Amanda Werner Yamato

Character: Amanda Werner

Series: Blassreiter

Sculptors: Fujiura Toui and Nishii

Manufacturer: Yamato

Release Date: April 2010

Run: Standard

My Figure Collection Link:

So it’s that time of year again, when we all sit around and talk about the wonderful things we are thankful for. Well I for one have been exceptionally blessed in 2012. Our first year in our new house has been splendid, I have some fabulous friends, and I am very pleased with the atmosphere of my new job. I have many things as a fangirl to be thankful for as well. I had no trouble finding a special figure to do a Thanksgiving review. Amanda was the perfect candidate.

The owner of my local comic shop, Ground Zero did me a big favour in ordering several figures for me. Around the time of my move, the figures began to pile up behind the counter. I had to quit my job when I left, and was able to buy many of them. Out of sheer embarrassment I stayed away from the store. This last week I stopped in to resolve those issues. To my surprise after all these months he had held onto Amanda for me. I was so happy to see her, and thus she is an addition to my collection that I truly feel thankful for.

Amanda has a very beautiful face. The dark green shades of her eyes are gorgeous. Her eye lashes are thick, and add a very sexy appeal to her eyes. There is also a pink gloss added to her lips. Her profile is nicely defined, and proportioned quite well. Amanda’s bangs frame her face very well. I am especially fond of the longer pieces on the sides. The little strands that drape over her shoulder are also a nice touch.

The XAT headband is a great touch. I am only familiar with this character from the animated series, as opposed to the game, so I am not so sure why she has horns. They do look good though. I really like the way they twist.

The back of Amanda’s hair knows its place well. I love how it parts in the center to show off her amazing “ASSets”. The hair itself might be the most awkward part of this figure. Not only does it float outward for no real reason, but it looks wet. The strands are thick, and chunky. They look like they are soaked, or maybe a bit like tentacles. For the most part the seam lines are well hidden. Overall I am not a fan of her hair.

Amanda is wearing a tiny halter top, with a handy strap to keep her impressive breasts in place. The strap over her chest has the XAT logo on it, giving me the impression this is official combat attire. Her neck is completely covered in her protective gear….just in case. The details to Amanda’s “outfit” are very nice, from the little silver accents to the red and grey design below her beautiful breasts.

Clearly this girl spends a lot of time keeping her body in shape. Her belly is sculpted very well. I absolutely love the attention given to her stomach muscles. She also has a very sexy belly button. The shading around her stomach is amazing!

Her guns are of simple design. Both are completely black, with little details etched into the pvc. It would have been great if they had painted some of these details, so they would stand out more. Her hands have a decent sculpt. Her fingers are proportioned well, but there is really nothing stellar about them. No extra detailing around her knuckles, and no wrinkles in her gloves.

Amanda definitely has some junk in her trunk. This girl has some serious hips. I don’t know why she is fighting monsters in bondage gear, but I will say it is sexy. There are silver embellishments where each strap connects near her hip. I think the thigh straps are kind of attractive, but pointless. A holster on each one would be awesome though. That would not only be hot, but it would be functional as well. Right now I am just wondering if she was concerned that her legs may fall off, or maybe she was just trying to make something’s job easier for them….

Amanda’s back is pretty much on full display.  Her back muscles look great. I think her waist seems a bit too slim for such a sizeable tush, but again I am sure this what they were aiming for. Someone should tell these designers, that too much of a good thing makes it bad. She is kind of shaped like a pair, or a bowling pin. An hourglass shape is more preferable. While it is a shapely rear, and quite attractive in its own right, as a complete figure it looks fairly amusing. The silver embellishments appear here as well, matching the front design. I will thank them for not detailing her underside any further.

Her legs are fantastic. Other than her butt, the proportions of this girl are very nice. She has very shapely thighs, and decent shading near the top of them. Her knees, and calves are also very appealing.

There is even some nice muscle action behind her knees. I love when they define this area.

Amanda’s boots match her shirt”?”. The red and black design matches the colouring on her sleeves. There is no indention at the top of the boots. This means they are either painted on, or very, very thin. They do not stand-off from her skin at all. Oops.

The bottom of her visible boot does have some very interesting tread. She sure isn’t likely to slip, and fall. The paint job on her boots is fantastic.

The head on her base is pretty cool. This guy is pretty wicked looking. I don’t know who it is supposed to be, but I am sure it is an amalgam of some sort. The sculpt on his is pretty good. I love his horns. I believe the purpose of this piece is to stabilize Amanda. You should be able to prop her foot on his left horn. Theoretically, this should prevent leaning, and breakage. It would have been an amazing idea if it actually connected to her base.

Amanda’s base is made from transparent red plastic. It is decorated with a spinal cord design, as well as the shows logo. There is one long peg that fits into her foot, as well as a small hole for peg on her foot.

The box that she comes in is quite big. There is one large window on the front, accompanied by the Blassreiter logo. The only other windows come in the form of  the cut out XAT logo, on the box’s right side. The left side shows a red, and black image of the art work Amanda is based upon. The back side shows a full colour version of the same picture. Is it just me, or does she look more in proportion here???


Amanda has very sexy muscle definition.

Her eyes are gorgeous!

Girls in bondage gear are hot!?

The character is awesome.


Her butt is just too big!

Her hair could definitely use some work.

The paint on her leg straps is sloppy.

The guns are pretty boring.

Overall Enjoyment: 7/10

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!


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