Sayame Cafe Reo

Back when I first found the website a few different things caught my eye. One of those items was a garage kit of a girl named Sayame. I knew nothing about her but fell in love with the kit. A full two years later Cafe Reo made her into a pvc figure. She’s finally in my possesion for this review. So without further ado I present Sayame the Bird Cage Girl.

Sayame has a heartbroken look on her face as she reaches out for something unnattainable. She looks so sad, and the bags under her eyes imply that she hasnt been sleeping well, if at all. Her lips are full and pouty, there is a very light sheen on them. Her neck is thin and adds to her extremely frail appearance. She has a beautifully defined collarbone and I love the way her kimono falls off of one shoulder. The seam line where her hair parts is a little bit awkward however and it really stands out in a negative way.

The flowers in her hair are well sculpted and give the figure a nice spring feel, great for these miserable winter days. The paint job here is kind ok lacking though.  You can tell the entire thing started off yellow because it really overtakes alot of the other colors, this leads to it looking a little strange.

The back of her hair has some interesting layers to it as well as a few questionable seams. The kimono droops down underneath her unusual wings.  I think the left one is particularly interesting because it’s cut short compared to the other one, it makes me think it was clipped so she couldn’t leave.

The flowers on this side have the same yellow problem, but from the front it’s barely noticable. I love the way her hair falls on this side, the way it brushes past her neck and lays against the wing itself is really pretty. Another nice feature is how the kimono sleeve is bunched up at the shoulder to reveal her far too thin arms. She looks starved…intentionally not like Leiji Matsumoto starved. Her fingers are long thin and absolutely gorgeous. I love her hands. She’s reaching it out, and you can actually believe that from her posturing and positioning.

The folds in the kimono here actually look like wrinkles in fabric, this is a rare and nice treat.

Her top is covered by a simple white corset, there’s lace at the top and bottom which makes it appear a little less plain. The ribbon is well scuplted and if you look closely underneath it you can see little buttons. It’s simple but nice to look at. Her belly is bare and giving off a nice little bit of fan service.

I like how the top of the corset doesn’t cling to her chest, it looks proper this way. Her long legs are thin like her arms, I don’t like the effect here as much though. Her thigh looks just as thin as the calf muscle and it looks kind of odd.  Around her waist you can see the skirt she’s wearing is shredded it would look really cool but they didn’t do a very good job covering up the seams holding the skirt together.

The back of her hair is awesome. I don’t know if it was the sculptor’s intent or not but her hair looks really stringy, kind of like it hasn’t been washed in quite some time. The individual strands are long and have a paint finish on them that glistens just a little bit in the right light.

The flowers painted on the kimono are a nice touch, you can tell they are handpainted. Her skirt lays around her in pieces, the fabric is torn in various widthes to keep it from looking benaully uniform. From this angle you can also see the notches in the wood that she’s sitting on. Those are for constructing her swing. More on that later.

You can see the seam where they connected Sayame’s leg to her torso, however because of the way her clothes fall it’s something you’d barely even notice unless you were looking. On another note in regards to that, looking at that spot of flesh there I get the impression she isn’t wearing underwear…I’m not perverted enough to actually check though.

I really like how her legs are positioned, the raised leg and the way her foot is tucked behind the other one, it’s a very nice effect given that the object she’s sitting on is so thin. Something ese that looks really good is the definiton on her ankles, they are very nice!

The kimono is split in back so it can fall around the base. it looks fabulous and here you can really see the dark blue light blue gradient used that almost makes it look like dyed fabric. It’s truly gorgeous.

The pattern goes all the way around the bottom of the kimono, it looks really nice. I love that the flowers and grass are of varying heights. Makes it look a bit more exotic I think.

Ack! I can never remember the techno babble term for the lacy little footies…anyway hers look very nice I like the fact that this one is pushed down a little bit, it shows gravity affecting the situation at hand. She’s got nice feet, good toes, and again I adore the ankle definition!

In her hand Sayame loosely holds her geta. They sculptor did a great job on the tatami weave on the sandal, it looks fabulous. As with her other hand I adore the curl of her fingers, it looks like she’s about to let the sandal fall from her grasp, like it means nothing at all. The delicate curve of her foot is a nice touch as well, it makes her seem more delicate.

The butterfly that she’s reaching towards has a purple sheen to it’s otherwise clear wings, it’s a nice mystical effect. The top of it’s wings also remind me a lot of the lace at the top ofher corset. I wonder if that was intentional.

The plastics pieces with which you use to display her comes in three parts.

They are extremely easy to assemble.

Assembling the swing itself is complicated but not particularly difficult. It involves chains, rubber bands, and a little bit of twine.

So you remember those notches from earlier? Great! You want to take one of the four rubber bands that came with her and wrap one of them around each of the two notches. Not too tightly and not too loose either you want it to have a little bit of give.

Then you lift the rubber band up just a little, three or four of the strands you wrapped should do, and slide the chain under it. Connect the clasp to one of the links on the chain and repeat with the other rubber band. That covers step two.

Step three you take the twine and wrap it through and around the chain. Once you’ve got it to a point where you’re pleased with it you can either tie it off or tuck the loose ends in. See not too difficult.

You now have a swing. You can choose to either display her like this or…..

Ok now the top of her box has a big old sticker  on that shows all her copyright information on it. If you peel that off you’ll find yourself loking at a big round hole. Congratulations you’ve just unlocked birdcage mode.

That big hookie thing we put together earlier, that slides right into that hole. Be careful when putting her up though, with the way it’s constructed to cage might slide off the guidelines of the hook a little bit. It’s easy to deal with though as long as you are careful.

Also on a side note I’ve seen a lot of people put things at the bottom of the cage to make it a little less dull, I thought leaves would be a nice touch. What would you use?

Overall she’s pretty freaking awesome. he defnately has her flaws but through the bars of her cage you can’t really see them. As a collection piece I think she is truly fantastic. The two year wait was totally worth it for me.


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I am a thirty two year old fujoshi. I adore Aniplex and Capcom both to a near criminal degree. I love cosplaying. Some of my favorites to date are Miles Edgeworth and Chrollo Lucifer. I am also currently working on Tatsuya Suou. My absolute favorite genre is mystery. I LOVE a good mystery. I have a varying degree of fandoms. I love a lot of different anime, but I can honestly say I love old school american cartoons just the same. My favorite book is The Bacta War in the Star Wars X Wing novel series. I finally beat the Demi-Fiend! He was freaking hard!. I think that's all for now though.
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One Response to Sayame Cafe Reo

  1. colonelfancy says:

    I’m almost speechless about just how melencholic and beautiful this toy is. I won’t go into super long-winded mode, but the delicate tragedy this toy tells reminds me of lyrics from two of my favorite Finnish rock bands. Sayame is such a vivid contrast to most pretty girl statues that you more commonly see, that I might be urged to change my “Best Toy I’ve Seen this year” choice, a ballot I completey made up. Nice pics and review.

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