong. The entire concept is handled differently. The way the characters work together, and achieve their goals is amazing. The characters also develop and grow in a believable manner. It has been a long time since I have witnessed a title with such depth.

Initial D

3) This show needed a revival bad. Yes revival, not a reboot. This just picks right up where season four left off, and goes running right on ahead. It is exactly what I needed right now.

Persona 4: The Animation

4)   Persona 4 amazes me. I can not play these games. I have tried, and they just drive me bananas. My sister adores them though, so when she said “Lets watch Persona 4” I agreed to it. I wouldn’t have guessed how much the characters, and story would actually appeal to me. I even played the Arena game with her. That was a blast. I am so glad that I was introduced to this aspect of the franchise.

Tiger & Bunny

5) Tiger & Bunny- This show is really a mixed bag. There are so many great qualities, jumbled up with a lot of bad ones. Honestly if I could remove Jake from this story it may have bordered on perfection. The most annoying parts were during his super contrived tournament based arc. If you can get around that, Barnaby has some great character developement, Lunatic is a stellar villain, and there are many fun moments to be had. The story is decent, but above all else the colourful cast really makes this show what it is.

This list was pretty hard to narrow down, especially in the figure department. There has been so much awesomeness this year it is almost unbelievable. I must also take a moment to give thanks to my proxy in Japan. I hadn’t really thought about it, but this list really wouldn’t be possible without his help. 10 of the items spread out between the three of us are thanks to him, so I just thought it appropriate to give credit where it is due. Thanks to you as readers as well. Without you there would be no reason to post all these weird blogs, so thanks again for the inspiration, and comments. Have a happy holiday!!!


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