Barnaby Brooks Jr. Figuarts ZERO

Character: Barnaby Brooks Jr.

Series: Tiger & Bunny

Manufacturer: Bandai

Release Date: June 2012

Run: Tamashii web store exclusive!

My Figure Collection Link:

I had high hopes for the Figuarts ZERO version of Barnaby Brooks Jr. His release in June came long before I was able to get him from a U.S. store. In the three agonizingly long months that I spent waiting for him, I searched out various user pictures of the figure, in high hopes of his release. I must say Barnaby looked deceptively cool.

Pretty cool right? I mean if you can get past the sub par paint job, and the awful seam line in his hair. The real kicker though, is his pose. I mean Barnaby has always looked a bit effeminate, but this might be a bit much. I can’t even peg what it is…maybe the bent leg. It could be that his hips are thrust so far forward, it looks like he would fall over backwards if not secured to his base. Why would one arch themselves so far backward when standing still?

Seriously, I am not tilting this figure. This is a side view of him standing on his base. Is his spine broken? I hope he is ok.

Worse yet, is his head. The top pictures are both taken from below eye level. If you look at him head on, you can’t even see his face. He is perfectly fine with putting his hips on display, but not his face!? What is up with that. Barnaby has a very nice face, when you can see it.

Overall his head looks pretty good as a whole, as long as you ignore the seam where his hair comes apart. This wouldn’t be a problem if the seam were even, but it isn’t. The back piece sits higher than the front one. The curls on the back of his head look good.  He does have a very nice profile.

Barnaby has two faces, the first of which is the more serious one. The shape of his face is perfect. His green eyes are painted well, and he has a very nice mouth. Barnaby’s glasses are attached to his bangs which makes them difficult to lose, however the paint from his hair can be seen around his frames.  His necklace is…well…about as authentic looking as a candy necklace.

The second set of options that Barnaby comes with are an alternate hair piece sans glasses, and a smirking expression. The hair, and face are separate pieces so you are able to mix and match. His face is painted really well, but there is something off-putting about Barnaby smirking. Kind of like someone is going to die.

He also comes with his beauty pageant sash…I mean “Let’s believe HEROES” sash. The end is glued together, so you can just loop it over his head. The letters, and stripes are printed evenly.

As an added bonus you get what might be the worst accessories that I have ever seen. By worst I mean useless. There is this scorched sash piece. I am not sure why this exists. He can’t wear it, hold it, or eat it, so it is completely unnecessary.

Barnaby’s “real” leather jacket has been faithfully replicated on this figure. The varying shades of red offer a decent amount of shading, especially around the small of his back, and between his shoulder blades. The creases in the fabric show the outline of his body well. The white paint is a little bit sloppy, but aside from his glasses this is the only other place with noticeable paint issues. I did notice while checking out the amazing fit of his jacket, that Barnaby’s black t-shirt has been misplaced. Maybe he forgot to put it on, or maybe he has been taking fanservice tips from Kaitendoh’s Celty.

Here is a pretty decent shot of the back of his jacket. I think the jacket might be the best looking part of this figure.

Barnaby, and I have something in common, we like belts. The most normal part of his outfit is easily his belt. As a matter of fact, I have a belt just like this. Wait…that’s messed up. Each set of tiny notches are indented, and painted. The details are pretty good, except there are no prongs to hold the belt in place. His pants are also a mess…no I mean it. They are sculpted well as they conform, by conform I mean meld with his flesh, but why is his pelvic area dirty? That is stuck there. It wouldn’t come off no matter how hard I tried to scrub it. The offensive paint is left over stain from the shading of his jeans. I am so bothered by this that I don’t even know what to say. His hands look pretty good in his pockets.

The back of his jeans look much better. I think his pockets might be to low, or maybe to big.  I didn’t even notice until now that his are very much uneven if nothing else. His left cargo pocket is way closer to his back pocket than on the right side. The sewn seams on his pants are darkened to look natural. If he wasn’t “dirty” I would be happier.

Barnaby has some pretty tacky boots. I honestly think he would look pretty awesome with some different footwear, but alas this was how his designer wanted him to look. His boots look realistic. They are proportioned much better than his pockets, and his laces look great.

Barnaby’s base matches the other Tiger & Bunny figuarts today. His is red, and display both his name, and oh wait he doesn’t have a super hero name. So unlike the other heroes, his just says his name. His foot pegs fit very tight. There is also a removable plug behind him, so you can pose his S.H. Figuarts.

His box is small, but effective. It is covered in pictures of the figure, and various options. The box also is Barnaby’s hero colour, red. Overall the box looks nice, and compliments the toy well.

Like the other figuarts in this series, his box comes in a plain cardboard outer box for protection.


It’s a Barnaby figure.


Everything else!

Overall Enjoyment: 4/10

I honestly give him four points for being Barnaby, and having a great jacket.


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